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5 Unique Patterned Pleated Blinds for the Holiday Season

5 Unique Patterned Pleated Blinds for the Holiday Season

Have you decided to give your room a new look this holiday season? Why not go with pleated blinds. Their simple beauty will breathe a fresh, new look into your house without overwhelming the general décor.

Blinds are a vital decorative element that needs careful consideration. Coupled with the visual impact, blinds also play an active role in regulating the ambience and comfort level of the interiors. On a sunny, hot day, your blinds would work tirelessly to reduce heat transfer and keeping your house cool and comfy. Similarly, in the winters, you can blissfully ignore the freezing, gloom outside, while your interiors remain warm and toasty.

So, you might want to select a blind that not just becomes a powerful artistic statement, but also a useful shield against adverse weather conditions. Pleated blinds tick all the boxes. Not convinced? Take a look at some of its benefits before you make up your mind.

Benefits of Pleated Blinds

The Appeal

There is no doubt about their aesthetic appeal. The crisp, pleated design adds an element of visual interest into an otherwise monotonous structure, making it both modern and chic. As they do not pledge an allegiance to any particular era, the design goes well with most décor ideas. For this reason, they look fabulous in any setting, be it traditional, country, or urban.

Perfect Fit

Pleated blinds form a neat pile when opened completely, giving you a clear view of the outside. This is an ideal solution for homes that have a space crunch. The back-ladder support stops the blind from sagging or crunching. Even with regular use, the loop take ensures that the pleat remain consistent all across the blind.

Light Filtration

Unlike other powerful insulating blinds, pleated blinds provide a wide range of flexibility in light control. Pleated blinds can be adapted to make most of natural light, while cutting off heat and glare. They also come in variations that would allow you to select different modes for day and night.

If you wish to add room darkening elements, you can opt to put liners that would give you the perfect room darkening effects.


Privacy is another vital aspect that would inform your choice. Pleated blinds help you strike that delicate balance between privacy and light control, so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home in peace. While the pleated design lets in plenty of light, you can still select to have either partial privacy or total privacy for your room.

Designer Pleated Shades

5 Unique Patterned Pleated Blinds

Once you have got the practicalities sorted, you can fully concentrate on the design aspect. What unique prints can you add to pleated blinds to bring out the all the special highlights of the festive season? Let’s find out!

1 Inch Pleated Shades

These blinds give a unique crisp feel to the room. The visual impact of the dense pleats will through the rest of the room in sharp relief. You can customize the light filtering element according to your requirements. Add extra lining for more privacy, or thicker layers for room darkening. Or, just leave the original pleat for brightness.

If you wish to add a unique feel for the upcoming holiday season, go for abstract print in red, white, or green. If you are not in the mood of traditional colors, why not go with soft gold or a bit of glitter. It will definitely add a bit of sparkle and shine, especially when the sun rays filter through the pleated layers.

Custom Pleated Shades

2 Inch Pleated Shades

With 2 Inch pleated shades, you get a more spread out pattern, which would give your room a softer look. As mentioned above, you can select the lining according to your light control preferences. The back-ladder design would stop the pleats from sagging, keeping the blind uniform and straight.

For the festive season, go for deep colored Grasscloth print. These prints would add a unique earthy feel to your interiors, making them feel both warm and spacious, at the same time. Top up the look with a liberal use of natural green and vibrant artwork.

Bottom up Top Down Blinds

Bottom up and top down blinds give you a lot of flexibility in positioning the blinds. You can get the blinds down from the top, to keep the top of the window open, while keeping the privacy of the room intact. You can pull them up from the bottom as well, so that you can enjoy the beautiful view outside.

With these blinds, you can opt for a beautiful festive silver start print on dark turquoise. That would go beautifully with a frosted décor, with a slice of the sky right on your windows.

Day and Night Shade

Go one step ahead and select a versatile solution for both night and day. Day and Night shades helps you cope with the contrasting demands for daytime sun and night time privacy. With these blinds, you get two different pleated fabrics, stacked on top of one another. The two layers are separated by a bar. One layer is made for light filtering, while the other layer is for more control over light. You can raise either one or both of them, at the same time. You can also position the inner layer in such a way that both the fabrics are on display.

With such a versatile solution, you need a print that is equally adaptable. Go for a dark shade on the bottom layer, while keeping the upper layer white. Add a gorgeous festive print on the bottom layer, which would create a delightful contrast with the upper layer.

Perfect Fit

With perfect fit pleated blinds, you get blinds that fit directly on to the frames, leaving very little gap between the frame and the blinds. This would ensure complete privacy for the interiors. The stable, linear structure of these blinds calls for a bold, striking Christmas print.

Usher in the festive cheer this year with a bang with these gorgeous and versatile pleated blinds.

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