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5 Unique Colors And Stains For Wood Cornices


A wood cornice, also known as a pelmet, is a decorative framework of wood to which drapery is attached by rods. It has been a dominant feature of classical and ancient architecture in Italian and Greek societies. Cornices are extensively and elaborately designed and they give a regal look to the house. They serve the practical purpose of giving your windows a distinguished look by concealing unappealing hardware such as curtain rods and hooks.

The best wood cornices add structure to the drapery and help in unifying the space. They were especially popular during the Victorian times and contemporarily, they are used in large living spaces, banquet halls, and family rooms, etc. They add a sense of grandiosity and drama to your space. Wood cornices are a lot like valances and these two are often used interchangeably. However, the key difference between them is that valances are made from fabric or drapery while cornices are generally made out of wood.

Are Window Cornice Boards Outdated?

Due to their ancient origins, many people think cornice boards have become outdated. However, that is not true at all! If you know how to style a cornice board, it will not look antique or old-fashioned, unless you deliberately wanted to make it so! Additionally, cornice boards are affordable and can be easily installed. It is easy to maintain them and they are durable due to the solid wooden material they are made out of.

Wood cornices are very much in trend and you can make them look even more stylish by customizing them. You can get them painted as per your liking. Moreover, you can cover them with drapery to improve the overall styling and get an upholstered look. For further customization, you can style them with decorative items and accessories or you could also have them sculpted in a unique fashion. You do not have to settle for a rectangular-shaped cornice. Eventually, the result depends on you and there are plenty of options when it comes to making cornices look trendy and fashionable.

5 Unique Color Ideas For Wood Cornices

By including customizations, you can get uniquely designed wood cornices. Whether you are aiming for a sculpted look or a tufted look, painting the cornice with the right hues is extremely important. The wrong paint can disintegrate the harmony of the room and overwhelm the décor. If you are unsure about which colors to use for your wooden cornice, here are 5 unique and captivating ideas that you can choose from:

  1. Solid Whites

Getting your wood cornice painted white is a good decision if you want an elegant and refined impression. Solid whites do not clash with other colors. This simple yet classy color goes well along with brighter hues like green and orange.

2. Dark Wood Colors

It is wise to go for colors that resemble natural wood. A darker wooden tone matches the color of furniture and other statement pieces such as chairs and stools. Instead of opting for the regular brown color, you can consider getting coffee, khaki, sepia, or umber cornices. It helps in keeping the originality of the wooden material used in making the board.

3. Stark Contrast

If you are stuck with the same shades, then getting a cornice that is of the opposite color can be a clever way of bringing out the beauty of your windows. Through a contrasting form, you can make your pelmet the point of attention in the room. Gone are the days when everything from the color of your drapery to the color of your walls had to be all “matchy-matchy.”

4. Neutral Hues

If white is not your best color, you can go for other neutral hues.  Beige, baby blue, light grey, ivory, and caramel are all beautiful and vivacious colors that are not too dark. With these color schemes, you can make your room look brighter and larger than it is. With a neutrally colored pelmet, you can make regular changes to your interior décor without hampering the overall aesthetics of home décor.

5. Stained Polishing

For a stained appearance and texture, you can choose natural wood colors that originate from mahogany, maple, oak, and cheery. All of these woods are superior and long-lasting. The cornice should be stained by experts for superior and quality polish. Additionally, the shades of the cornice and the furniture should be coordinated and complementary.

6. Pairing the Cornice Board

To create a solid and balanced profile, you can pair up your cornice with sheer curtains or roman blinds. However, you must be considerate of the color scheme. The color of the cornice should blend with the color of the curtains. A great way to create a stunning look is to go for a plain wood cornice and complement it with floral sheer curtains. Such a different and well-planned look will draw the attention of one and all.

Furthermore, cornice boards look great with transparent blinds as well. Since the board is placed at the very top of the blinds, it does not affect the natural light from coming in. All in all, it adds a very elegant and welcoming vibe to your house. You can pair a wooden cornice with just about any window treatment and get spell-bounding results.

Final Thoughts

Window cornice boards not only elevate the grandiosity of your space but also play a role in keeping the window’s flaws and curtain rods out of sight. They are the perfect choice for you if you want to achieve a regal and classic style. With the right color and stain selection, you can make your windows look stunning and add that touch of glamour and luxury to the rest of the space.  

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