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5 Tips to Follow When Replacing Your Blinds

5 Tips To Follow When Replacing Your Blinds

Opting for quality window treatments ensure the longevity and durability of a product. But getting high-quality sturdy blinds does not mean that they will last forever or they will not face issues.  You need to take care of them in order to enhance the smoothness and functionality of the coverings. When is the last time you have a look at your window dressings? If it’s been a long time, then check for the wear and tear that appears on the blinds due to the lack of proper maintenance. Even you may find some signs like – warped or bent slats, discoloration, blind slats don’t close tightly which allows light and heat to come inside, the blind no longer meets the needs of your space, or is unsafe for your family, and much more. Even if they are well maintained, it is a natural human tendency to become bored with the same look day in and day out and you yearn for a change. You may feel after a few years that the blinds are out of style and if you are giving your rooms a makeover, the shades need to be replaced too. With new shades with improved and enhanced functionality flooding the market, you want to enjoy them as well. Whether you’re interested in swapping for an aesthetically pleasing makeover or want to upgrade your broken window treatments with a new one, make sure they coordinate with your existing décor style. Replacing window blinds might sound tricky and challenging for many homeowners, but if you follow the right tips then the entire process can be convenient and fun as well. In this article, we will explain how to replace blinds and the things you need to follow to get the job done easily and efficiently.

Things to Consider When Replacing Window Blinds

Follow the below step-by-step considerations to replace your window blinds without any problem –

  • Measure Windows Accurately:

This is the first step that you need to consider strictly. Before you replace the old blinds with the new one, it’s essential to measure your windows. Custom window blinds give the windows the right fit while providing protection against sunlight and extreme temperature. Two types of mounting available inside and outside, and depending on the requirements you can choose one.

To measure the windows, take a measuring tape and determine the width of the top, middle, bottom portions of your window. Take the narrowest width of all three measurements to get the perfect fit blind. If you prefer outside mounting, then add one to two inches to the height and width (note this can vary depending on the type of blind you are ordering, so please contact your retailer or manufacturer). Make sure to take the measurements accurately for your new blinds that will cover the windows perfectly, giving you additional benefits.
Measuring Blinds

  • Be Aware of the Types of Blinds in the Market:

We believe that window treatments are a one-time investment. So, invest once and enjoy their benefits lifelong. For this, you need to know what are your requirements, like – whether you want natural light or complete darkness, do you want them to make your interior insulated or not, and the other things.

All the window treatments come in an array of colors, textures, fabrics, and design options. Customize them as per your taste and requirements. Some of the most popular styles of window dressings include cellular blinds, Roman shades, wood blinds, shutters, and roller shades.

Fabrics like room darkening and blackout materials are designed to prevent the direct sunlight while sheer and light filtering shades allow diffused sunlight to come in.

All the shades come in different lift mechanisms for your convenience and ease of use. Both cordless and smart motorized shades ensure the safety of your little ones and you can access the motorized shades using smart devices like remote, smartphone, and tablet.

Check out all the options and bring the suited and stylish one that will accomplish all your desires.
Room Darkening Cellular Shades

  • Remove Old Window Treatments with Care:

Once you receive the new treatment, it’s time to remove the old one. Make sure you remove them without harming the window frame; else it will get difficult to install the new one.

First, remove the valance in order to get the hardware. Detach the brackets from the hardware and other additional screws as well. Once you remove all the things, clean the window and then mount the new blind. Always be gentle while doing this process, or else it will ruin the beauty of the window frame.
How to Remove Horizontal Blinds

  • Replace with New One:

When it comes to mounting the new blind, we always recommend going through the installation guideline first for step by step instructions. Make sure you have all the required tools and hardware before you get started. Replacing with new blinds shouldn’t bother you, so consult with the executives for error-free professional installation.

  • Take Care of New Blinds:

It’s the last yet the important process of replacing window blinds i.e. maintaining window blinds so that they last for long. Clean them on a regular basis to keep the dust and dirt away from the blinds, keeping it new all year round. Replacing blinds entails a lot of investment, effort and time. They cannot be changed frequently. Proper maintenance will ensure the greater shelf life of these blinds.

Follow the above tips while replacing your window blinds. This will ensure your blinds stay for long without any damage. For more doubts, feel free to contact the designer executives!

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