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5 Trending Pull Down Shades For 2020

5 Trending Pull Down Shades For 2020

Pull-down shades or roller blinds are an excellent choice for indoor window dressing. They have an attractive look and are fresh in design. These shades can be very versatile and when used correctly, it can instantly uplift the look of the whole house no matter what interior design you follow. And it’s not just their looks that make pull-down shades so popular. They are also very functional and practical as they can be very effective in light control, insulation, and privacy.

There are many different varieties of roller shades available today in the market. The main types of fabric are blackout roller shades, light filtering shades and sunscreen shades. Each of these can be easily purchased in the market or online in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. They also come in high UV ratings that will protect you and your furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun.

So, if you are out looking for shades this year you must take a look at the 5 Trending Pull down Shades For 2020 before you make your choice. But before getting into that, take a look at the rooms where the use of roller shades are most suitable.

Where to Use Pull-Down Shades

• Bedrooms
Pull-down shades are one of the best options for window dressings to be used in a bedroom. The best kind of shades provides ample privacy and light blockage while never compromising on the good looks and ambiance. There are many patterns that provide the blackout feature but also help to lend a fashionable look to the room.
Bedroom Pull Down Shades
• Kitchens
Depending on the levels of privacy required in the kitchen, window shades are very popularly used to dress the windows in the kitchens. One thing you may want to keep in mind when choosing roller shades for the kitchen is that you may want to choose water-resistant materials for the best results. This is because the shades may be subject to stains and other damages in the kitchen.
Roller Shades for Kitchen
• Living rooms
Anyone of the pulldown shades will make an excellent choice to be used in the living room. But many people are wise enough to use all the three kinds of roller shades in combination. This way the sunscreen shades can be used in the day time and the blackout shades can be used for privacy at night.
Pull Down Shades for Living Room
• Workspaces
Workspaces and offices often have sunscreen shades and block out shades installed. The sunscreen shades aid in minimizing the glare, heat and light. The blackout shades are great when used in conference rooms or projection rooms.
• Bathrooms
Bathrooms are areas of the house or workspace that demand a high level of privacy. The best kind of shades that are popular to be used in the bathroom are the blackout pull-down shades. Again, water-resistant materials are best when used in the wet conditions of a bathroom. Light filtering shades are a good choice too as they provide privacy along with the light in the room.
Pull Down Shades for Bathroom

Three Things That Determine The Trendiest Window Shades in 2020

1. Looks
If there is one single thing that determines the trends, it is possibly the looks. Pull down shade are no exception to this rule. You can choose from an exhaustive number of shades, fabrics and textures to make your living space look their best. They are sleek and are light on the eye making it a great choice for your windows. What’s more? You can even use them over glass doors.

2. Ease of use and installation
After the looks, the second criterion that determines what is the trendiest is the ease of use. If the shades are hard to use, they will never stay trendy for long no matter how great they look. Thankfully, these are easy to operate and you can choose from motorized shades, cordless shades and cord controlled shades depending upon your taste. They are also very easy to install and can be cleaned in a jiffy using just a damp piece of clean cloth.

3. Affordability
Roller shades are one of the most affordable options of window dressings out there. And no matter how much you pay, you are sure to get your penny’s worth as these shades are sure to take your home décor to a new height of classiness.

The Trendiest Pull Down Shades In The Year 2020

• Decorative shades
Instead of boring single solid colors, decorative window shades are going to be trending this year. The patterns are getting more and more fashion forward and creative. The homeowners are putting in the spark and pop into their homes by using these decorative shades in great quantities.

• Blackout shades
Blackout shades have always been popular due to the practical aspects of light blocking and privacy. While the classical blackout shades are selling out like hotcakes this year, the new blackout shades with patterns made into them are very popular too.

• Bright colored pull-down shades
Many homeowners, especially those that belong in the European market, have been choosing brightly hued and vibrant patterned pull-down shades. They pair these up with the solid and sober colors of the walls and furniture. This results in a color pop effect which is very inviting and attractive.

• Using multiple different shades of the same color
This year, you will see this tone on tone effect in many shades installed in homes. Shades that belong to the same color family are used to bring depth and attractiveness to the room. The difference in the color scheme is kept very subtle and it helps to subconsciously elevate the mood and put the residents of the house at peace.

• Motorized pull-down shades
Other than the color schemes and patterns, the mode of use also can make shades popular. In the year 2020, motorized roller shades are in great demand. This is probably due to the ease of use and the minimal upkeep required.