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5 Tips When Ordering Symphony Cornices

5 Tips When Ordering Symphony Cornices

Windows Need Something more than Shades and Blinds

Window treatments are not just about blinds, shades and draperies. They also include other window treatment solutions like valances and cornices. While shades and blinds are hung in front of a window to cover the window glass, valances and cornices are mounted above the shades and blinds and run along the top edge of the window treatment. Sometimes you feel that even after adding a shade or drapery to the window, something seems to be amiss. There is an emptiness that is difficult to identify. This is where a valance or a cornice makes a huge difference. They add style and flair to your windows and the window treatments, add a little drama that is needed to lift the look and feel of the room and enhance its aesthetic appeal and value.

What is Cornice?

While a valance is primarily made of fabric, a cornice is a little different. A cornice is a framework of wood which is mounted at the top of the window. This framework of wood is a decorative piece and comes with embellishments. Sometimes it is a plain wooden box fitted with fabric of your choice. Wood or fabric cornice boards both look beautiful and do a marvelous task of concealing the ugly curtain rods or window treatment hardware that otherwise sticks out like a sore thumb. They give neat appearance to the windows and when they are chosen with care keeping in mind the color palette of the room and the décor style, a cornice helps to pull the room together in a harmonious blend. The impact cannot be missed.

Symphony Wood Cornice

Graber Symphony brings you a beautiful collection of wood cornice to enhance the beauty of your rooms. With contemporary styling, these wood cornices are to look out for and when matched with wood blinds from Graber they make a stunning pair. While cornices look gorgeous, there are few things to keep in mind before ordering them for your windows. This is to ensure that they make a good fit and helps you to achieve the look that you are looking for.

Things to Remember When Ordering Symphony Cornices

Type of Mount
Symphony wood cornices can be both inside mount and outside mount. Choose the mount which best suits your window and window treatment. An inside mount wood cornice comes with straight cut edges on both the ends. They look best when they are mounted inside the window casing and can be completely recessed. However, you need to determine whether your window is deep enough to accommodate inside mount cornice. The width of the cornice depends upon the width of the window treatment. Outside mount wood cornice is installed outside the window casing.

Taking the right measurement is important to ensure the correct fit for your cornice. Even a slight error has the potential of ruining the look of your window treatment.

• Always use metal tape for measurements. They help to take the right measurements.
• The measurements must be taken and rounded down to 1/8” increments.
• Inside mount cornices do not come with returns or dust cover.
• Outside mount cornices come with returns and the maximum size for the returns is 8”and the minimum is 1/2’”.
• Measure the depth of the window correctly. This is important for inside mount cornices. If there is a mismatch, it could cost you dearly once the order is placed.
• If you are ordering cornice with the blind then the width of the cornice will be same as the width of the window treatment.
• However, if you are ordering outside mount cornice as a stand-alone product without a treatment then you need to take the following into consideration at the time of measurement:
o Width to be covered
o Measure for additional clearance space for things like mounting brackets, operating controls etc.
o The distance the cornice will extend to from the mounting surface.

Symphony wood cornice comes in a wide range of colors. White, cappuccino, cherry wood, walnut, cherry, and many more options are there for you. Consider which color will help compliment the window treatment you have selected for your windows and also the general color scheme of the room. It is easy to get confused with so many colors to choose from. Since cornice helps your window make a statement, a wrong choice of color could completely ruin the look for your windows and for the room. It could be a costly mistake.

Splicing & Keystones
Wood cornices that require splicing must include decorative keystones. They enhance the beauty of the cornice. Generally, these keystones are equally spaced out. However if you some other ideas and want special splice and keystone locations, you need to specify that at the time of placing the order. If your cornice does not require splicing, you could still request for keystones. The keystones are painted or stained to match the cornice color. However, different color selection is also available. If you want some other color, do reach out before the order is placed. Once the cornice is already made, keystones cannot be added because they need splicing at the time of the order.

Before you place the order for your cornice it is important to make yourself aware of the warranty policy of the company and what will be covered and what not. This is to avoid any confusion that may arise once the product is shipped. There is a limited warranty extended to painted and stained cornices. Unfinished cornices are not covered by warranty. Wood cornices, when exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, tend to lose color intensity. The discoloration will not be covered by a warranty.

It is important to understand that while standard items can often be returned after purchase, custom-made products cannot be returned or changed once the order is placed. They are customized for your windows. At the time of ordering it is important to check the policies of the company, the measurements and other specifications to prevent a possible confrontation in the future.