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5 Valance Ideas for a Boy’s Room

5 Valance Ideas For A Boys Room

The Role of Window Treatments

The décor of any room of the house looks incomplete and lackadaisical if the windows are left bare and undecorated. This not only affects the energy efficiency of your house but also exposes the interiors to the glare and the harmful UV radiation. Investing in window treatments for coverings your windows help create a comfortable environment inside the house by reducing the glare, preventing heat transfer, and also by controlling the amount of light that enters the room. The overall aesthetics of the house also get improved as the windows, the focal point of any home décor, look so much better when you dress them up with suitable window coverings.

Just as every member of the family has a distinct personality and temperament, their room is their personal space and should have a character that reflects that personality. That is why, when you go about decorating or redoing the interiors of the house, you need to take the personal preferences of others, who share the house with you, into account. Rooms for kids will have to be done differently than that of the adults. Further, the décor of the room for your little boy will be based on his likes and interests and it will be quite different from that of your little princess.

Why Should You Opt for Valances?

Window coverings look pretty elegant on their own but at times the mounting mechanism and the headrails might not be properly covered and hidden away. If the same is visible, it often looks ugly and spoils the decorative appeal of the window coverings. Valances are a great way of coverings the mounting mechanism and other mounting gear efficiently without hampering the overall appeal of the window coverings.

Valances also provide some architectural benefits to the home décor. The valances make the windows look more structured and even taller if the valances are installed above the window frame. These valances also bring the focus back on the window frame and make the look of the window coverings more symmetrical and organized. For better aesthetic effect, you can match the valances with the décor around the window or have them complement the décor elements in the room.

Valances can also be used to add visual interest to the décor of the room. You can do that by opting for unique valance designs or by using the space on the valances creatively.

5 Valance Ideas For A Boy’s Room

If you are thinking of redoing the interiors of a boy’s room, you need to think about what his interests, and hobbies might be. He may be your son, your younger brother, or your grandson. The idea is to make the décor akin to what he likes or what interests him and you to try to bring in age-specific elements that complement and correspond to the age group he is in. Valances are elegant and versatile enough to be used in any room, including a boy’s room. You can adapt and repurpose the valances to be in synergy with the theme you are going with for his room.
To help you out on that front here are some excellent valance ideas that will be perfect for a boy’s room. Let us look at them in greater detail:

Sports-Themed Valances

If your kid is a sports buff, what can be a better treat for him than a sports-themed décor for his room? Valances can be modified to complement that theme. You can go with sports stars’ stickers that you can affix on the valances, you can paint the valances to resemble the color of the jersey of his favorite soccer team, or you can opt for sports-inspired shapes for the valances. Imagine a cricket bat-shaped valance or a valance with a player cut-out incorporated in the design. It will surely look super cool and fun.
Sports Themed Valances

Bright Color-Scheme

Kids’ rooms should look more playful and vibrant. Hence, for your boy’s room, you can opt for bright color schemes to make the décor look more fun. You can choose to select a bright or contrasting color scheme for the valances so that they create a beautiful contrast. This will make his room look more lively and colorful.

Music-Themed Valances

If your kid is a music lover, you can decorate the valance and space around the window frame with music-inspired motifs. For the window treatments also, you can opt for music-inspired prints and patterns. Other music-inspired décor items such as posters, stickers, and toys can be used to fill up and accentuate the space inside the room. You can also try working with music-inspired designs for the shape of the valances.
Music Themed Valances

Fun Prints for Fabric Valances

If you are using fabric valances for your boy’s room, you can experiment with the choice prints and patterns you opt for. Cartoon-themed prints to patterns inspired by superheroes, players, musicians, actors, etc. are some of the great options you can look at. Kids love them your boy will be no exception. To personalize the experience even further, you can go with the prints and patterns that are based on his interests.

Wooden Valances

You can never go wrong with wooden valances as they look great no matter which section of the house you put them in. Your boy’s room will only get a major aesthetic boost if you opt for wooden valances. To enhance the effect, you can have the color of these wooden valances complement the rest of the furniture in the room. In keeping with the playful enthusiasm that kids represent, you can accentuate the wooden valances with fun motifs and decoratives as well.
Custom Wood Valances
It is important to give recognition to the individual temperament and personality of the kids in the family as well. After all your little boy is a young man in making. By valuing his likes and dislikes, areas of interest, and preferences, you not only build is confidence up but also make your bond stronger. A room of his own tailored to his own preferences will definitely bring him happiness and boost his enthusiasm.

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