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5 Traditional French Net Curtains to Let Bright light into Your Living Room

5 Traditional French Net Curtains to Let Bright light into your Living Room

Beauty of Sheer Curtains

If you are looking to add a touch of feminine softness and elegance to your living space, you need not look any further than sheer curtains. Made of sheer fabric like georgette, lace, net, chiffon and voile, sheer curtains have been around for as long as we can remember. Each of these materials come in a wide range of soft pale colors and stunning designs and patterns that are breathtakingly beautiful. White remains the favorite choice of colors for most as they can blend beautifully with any color scheme.

How Functional are Sheer Curtains?

While many believe that sheer curtains have little functional value, in the contrary, they do a fascinating job of diffusing harsh sunlight. They filter the sun’s rays and help fill your homes with a warm glow that lends an ethereal feel to the surroundings. They also offer a semblance of privacy during the morning hours. Post sunset, once the lights come on inside the house privacy may get compromised and you may need another window treatment like blinds, shades or solid curtains to complement the sheer curtains. Layered window treatment solution has become a popular choice for several homeowners. Despite changing home decor styles and preferences of people, sheer curtains have never been out of fashion because of their sheer grace elegance.
Pinch Pleated Sheer Curtains

5 Gorgeous Traditional French Net Curtains

French embroidered net curtains are a rage. They come in a variety of designs and patterns and are primarily available in white and cream color shades. They are used for dressing up both large and small windows.

French Scalloped Hem Floral Net Cafe Panel

These are a gorgeous pair of light-filtering net curtains with scalloped hem. They make a great choice of curtains for small kitchen windows. The shorter length of the curtains helps to show off the scalloped hem beautifully both from inside and outside the house. These curtains come with beautiful floral prints near the hem and small floral motifs throughout the body of the net curtains. They do an admirable job of filling your space with abundant sunshine sans the harshness that causes irritation. You can choose from a number of designs with similar scalloped hem. These predominantly white net panels can also have some pops of color like soft pale green and yellow.
French Scalloped Hem Floral Net Cafe Panel

Beige and White Open Weave Cotton Net Curtain

These are embroidered woven and beige and white cotton curtains that open weave which allow light to filter through easily and effortlessly. They come with rod pockets to allow easy hanging on a narrow pole or curtain wire. Rolled hem adds weight and fullness to the curtains. They give a retro feel to the windows and you could opt for these beauties for your living space standard sized windows.

Semi Sheer Floral Net Curtains for Doors

These curtains make an ideal addition to your beautiful patio French doors. The glass doors help make a bold statement and these semi-sheer curtains make these doors the focal point of your home decor. The semi-sheer light filtering curtains help to diffuse the sunlight that pours in through the glass doors. They help to preserve your outside view, offer some amount of privacy and help to cut out the glares of the sun. They help create an enchanting ambiance indoors. Throughout they are covered with floral prints.
Semi-Sheer Floral Net Curtains for French Doors

Retro Lace Net Cafe Curtains

This is another beauty that comes with a scalloped and heavily designed hem. They are a perfect pair of curtains for your small kitchen windows or any small windows that you may have in the house. For standard windows, you can use these as a valance. The floral pattern on the hem uses colors pink and green for added gorgeousness and they show off beautifully against the predominantly white net background. There are eyelets that allow easy hanging using a wire or a rod.
Retro Lace Net Cafe Curtains

Traditional Narrow Curtain Panel

These narrow floral net panels are another perfect choice of window covering for your French doors or even standard-sized windows. They come in a set of two narrow panels for every door or window. When the curtains are completely closed, where the two panels meet there is heavy patterns and designs. The rest of the curtain has scattered small floral prints. They have scalloped edging and a straight hem. The soft polyester fabric ensures a gorgeous fall. If you want to recreate a French country look for your living space, these curtains are ideal.
Each of these French net curtains is sheer beauties that lend elegance and helps to weave magic in your living space. They are ideal for any room in your house. Opt for these as a standalone or in a layered treatment with other coverings like blinds, shades, or heavy curtains.

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