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What Makes The Perfect Blinds For Doors? 5 Tips Before You Buy

Perfect Blinds For Doors

Doors and windows make the most crucial part of a home as they bring in light and air and make the home livable. Doors are the pathways and help conduct life in the house. They are also an essential part of the house’s décor. The way you dress up your house will reflect your tastes and styles and will determine if your house is inviting and attractive. While the looks of the door dressings are important, it is also important that they do not hinder the life and routine of the household. Keeping this in mind, we shall determine the best door blinds to use in your house.

Types of Door Blinds Available In The Market

Depending upon the orientation of the blind’s slats, blinds can be of two types- horizontal and vertical.

• Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have slats that are vertically oriented. These open and close sideways and make for a great choice when used with large doors and sliding doors as they can clear the opening completely and can move in the same direction as a sliding door. The cons of the vertical blinds are that they can feel very heavy and bulky when the slats are all moved to one side. It can also be very noisy when compared to the other kinds of window dressings as the slats are free-hanging at the bottom.
Vertical Blinds for Doors

• Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal door blinds have their slats oriented horizontally and they move upwards and downwards to open and close. These work best when used indoors that are smaller in size and do not see much foot traffic.
Based on the mechanism of operation, blinds for doors can be divided into cord operated, cordless and motorized. The motorized door blinds can be controlled with a switch or a remote. Cord operated door blinds cost much lesser than cordless blinds and have the simple mechanism of use as an advantage. Cordless blind may be more expensive but are much safer if you have children and pets at home.
Horizotal Door Shades

Depending On The Materials Used In Blinds

Materials used to make the door blinds are an important factor that helps in deciding the kind of dressing that you would use for your door.

• Wood

When you use door blinds made out of wood, you can be sure that they will bring a lot of warmth and liveliness into the room. They come in many colors and hues. The only thing to keep in mind is that they can’t be used in rooms that have humidity or a lot of sunlight. This is because humidity and sunlight can cause the wooden blinds may split, fade, warp and break.
Wooden Vertical Blinds for Doors

• Faux Wood

Faux wood is an excellent choice when you want all the benefits of a wooden door blind and none of its disadvantages. It does not get affected by sunlight or humidity. Faux wood also costs much less than the wood door blinds.

• Plastic

If you are looking for an endless array of patterns, textures and colors to choose from, plastic blinds may the way to go. They might not be as attractive as the other choices available in the market, but they are probably the most economical blinds out there.

• Metal

Metal door blinds are very similar to the plastic door blinds in their looks and are just as durable and affordable. A very popular and economical option for homeowners.

• Natural Fabric

Most vertical door blinds are made up of natural fabric. This can give the blinds the elegant feel of curtains without becoming bulky. One disadvantage of natural fabric is that it can get stains that can be difficult to remove based on the kind of fabric used.
Natural Fabric Vertical Blinds for Doors

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Door Blinds For Your House

If you are out to look for the best door blinds for your home, you will probably be already aware of the difficulties that come with it. Here are some tips that will help you buy the perfect door blinds for your home.

• Choose according to the type of your door.
Both horizontal and vertical door blinds are great to be used as a door dressing. If you have doors that slide to open, you may be better with vertical blinds as they follow the movements of the door. If you have any other kind of doors, the horizontal blinds may be the best choice. Use heavier fabrics for your doors as when open, they may be subject to a lot of breezes. The weight of the blind will make sure that they stay in place. If you still want to go for the lighter kinds you may want to get something that comes with brackets that hold the blinds securely.

• Consider the looks too
Blinds do perform a very important function in providing privacy and light filtering. But they also must look good. This is especially true when the door blinds are to be used in high visibility areas like the front doors, patio doors and doors that face the road or your neighbor’s property. It is also important to keep in mind that the blinds that you will be purchasing now are supposed to last you for years. So, make sure that you buy something that is good to look at and are pleasing to you.

• Think about the room that they are situated in.
When purchasing blinds for your door, you will also need to think about the room’s temperature, humidity and air quality. Some blinds can become hard to clean and maintain under high humidity and sunlight. Materials like wood, bamboo and matchstick blinds are also prone to mould when the moisture in the air is high. So, these materials should not be used in areas like the kitchen, the bathroom and the areas that are exposed to elements.

• Think about safety
Safety first should be your motto when you are out looking for door blinds. While any kind of blinds is generally safer, the scenario changes when you have pets or children living with you. Blinds that operate with cords can be a potential strangulation hazard. Make sure that the blinds you get are made using nontoxic substances and are of high quality. If you do get blinds that operate with blinds, make sure that the cords are kept out of reach at all times.

• Get yourself a professional
When in doubt, do not hesitate and get yourself a professional. There are many things that you need to check off of your checklist when you are considering a certain door blind for purchase. It can get overwhelming at times and that is when an expert’s advice comes handy.

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