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5 Trendy Ideas To Dress Your Work From Home Office Windows

5 Trendy Ideas To Dress Your Work From Home Office Windows

Due to the pandemic, a drastic increase in work from home employees has been seen in observance to stay-at-home orders. Working from home, though it looks very tempting and easy, has its share of problems. One of which is to creating a separate space to achieve work productivity. Minute attention has to be given to the overall design and structure of such an office. Windows, being no exception to this, needs a kind of treatment that provides sunlight control as it contributes significantly to the usability of the space. Comfort, convenience, functionality, and practicability are the critical deciding factors for selecting window treatments for your home office.

Prerequisites for creating a work from home office

A quiet and comfortable space is best suited for any home office. If a spare room is available, it can be transformed into a office. In order to maintain a work-life balance, it is important to designate a space or room for working, separate from the living spaces in the house.  A suitable desk and a computer are other essentials for your work space.

5 Trendy Ideas To Dress Your Work From Home Office Windows

A suitable window treatment can bring about a substantial difference in the home office’s overall look and feel of work. Through its ability to control light, reduce glare, and insulate- it can make you more productive and focused. With that said, there are many options in the market regarding window treatments for your home office. The top five trending options are as under:

  • Window Shutters for a Calm and Sophisticated Ambience:

Window shutters add style, charm, and charisma to work from the home office. The choice of slats plays a vital role in the overall ambience of the office. For those who prefer a more traditional and royal look, narrow slats with a pushrod achieve that aesthetic. On the other hand, wider slats with a concealed push rod are recommended for those who prefer a more contemporary look.  The shutter provides a lot of natural light when it is desired. In addition, the window shutters for the home office will reduce glare as well. Comparable to blinds, shutters let light in through the adjustment of slats or by stacking the panels if much more light is needed. This makes it easier for users to work in natural light rather than artificial light without affecting the ill effects of excessive glare. Furthermore, café style shutters is another option. These cover only half of the window and allow the sunlight to enter the room from the top half. The covered bottom half protects the user from the direct exposure of sunlight and reduces glare seen in monitors. One of the advantages in adding shutters is that these can elevate the look of your office, since they are available in a wide variety of colour choices and styles. By choosing any style and color, you can easily accent the shutters and make them the focal point of your space. Last but not least, shutters provide unmatched security. Besides its privacy capability, it serves as another layer of security in your entry way.

  • Venetian Blinds for a Professional Look:

Venetian blinds are a popular choice for office windows because they help create a professional look. They offer good sunlight control and privacy to the user. These are available in a wide variety of colours and materials ranging from aluminium, vinyl, wood, and many more. Practically speaking, Venetian blinds can create partitions between the work from the home office and other rooms if there are large windows between the two rooms or a glass wall. Venetians blinds are also suitable for work from home office because they are very durable and do not suffer a lot of wear and tear with routine usage. Moreover, they come with the option of a special coating to offer moisture protection and colour fading, which makes them last for a longer duration of time.  Since they are extremely easy to install, they are a perfect choice for the home office.

  • Roller Blinds for a Calm and Cohesive Feel:

Roller blinds provide a calm and cohesive feel to the space as they are very sleek in style and generally blend into the colour scheme of the home office. They provide an uncluttered view of the home office and makes it a private space for the user. Roller blinds give good sunlight control and are easy to operate. They are not very bulky and heavy like some other blinds and can easily be rolled up or down depending on your needs. They help in making smaller windows appear prominent with the patterns and design of the fabric. The added advantage of roller blinds is that they come with the motorised option, making it possible to operate the blind with a click of a button. They are instrumental in cases when the windows are hard to reach or simply when multi-tasking between a call and operating the blinds.. Last but not least, roller blinds are ideal for work from home offices because their upkeep and maintenance are very simple.  It is easy to clean the roller blinds, and they do not allow dust to gather like some of the other window treatments.

  • Vertical Blinds for Added Privacy:

Vertical Blinds are most suited if the top most priority in work from the home office is privacy. They add a professional touch to the home office and are a good choice for creating a specific workstation for a person. The vertical blinds help the ser make the desired theme in the office as they come in various colour combinations and styles. The owner gets a lot of options to pick from, according to the aesthetics of the room. In addition, these blinds are pocket-friendly, and the consumer does not have to shell out a lot of money to install these blinds in the home office.

Further, many opt for vertical blinds because they provide excellent sunlight protection and allow only the required light to enter the room. It also offers complete privacy to the owner, thereby, enabling them to focus on the task at hand.

  • Woven Wood Blinds for Eco-Friendly Materials:

Woven wood blinds are the preferable choice for the home office when the primary aim is to provide the best eco-friendly blinds. These blinds are made up of entirely recyclable materials and give the office a formal and sophisticated look.  The woven wood blinds radiate positive energy, which gets translated into a more optimistic and productive work environment. They provide good sunlight protection and privacy in the space so that you are not disturbed by the other family members’ activities. The added advantage of these blinds is that they are incredibly light and versatile. Further, you can create a desired theme in your home office as the woven wood blinds are available in many designs and styles. These blinds are made up of natural and recyclable material, which helps reduce the carbon footprint. If you desire to create a natural and rustic appearance with good sunlight protection, then a woven wood blind is the best option.

It is clear that an ideal work from the home office is the one that has complete sunlight protection along with desired privacy. It can be achieved by using any of the window treatments mentioned above for creating professional and stylish work from the home office. With the correct window treatment, you  can select the exact ambience for the home office, enhancing your productivity and output.