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5 Ways to Add Style to Multipurpose Rooms at Home


Need for Space

Any average household has restricted number of rooms which means that there cannot be a designated room to serve different purposes. There are bedrooms for adults and for kids and perhaps a house may have a spare room which may be used as a guest room. There is a living room, a dining space and a kitchen. This is the usual structure of an average house. But do we only entertain guests, eat, cook and sleep? There are myriad activities that we engage in throughout the day. You workout and exercise, you read, watch movies and games and also do office work. Ever since the pandemic broke out last year, activities which were done outside the house have moved in, even if temporarily. But with limited number of rooms, dedicating a space for every purpose can become challenging. No matter how big a house you live in, you will invariably end up needing more space over a period of time. But worry not, for we bring you a number of ideas for multipurpose rooms.

What are Multipurpose Rooms?

A multipurpose room is where a room is put to use in more ways than one. For example, a bedroom can double up as a place to sleep and work; a work room can also be used for work outs, living rooms can be used as a reading room as well. This helps you to make optimal utilization of the space available in the house and also makes sure that you don’t have to forego any activity for lack of space.

How to Style up Multipurpose Rooms?

Small adjustments and rearrangements, few additions here and there are all that are needed to make your multipurpose rooms functional.

  1. Every house has some corners which are often overlooked but they hold great potential when it comes to styling your room to serve multiple purposes. In a bed room or a family room, if you can identify such a corner, make sure that you put it into good use. You can convert the area into a work space. You can add a floating table, a comfortable but not bulky chair and few wall shelves to store away stuff. You can create and highlight this niche space by using a different color to separate it from the rest of the room. For example, if the room is ivory or white in color, you can use a shade of royal blue, olive green or even red to demarcate the work space. It will add style and flair to the room. The effect will be quite stunning.
  2. For avid readers, having a room that is dedicated to books is a dream come true. But with limited space in most houses, the dreams of having a library room almost always remains a dream. But with multipurpose rooms gaining popularity you can now fulfill your wish but may have to compromise a tad bit. Identify a room in the house that has a big clear wall. This can be in your living room, dining space or in your work room. Get creative and make use of the wall by mounting book shelves across the wall. Use a unique design and style for these shelves to enhance the aesthetic value of the room. It will help to store away your books without occupying any significant space in the house.
  3. If you have a spacious well shaded balcony why not convert it into a living room? It will be a great way to utilize the open space. Throw in some outdoor furniture because they are more durable and survive exposure to harsh weather conditions. Place some potted plants around, a swing chair and enjoy the lazy hours spent chatting with friends or entertaining guests while enjoying the fresh air of the outside. Adding a little bit of greenery and flowering plants will make the space come alive and offer a welcome break from being cooped up indoors for long hours.
  4. With the pandemic raging outside, fitness activities have taken a backseat. You cannot hit the gym or go for walks and cycling. But keeping fit is a priority. So why not bring your gym indoors and create a little home gym for you and your loved ones. few equipment, a treadmill or a cycle is all that you will be needing. But where to accommodate them? If you have a spare room which you are using as home office you can trying shifting the gym stuff there. Push the work table and chair to one corner and create a little leg space for the gym equipment. Take a break from work and walk a little on the treadmill to increase blood circulation and to re-energize your body. However, you must ensure that the room has large windows and good ventilation.
  5. Do you have a spacious laundry room where much of the space is getting wasted even after accommodating the washer, dryer, laundry tubs and baskets? Well, you may find space crunch in some other room in the house so why not do something about it? Kitchens no matter how big, require a lot of storage. Apart from utensils, crockeries, dinnerware and cutleries you also have to make space for the refrigerator and dishwasher which leaves little space to store your groceries. Put the laundry room into dual use. Add cupboards and shelves to hold a generous pantry as also a separate broom closet. You can also store small appliances like ironing machine, sewing machine, hand mixers etc. Mount large cupboards with big spacious shelves to neatly store away the essentials.

There are so many ways to put your space to multiple usage. If you are in a studio apartment you can combine dining area, living space and office together into a harmonious hole. Pick a small comfortable couch, a spacious table that can double as dining table and work table and modular cabinets on the wall to store office files, books and glass and dinnerware. If you love and practice music, it is possible that you may have a piano or other musical instrument that need to be accommodated. Opt for a smaller sized dining table with sleek chairs to allow the dining space to double as a music room. The list of ideas is endless when it comes to styling your rooms to perform dual functions and sometimes even triple. Creative smart thinking, proper room designing and correct furniture can make an enormous difference.