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5 Tips to Provide the Safest and Best Home for Your Dogs

5 Tips to Provide the Safest and Best Home for Your Dogs

As any dog lover will tell you, there is no better companion than dogs. Their self-less devotion and boundless energy can be the source of endless joy. Before you know it, dogs become the most-loved member of the family, whose care and comfort are always on the top of everyone’s minds. However, before you welcome the cuddly guest in your house, you need to make sure that the house is ready for them. It’s not just about creating a comfortable space for your beloved pet, but a safe and nurturing environment as well.

Little puppies are notorious for their teething explorations. Dogs and puppies use their mouth and nose a lot. Their sense of smell and taste lead them to different items, which inevitably end up with bite marks. Even with a chewy toy on hand, puppies and dogs will still identify a wide range of household items as their new favorite chewy toy.

If you are getting your first puppy, this problem will get exacerbated. As a new owner, you will not be aware of the little troubles your excited little pet can bring every day, and puppies will find it hard to adjust to new house rules. To make things easier, make your house puppy-friendly. Here we bring you some handy tips for making your house the safest and the best home for your dogs.

Dog-Friendly Blinds

Put Some Latches on the Cupboards

Cupboards hold great attraction for inquisitive puppies. Their curiosity might lead them to all those kitchen and bathroom cupboards that have cleaners and detergents. These generally have high chemical content which are extremely poisonous to dogs, and might also harm their eyes and nose. To keep them from these cupboards, put latches on them. This will keep your dog out of trouble and give you peace of mind.

Keep Them Out of Garages

Garages also have their stock of poisonous chemicals, either meant for cars or for use in the garden. Either keep them out of reach or store them away in lockable cupboards. However, garages still have plenty of tools and equipment that can cause injury to your dogs, or end up creating a huge mess when you are not looking. It is better to protect these areas with gates or fences to create a pet-safe area.

Secure Your Garden

Dogs display surprising agility when it comes to escaping the garden. Even the smallest holes in the fence are not a problem, especially if it is a puppy. Cover up any existing gap with wires or boards. Also make sure that the gates are working properly. Same goes for any gaps in the deck. Once, all that is done, you can let your dog exercise in the garden without worrying about them escaping.

Electric Cords

Cords hold a special interest for dogs. The narrow rope-like look entices them to chew through them. Dogs might mistake them for toys or ropes, and start playing with them. This can be a serious hazard for dogs. Keep the cords behind furniture, or just keep them away from the study with a gate.

Blind Cords

Similarly, blind cords also pose tremendous risk to the pets. The long cords can cause strangulation. There are many ways in which you can secure the blind cords and keep them out of reach of inquisitive pets. Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can secure the blind cords.

Blinds Cord Holder

Chain Tensioners

You can use chain tensioners for cords that run on a loop. These devices can be fixed on the surface right next to the blind, at a distance that keeps the cord straight and tight. This prevents the cords from dangling, or coming within the reach of dogs and tempting them to start tampering with them.


Another popular option is the cleat. If your blind comes with a lot of cords, use cleats to bind the cords all around it. Cleats should ideally be placed at around 1.5 meters from the floor. This will ensure that the cords stay safely out of the reach of most dogs. Try not to place any furniture near the cleat, or your dog might find easy access to the cord.

Window Blind Cord Cleats

Go Cordless

You can avoid the problem of cord altogether with the use of cordless blinds. These blinds can be operated with the help of their bottom rail.

Cordless Crown Cellular Shades are a great option. These lightweight shades, pleated shades would add a unique look to your windows. Available in a variety of colors and opacity options, you will be able to incorporate fantastic insulating properties with noise cancellation and privacy components.

You can also go for Natural Cordless Woven Wood blinds which are great for keeping out the heat and glare of the sun. With these blinds, you can give your house a rich, rustic look, while saving on your energy consumption and bills.

For a metallic look, you can opt for Aluminium One Touch Cordless blinds. These blinds come in attractive prices, complimented by excellent light filtering and insulating features.

Cordless Window Treatments

Think Smart

For optimum pet safety, you can think of Smart Automated blinds. These blinds can be operated by remote controls. You can also connect these blinds with the internet and use your home automation device to control multiple blinds, even from a remote location. So, even when you are not at home, you will be able to take care of your pet. You can keep the room comfortable by closing the blind when the sun shines into the room, or open the blinds to let light in when the weather turns dreary. Smart blinds give you a lot more option for keeping your housemate safe and comfortable.

The above-mentioned tips are just some of the few ways of making your home safe and comfortable for your new canine friend. But as time passes by, you will discover more ways of keeping your beloved dog happy and content, just as your pet would find numerous ways to keep you happy.