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5 Tips to Ensure Your Roller Blinds are Kids Safe

Kids Safe Roller Blinds

Being a parent, you adopt every necessary measure to ensure that your window blinds remain safe for your kids. But are you aware that the cords placed on the roller blinds and other window shades are one of the biggest hazards to your kids or pets? With ZebraBlinds, you can easily find the solution to ensure that you’ve made kid-safe roller blinds in your home. When you’re purchasing blinds and shades for your home, it demands much more attention than just selecting a window blind based on factors such as size, design, color, and so on. No doubt, many consumers choose corded window blinds for their homes and adopt certain measures to avoid any hazards in their homes. Or the best option to stay safe is investing in a cordless window blind for your home. Cords present on window blinds result in accidental cases with the kids. They can be a strangulation hazard to curious kids when the cords are within reach, or even to your pets who can bite and tug at them. It is crucial to consider the safety-related to corded roller shadings when thinking to build a safe home for your kids or pets.

Below are 5 tips to ensure which can be helpful to ensure that your house is built with kid-safe roller blinds.

A. Properly fixed-in corded windows are a good option
What do we mean by fixed-in window cords? Many blinds will come with a cord tensioner or cord cleat that you can wrap the lift cords around when they are not in use. Or a crucial measure is to get your window blinds installed properly. Especially, the roller shades cords should be installed in a fixed position and the movement of the cord should be limited. This can be the best way to ensure that the cords are not drooping freely. As a result, you can avoid a hazardous situation that would harm your child.

B. Cordless blinds are the best solution
The industry is moving rapidly forward year by year. You can invest in the cordless technology build roller shades. With no cords, you can enjoy a tension-free environment present for your kids or pets inside the home. In the cordless shades, all the functionality is performed depending upon an inserted spring-based system. Simply move the shade up or down by hand by holding on to the weighted bottom bar. In this way, the possibility of an accident or strangulation gets reduced.

Keep a check on the window blinds whether there is any exposed cord which can be hazardous to your kids or pets. Don’t put the blinds with the exposed cords or any corded window treatment in a room that your children have access to. For child safety, it is good to ensure that your blinds are safe for them with a cordless mechanism. The roller blinds have gained immense popularity among the best-selling cordless blinds.
Cordless Roller Shades

Reasons to Get a Cordless Blind

Most often, parents are worried about their children while choosing a window treatment. If so, then you can rely on the kid-safe roller blinds. They have attained the top rank in the most preferred window blind options. With a cordless technology, these blinds have turned out to be the safest window treatment for kids and pets. Reasons to get cordless blinds to include the following:

• Top-down bottom-up feature available for many types of cordless blinds
• Easy shade movement in an upward and downward direction.
• A completely innovative option that comes with an uncluttered design.
• Avoidance of any visible window covering cords.
• The blind operation is completely dependent on the bottom rail.
Kids Safe Roller Shades

What Types of Cordless Window Coverings are There?

There are a few lift options that feature no cords. Here are a few of them that have no cords and thus are kid-safe.

Regular cordless: Normal cordless lifts are simply operable by hand. Using a tension spring in the shade, you can push the shade fabric up or down as needed.

Top-down and bottom-up option: This option is available in pleated shades and cellular shades, allowing you to bring the shade up from the bottom, or down from the top, all by hand and with no cords. This provides a clean look on your window along with added versatility in light control and privacy.

Motorized functionality: With the motorized shade movement, you don’t need to employ any manual labor in opening or closing the shades. You can simply press a button on the remote control to operate the shades wirelessly.

C. Switch to motorized blinds
If you want to secure your home, then the best way is to get the motorized window blinds. Normally, all the operations in motorized blinds are performed with a press and click mechanism which makes it a motorized option. Most often, there is a remote for controlling the functioning of motorized blinds. This feature eliminates the requirement of a cord in the blinds. Among the topmost and safest window blinds features, motorized blinds appear to the best option. Also, tech lovers will enjoy using these blinds. If you want to keep your home updated with the latest technology, then motorized blinds are the best decor option.
Smart Motorized Roller Shades
D. Protection for outdoor window shades
If you have the outdoor window shades, ensure that the lift cord is correctly fixed to the wall. Additionally, the shade itself should be supported and anchored to the window opening with channels or guide cables. This protects the shade and lift cord from swinging in the wind and causing a hazard.

That said, even the guide cable secured to the ground can be dangerous for kids or toddlers, so be aware and be careful.

E. Eco-friendly fabric in the curtain
If you want to decorate your home with the curtains instead of blinds, then don’t worry as it can also do a great job for your windows. Though, the quality of the curtain should be considered. Choose from fabrics that are either Greenguard or Oekotex 100 certified. Now, you might be thinking what these certifications are! Well, these are the testing institutes that keep a check on the quality of the fabric used in the curtains.
These certification firms ensure whether the fabric used in the curtain doesn’t provide any harm to the environment and humans. Some materials have toxic components that can off-gas when subjected to high heat, which is a big no-no when it comes to kid-safe blinds.

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