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5 Tips When Ordering Made to Measure Cordless Roller Blinds

Made to Measure Cordless Roller Blinds

Roller Shades – A Timeless Classic Beauty

There are some beauties, which despite stiff competition, refuse to be displaced from the hearts of the people and continue to reign over the markets because of their undying popularity. The world of blinds and shades has been a rather volatile one. There are different styles of window treatments making their way into the market, some have been impressive while others have failed to live up to the expectation and gradually faded away. Among the timeless beauties, the gems which have been a runaway success from the time they were introduced, one of them is roller shades. Their style, simplicity and classic beauty account for their success, so much so that there are many who still equate shades with roller shades.

Not just beauty or visual appeal, for these, are short-lived, the real reason why roller shades continue to give stiff competition to other blinds and shades is their effectiveness. They help to block and filter light, protect privacy, provide complete darkness at night and at the same time seamlessly blend with any room décor style. They are truly shades for all seasons and reasons.

Advantages of Roller Shades

Let us run you through some of the features which make a roller shade a perfect choice for your homes.

With so many shades in the market, your choice is often restricted by the price of the shades and your budget. If you are looking for shades that are high on aesthetic appeal, effectiveness and that is also budget-friendly, then you will not come across a better pair of shades than roller shades.

Easy to Maintain
The one thing that influences the decision of homeowners when they are out buying shades is how easy they are to maintain and clean. Anything that is cumbersome and needs too much effort and time is easily discarded as not worth it. It is one solid piece of fabric that stretches completely across your window which means that they generally don’t accumulate dust or dirt. The rest can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.

Light-filtering & Blackout
Roller shades are available in light-filtering and blackout fabrics which makes them perfect for rooms where you trying to diffuse natural light, cut down harmful UV rays and glare and offer complete darkness at night time or daytime when you want to rest your mind and body.

One of the best news is that your favorite shades are now available without cords. This makes them a fantastic choice for home which has toddlers and pets. Corded shades always ran the danger of strangulation for kids and pets.

Perfect Choice for All Rooms
The versatility of roller shades makes them a great choice for all rooms including bedrooms, living rooms, kid’s rooms, etc. If you have zeroed down on roller shades then you need not think about considering different shades for different rooms.
Custom Roller Blinds

Things to Remember When Ordering

When you are ordering customized cordless roller shades for your homes, there are few things to keep in mind.

Choice of Fabric
The fabric you choose for your roller shades makes a huge difference to its functionality. Do you want your roller shades to filter natural light into your rooms and cut down glare or do you want them to ensure complete darkness to your rooms? Or do you want your roller shades to do both? Your cordless roller shades are perfect for providing 100% protection against the light at night and during day time. It is perfect for bedrooms where you need complete darkness for a restful and sound sleep. If you have an office or even at home where you are looking to cut out the glares of the sun that interfere with your work and block out the harmful UV rays, yet diffuse natural light into the house then go for light-filtering fabrics. If you want both, then you have roller shades that come with two fabrics incorporated into a single headrail. They are perfect for all times of the day.
Cordless Roller Blinds
Choice of Color
For any fabric type, you choose there are loads of color choices for you. For blackout fabric, try out some fascinating colors like Hunter Green, Navy, Black, Ash, etc. For light filtering fabric, color choices are more. Silver, Ice Blue, Dove, Charcoal, Moss are some of the popular colors. For dual roller shades, you have to choose colors for both the fabrics and you are spoilt for choice with more than 70 color palettes. Loaded with choice go for one that blends with the color scheme of your rooms.
Dual Roller Shades
Roller shades can be Inside Mount and Outside Mount. Measurement will vary depending upon the mount type. Make sure that you have got the measurements correct for in a made to measure order, there will no exchanges or replacements. Any incorrect measurement will spoil the entire look and functionality of your shades.

Inside mount shades are installed inside the window frame.
• Take measurement of the inside width of the window casing from one edge to the other, at the top, bottom and middle. Make note of the narrowest measurement.
• Take measurement of the height in three places and note down the longest measurement.
• No deductions for clearance need to be taken (this is taken automatically by the manufacturer).
• Note that for inside mounts, there will be a small light gap on the left and right sides of the window.
Outside mount shades are installed outside the window frame and cover a larger area than the actual height and width of the window.
• Take the measurement of the correct width to be covered. The measurement must overlap the window opening by at least 1-2” on either side.
• Measure the height to be covered and including the desired overlap. Consider the height of the headrail or cassette.
• The factory will not make any clearance for outside mounts, unlike inside mounts.

Valance Option
Roller shades come with the option to include a cassette valance. These help to conceal the top of the roller shades and they enhance the look of the shades. The curved face of the cassette valance is made of the same fabric as that of the roller shades. At the time of ordering confirm with the manufacturers whether you want the roller shades to be delivered with the cassette valance or not.

Hem Style
For light-filtering and blackout roller shades, there are 4 hem styles available. They can be plain without any fringe, wave with fringe, round with fringe and scallop with fringe. Choose the hem style that suits your décor and room the best. Specify the style at the time when you are placing the order.

It is important to be aware of all the options and styles available for your shades before you place the order. This is to prevent any kind of miscommunication. Customized roller shades are made specifically for your windows and the product cannot be changed or replaced. It is important to understand the lift options available as well. You may have already opted for the cordless lift but continuous loop by a chain and motorized lift mechanisms are also available.

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