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5 Tips on Selecting the Right Drapery Hardware for Your Décor

Decorating a house and turning it into a home is a hard and overwhelming job. Choosing the colors, the textures, themes and styles that you will live with for a long time can be a challenging task. This is especially true if you are installing something permanent into your home. You would want to choose well so that they blend with your existing décor and do not stick out like a sore thumb. You need to choose well and correctly to prevent additional expenses and wastages. Drapery hardware or curtain rods may seem like a thing that does not need much thought put into it while decorating. In reality, curtain rods make a subtle but important statement in your room. A good drapery hardware selection may go unnoticed, great drapery hardware can turn heads but if you pick the wrong ones, it will only serve as a jarring attention grabber amidst all your great décor items. Read on to learn more about the things you must keep in mind when you select drapery hardware.

How to Select the Correct Size of the Drapery Rod

Width of the drapery rod
Select drapery hardware that is at least 1 inch in diameter. Curtain rods that are any thinner tends to look cheap. If you have heavy material for the drapes, a thinner curtain rod may bow due to the weight too. This can be unsightly and render the curtains dysfunctional. Make sure to get a curtain rod that is of the right thickness for better aesthetics and support.
Length of the drapery rod
Make sure that the curtain rod is 3 to 6 inches longer than the window frame. When you measure for the curtain rod’s length, you must add 3 to 6 inches to the number you have. The extra length will allow the window to look larger than it really is. When you open the windows fully, the curtain will lie against the walls and not on the window blocking the light that is streaming in.
Support brackets
Ideally, your curtain rods must have support brackets placed at least every 50 inches. This allows for proper rod support especially if you have heavy drapes. A rod that is too long without enough support brackets may fail at supporting your heavy curtains. While fixing the brackets, you must make sure that they are placed at locations that do not inhibit proper closure or opening of the windows or the curtains. You must also be able to hang, remove, open and close the curtains freely.

Choosing the Right Color When You Select Drapery Hardware

Dark tones
Look at your furniture and choose the dark tones in them for inspiration. Go for the rod that has the color of the darkest furniture in the room. This will bind the whole space together and create an amazing contrast. Keep in mind that if you choose wooden rods for your windows to bring a brownish hue, you will have to keep turning the rod to prevent bowing and damage. It is best if you choose a metal rod that is painted with the hue of your choice.

Match the rod to the drapes
When out to select drapery hardware, most people look for something that matches the drapes. If your drapes are to be the star of the room, you may want to choose a rod that has been painted with one of the colors featured in your drapes.

Make your drapery rods disappear
If you do not want the drapery rod to steal any attention from your curtains, you may want to choose a color that is the same as your walls. This will make the curtain rods to blend into the walls and figuratively disappear.

Drapery hardware that matches other hardware in the room
Take your doorknobs, fixtures, light switches and other hardware in your home into consideration. You might have followed a theme that binds all these hardware. If so, follow the theme and choose a similar color, texture and finish for your curtain hardware too.

Finials are the knobs that mark the end of the curtain ends. These are often decorative and an important design element that adds to the whole appearance of the room.

Choose the finial as per the formality of the room
There are many kinds of finials that you can choose from. Do not choose a crystal finial for a sun porch and choose one made out of wicker for a living room. If you are shopping for a finial for your children’s room, choose finials that are whimsical like animals, globes and baseballs. It is a great idea to take a picture of your room and then take it with you when you go shopping got finials. This way you will have a better idea if the filial you choose will suit your room.

Choosing the material of the finial.
Finials come in a wide variety of materials like wood, metal, resin and glass. You can choose the best finial by matching it to another prominent piece in your room. If you have a large glass dining table in your dining room, you may choose a glass finial to make the décor pop.

Finial motif
You will find many motifs in finials when you go into the market looking for curtain hardware.  If you wish to have motifs finials, you may pick one that matches a pattern already present in the upholstery, wallpaper or the curtain. If you have flowers on our wallpaper, you may choose to go with a fleur-de-lis finial to make the floral pattern the center of attention. If you are looking to redecorate in the future, you easily replace the finial with something that matches your taste at that point of time without having to change the complete drapery hardware.

Drapery hardware does a lot for your drapes or curtains and rooms than could have ever imagined. Try experimenting with mismatched drapery hardware and you can see the impact it has on the room. They can ruin the look of the entire room, a look that you have strived hard to create. So before you venture out, study the different hardware available and the look that will do justice to your existing décor. Choose well and you will be well rewarded.

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