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5 Unique Ways to Automate Your Automatic Window Sun Shades

5 Unique Ways to Automate Your Automatic Window Sun Shades

Window sun shades are a great way of beating the heat. With summer months gaining more intensity with each passing year, it is important that we equip our houses to deal with the worst of the onslaughts.

Sun shades are made specifically keeping summer months in mind. They reduce heat gain and keep the interiors cool, with the added advantage of light filtration and privacy.

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Benefit of Window Sun Shades

With window sun privacy shades, you can completely transform your sun-scorched room. From hot and stuffy, it will quickly turn into a cool, comfort zone. Comfort is very important for turning your living space or business space into a productive area.

Cut off the Glare

Glare can cause inconvenience in more ways than one. Glare is highly uncomfortable for the eyes, as they interfere with the natural functioning of the eyes, causing fatigue and stress. Glare also harms the surface it falls on. The furniture and other furnishings you have gathered over the years, or have recently spent thousands on, can severely get damaged with constant exposure to sun. Sun shades can cut off glare to a large extent. Now your furniture is protected, and you can put every inch of your sun-kissed room to the full extent.

Reduce Heat Built-up

The direct consequence of reducing glare is a visible reduction in the heat build-up. The combination of long-hours of sunlight, along with rising temperatures inevitably increases the room temperature. Then there is no other way than turning on the cooling system. However, with sun shades, the need for air-conditioning goes down, as the room heats up slower than normal. With these shades, you will be able to naturally reduce the temperature without wasting energy. This way you can save money, as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

Enhanced Lighting

As is normal with thicker shades, the moment we pull them down, the lights have to come on. It is rather depressing to have the lights on during the day, while the landscape outside is glowing with an abundance of sun. With sun shades, even when you pull them down, you still have plenty of light to go about your normal chores. Your room basks in the muted glow of the sun, creating a soothing and calm atmosphere. Now there is no need for the electric light, when you have a refreshing flow of natural light during the day.

5 Unique Ways to Use Your Automatic Window Sun Shades

If you have automatic window sun shades, you will be able redefine convenience. Your peace of mind, comfort, and accessibility will reach another level with automatic sun shades. Let’s look at 5 unique ways to automate your automatic window sun shades.

Set a Schedule

A good night’s sleep is the most important ingredient in the recipe of a good day. It makes you feed energized, up-beat, and full of positivity. However, the sun has an annoying habit of getting in the way. Long before you are ready to wake up, the sun shines into the room and wakes you up. However, with automated shades, you can set a schedule for them to come down as the sun comes out. This way, you can clock the necessary hours, while your room fills with natural light and fills up with the natural freshness of the sun.

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Use Your Remote to Get Them Down

Just imagine settling down with a cup of coffee after a hard day’s work, and the sun shining in your eyes just kills the mood. No need to haul yourself up, just grab the remote and bring the shade down. You can use your remote to control multiple shades, all at once. Your shade will come down all the way or to a pre-designated position to cut off the glare and allow enjoying your free-time in peace.

Use Your Remote to Get Blinds Down in Other Rooms

Now that the little one is asleep; you can enjoy a bit of peace or catch up on that all important office work. But wait a minute! Did you pull the blind down on your way out? Don’t panic! We have got this!

Just get your Smartphone out and use it to bring down the nursery blinds, without even getting out of your Zoom call. If you have the nursery shade connected to the internet, and the smart app for controlling the shades on your phone, operating them from anywhere in the house becomes a child’s play. Now your little one can enjoy a peaceful nap, basking in the muted glow of the sun, without you having to even leave your seat.

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Control Your Sun Shades from Anywhere

With automated sun shades, you still have the power to operate them, even when you are miles away on a holiday. You just need to have your shades connected to the internet and have the Smart app to control your shades on your phone. Just open your smart App on your phone or tablet while sipping your tropical drink, and bring down the shades to protect your furniture and interiors from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Automated blinds just take the stress out of your time spent away from home. You will still be able to take good care of your home.

Use Voice Control

Summer is the time to relax and party. With a houseful of guests, and with hands full of tasks, you really don’t want to be bothered with closing the sun shades one by one as the sun starts to heat up the interiors. Use your voice control to do that. If your blind is connected to your home-automation hub, through the internet, you can use your voice to operate the shades. Just ask your home automation voice assistants to bring down the sun-shades and you’re done.

Create a calm and serene atmosphere for your friends and family with the help of your automated sun shades and make the most of the glorious, sunny days.

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