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5 Ways To Achieve a Boho Style For Your Home

5 Ways To Achieve a Boho Style For Your Home

Boho or Bohemian Styles blend nature-inspired elements such as plants, animals, and motifs from various cultures. Boho chic decor incorporates different textures, patterns, colors, and folklore decorations. Designing a boho-style decor at the house is not as easy as it looks. Too many versions of boho style create a risk of making the decor appear kitschy. Therefore, in spite of the apparent messiness, most boho style elements are well-thought-out. Boho chic decor style also implies matching elements that appear incompatible at first, however together they make an ideal pair. The key lies in a wise combination of different colors, textures, and materials.

You might come across hints of Bohemian aesthetics in the most beautiful, happening, and stylish spaces. What was once regarded as a counterculture secret now turns out to be greatly fashionable. The calm, global-inspired aesthetic bends typical design rules to develop a layered and personalized appearance. The origin of the Bohemian aesthetic dates back to much humbler beginnings. This posh aesthetic evolved after French artists and writers turned away from convention and focused on the beauty hidden in the counterculture.

How To Achieve A Boho Style Decor For Your House

  • Begin From Bottom-Up

For a more opulent and unique integration of Boho beauty in your home decor, a Scandinavian Boho rug presents your peaceful sanctum with a feeling of adventure and art. Rugs bear an intense impact on your space. If you are willing to remain committed to boho style, then pick a rug with rich patterns and soft colors. Handwoven rugs demonstrate Bohemian interior style excellently. This would be the foundation that helps you to build and layer many colors in your artwork and accessories.

  • Free-Spirited Paint Colors

If you don’t prefer to switch between wall colors, then you can opt for free-spirited and soft neutral colors. These colors create a timeless exceptional design that can go about with changes in wall decor and curtains. While choosing the paint color for your Boho decor, neutral doesn’t have to always be beige. Other natural, earthy colors can also be thought of like sage, sand, white linen, soft, subtle succulent green or blue, pale apricot, and chestnut. In case of bold color options, you can go for a patterned wallpaper or paint-patterned accent wall. You should plan on the rest of your color palette around this wall. Therefore, choose a trending color you love like sapphire, mustard, peacock violet, living coral, Moroccan red, and teal.

  • Opt For Eclectic Pillows and other Accessories

You may feel like creating a collection of exceptional accessories that seize your personality while emphasizing culture and travel. Boho accessories are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. So, you can feel free to mix it up!

  • Pull out heirlooms/souvenirs from the boxes in your attic/basement and hang them on the wall, keep them on the coffee table, or place them throughout on the shelf.
  • You can also consider making a gallery wall with your artworks collection. The styles, shapes, and frames don’t have to necessarily match. If a common color is present within the artwork, then it can be quite prominent and narrate a story of your travels to the visitors while defining your taste.
  • A few Boho pillows can also be added to offer your bed or couch with a Boho-Chic flair. The classic designs allow you to mix and match sizes as well as patterns.
  • Use global-styled lanterns, candles, and lamps. Many boho lamps make a bold statement with the use of metal, wood, woven natural blind materials, repurposed baskets, glass, fringed, and beaded lampshades. While lamps add color and magic to your house, candles activate the senses.
  • Create A Space That Is Inviting and Comfortable

You aren’t required to spend a fortune for pulling together a Boho house decor with unique furniture pieces. You can check out secondhand side tables, shelves, and coffee tables. The distressed look of pre-loved accessories offers depth to a bohemian room. Some of the furniture can also be offered a new look using some paint color of your choice. Don’t hesitate to pair metals with wood and hanging mirrors. Used plates can also look amazing if used as art.

  • Boho Style Window Treatments

There are various distinct styles of window treatments that go well with boho decor. While picking window coverings for boho decor style, the most essential elements to think of are: patterns, textures, and colors.

  • Boho Window Shades: Window shades are an elegant option for boho window coverings. There are several variations that let you experiment with materials, patterns, and layering all important elements of the boho decor. Different styles of window shades suit a boho design including woven wood shades that incorporate colors, textures, and natural materials. Roller shades offer a slim and simple design with the ability to be customized with patterns and bright colors.
  • Boho Window Blinds

Window blinds are also a great way of integrating earthy tones and accentuating a bohemian style undertone. While classic white blinds may not be a boho style staple, the latest faux wood and wood blinds use natural materials like oak, bamboo, cherrywood, and other exotic choices. These blinds add a subtle boho highlight to any space.

  • Boho Drapery Hardware And Curtain Rods

Finally, when it comes to completing the boho look, one cannot ignore the drapery hardware! While picking drapery hardware and rods for window coverings, distressed metals can present a blend of old and new to a space. Also, bright, metallic surfaces can offer points of interest and color to the room.

In A Nutshell While choosing design elements for your Boho decor, ensure to pick high-quality components that last a long time. Spaces with boho-chic decor welcome joy prompting you to create cherishable memories with your friends. Don’t be hesitant to experiment as Boho decor style is here to stay. While you find your own personalized version of decor style that displays your art, beloved objects, and travels, your home gets filled with love and reflects who you are as an individual.

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