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5 Violet Blinds To Bring A Royal Look To Your Home

5 Violet Blinds To Bring A Royal Look To Your Home

Doing Up Your Home: Visuals

When you are doing up your home for the first time or thinking of getting a complete makeover done there are some visuals that you have in mind about how you want your home to look. And the first thing that features in these visuals is the color scheme. What kind of color combination you are looking for in your house or in respective rooms? Deciding on color is the critical first step towards getting your thoughts and ideas streamlined. The color of the walls, the color of the furniture, upholstery, and window treatments will be crucial in integrating the look of the room and creating a cohesive whole. It is not mandatory for colors to match. You can choose different shades of the same color, choose contrasting colors but at some level, they must blend well and not stand out like a sore thumb. There are endless instances where homeowners, unable to decide on a color scheme have settled for safe neutral shades like brown, beige and off white because they are easiest to pair with contrasting colors and no matter what you do you can safely avoid a fashion disaster.

Use of Splash of Bold Colour

But we are here to urge you to explore and experiment with colors. Splash of some vibrant colors can cast a magical spell over the surroundings and you can feel the lingering effect for days and months to come. It is time to come out of the comfort zone and let your imagination run wild. Leave the worries to us. Our job is to let your imagination fly without going overboard. We will guide you in finding the right balance and equilibrium in the room and we promise there will be no looking back.

Violet: Magical Colour of Fairy World

Have you ever thought of experimenting with violet or purple at any point in your life and then pushed back the thoughts as something ridiculous and outrageous? Well, no more of pushing back. Bring all those wild fantasies back for we will tell you how purple or violet can transform the feel of your house in the most stunning way. Violet reveals the creative side of you and is also a color of royalty which brings together the dynamic pair of calm blue and an exciting and rebellious red. If you want to add an exotic flair to your rooms, violet is the color. The color can be as dramatic and as soothing as you want it to be depending upon the shade and tone. It is a regal color palette that adds richness, texture, and elegance and infuses a sense of drama even in a simple room. Violet or purple can help you add a whole new vibe to your space.

Violet Window Coverings

Light and soft lavenders and solid plums create an understated look while deep purple or neon shade will help make a bold statement with the right accents, decor and furnishings. Today we will talk about some of the amazing violet-colored window treatments that you try in your homes with maximum visual impact.

Violet Light Filtering Zebra Sheer Shade

If you are looking elegance, you need to look as far as sheer shades. The sheer horizontal shades are functional and fashionable at the same time. They offer plenty of options for opacity, colors, patterns, and lift type. Based on your level of privacy, choose from different fabrics ranging from light-filtering to room-darkening in alluring colors. The Light Filtering Zebra Sheer Violet Shades make a stunning addition to your list of elegant shades. When open there will be alternating stripes of purple and light-filtering fabrics. When closed the purple deep stripes will overlap to cut off outside view and preserve your privacy. Add them to an all-white room and see them weave magic in the space. For these shades, we recommend use of a deep shade of purple or violet. But you can also use shades of lavender or plum as well.
Violet Zebra Sheer Shades

Violet Stained Wooden Blinds

Wood blinds or faux wood blinds need not always be of wooden color. They can also be stained to get the color of your choice. Try getting these wood shades stained in violet and stand back to watch the impact on the surroundings. With all the functionalities of wood blinds, the violet colour will enhance the regal appeal of the rooms with the right room accents and color combinations. You can pair these shades with violet-colored cushions or throw pillows to complete the look.

Violet Roman Blinds

Roman Shades are classic and timeless beauties that have continued to charm their way into the hearts of homeowners. They are often considered a hybrid between drapes and blinds as these shades are made of fabric. They add a feminine softness and warm glow to the room. Get these Roman Shades in solid eye-catching hue of violet and pair them with soft furnishings, gilded accessories and golden hued oddments to create an imperial look.
Violet Roman Shades

Purple/Violet Roller Shades

Oozing with luxurious appeal and style, violet is a fantastic choice if you want to create a regal ambiance. Roller Shades are an extremely versatile choice of window treatment for your contemporary or minimalist homes. They are sleek and streamlined and offer a finished look to the windows. Simple, smart and elegant, Roller Shades in their violet avatar look ravishing. You can choose from a range of hues and pair them with wood furnishings and light-colored upholstery. You can use violet-colored Roller Blinds to create a cosy nook.
Violet Roller Shades

Violet Interior & Exterior Shutters

If you want to create a dreamy ambiance inside the house or outside go right ahead with violet-colored shutters. Add them to the exterior part of the windows to create an amazing curb appeal for the house. Pair them with some white sheer drapes inside to complete the magical look right out of the book of fairy tales. If you want to add violet shutters inside we recommend use of a light tone to avoid going overboard. White walls and white furnishings will complete these gorgeous shutters brilliantly.

If using a splash of purple or violet has been your fantasy, go right ahead! All you need to be careful about is choosing the accessories and the color of the upholstery. Let the colors go together. Once you have addressed this, you will be able to create a magical ambiance in the room that leaves a stunning impact.