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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Outdoor Blinds for Your Porch

Outdoor Blinds for Porch

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Outdoor Blinds for Porch

With the winter long over, it’s time to connect with the outdoors. Greenery, sunlight, and the amazing company of living things around you make it the ideal haven for you and your family. A cup of tea, reading the newspaper, or just enjoying some “me” time to relax and spend quality time with yourself.

And if you are lucky enough to have a porch, then it’s the right time to revamp your space for privacy from those prying eyes. If the sun is too hot, or if your neighbors seem close enough to lean over the porch rail and swipe a burger off the grill, outdoor blinds for porch might just do the trick.

Creating privacy outdoors doesn’t mean you need to build walls between you and your neighbors. Make your porch feel like your own private oasis with our vast range of blind offerings. They are a good investment and budget-friendly treatments if you are looking to enjoy the summers this season from the luxury of your home.

Outdoor Window Shades

Similar to the indoor window or door drapes, these blinds are hung around porches to keep it cool and provide the comfort of an extended living room window covering. These blinds are made of a much more durable material in order to withstand nature’s forces. They can be operated manually or can be motorized. We recommend that you keep these 3 things in mind before picking up the right blinds:

• Deciding on the actual usage of the porch would help a great deal. If you want it to be a private space, protect it from elements like direct UV rays, rain or wind. Or if you would like to use it as a space for entertaining friends and family, you may have different considerations. This will help a great deal in choosing the right outdoor blinds for your porch.

• There is a huge difference in the quality of materials used in outdoor blinds for porch. These are products that will face harsh climatic conditions and all that nature can throw at them, so paying to have high-quality waterproof blinds installed now will save you time and money in the long run. No one ever regretted quality, and in the case of outdoor blinds, that couldn’t be more true. Making a good choice comes with the benefit of choosing right.

• Don’t be careless with the installation. If you want your outdoor blinds for porch to be installed correctly, in a way that will look good and continue to look good for a long time, make sure you get the right professional advice on the job. Quality workmanship during the installation is vital and will extend the longevity of your product.

Personalizing the look of your home can be fun and entertaining. Co-ordinating the decor of a room is a very artistic and mindful way of keeping up with the latest trends. Designers worldwide keep inventing new tricks on changing the look of your living space. And if you are looking for ways to extend your living room outdoors to your porch then here are 5 tips on how to go about choosing the right outdoor blinds for your porch.

Measuring Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Get a tailored look with glass door covering ideas.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass gives a dapper edge to outdoor blinds for porch, complementing the wood tones and tailored look in a way that draperies or bulkier fabric treatments might have compromised. Frosted glass doors are seen on the exteriors of more modern-style homes keeping in trend with today’s times.

Plain glass

Plain glass is an ideal option when you do not want to completely cover the view from your room to your porch. These glass door coverings are mainly opted to ensure your draperies match successfully with these doors. Best suited for homes where little children who are playing in the exteriors of the home need to be kept an eye on. So subtle are these plain glasses that you could simply walk into them if you do not remember their existence. Well suited to go with any kind of decor and in fashion at all given times.

Smooth yet functional sliding door blinds ideas that are always in trend.

Sliding doors are an aesthetically pleasing way to bring lots of natural light into a room. They are a highly efficient way to gain access to an outdoor area. Yet, as wonderful as sliding glass doors are, finding sliding door blinds that don’t detract from their usefulness can be quite a challenge. After all, what good are sliding door blinds if they limit the amount of sunlight that gets into your room or makes it difficult to actually use the door?

Sliding Door Blinds come in a wide variety of patterns, styles, and colors. If you are going to choose something to suit your room, then neutral shades work the best. But if you want to accentuate your room, then picking up colors that stand out will do the trick. Either way, the options are huge at ZebraBlinds.

Vertical blinds or shades are the most popular choice because they offer total control of the light allowed into the room and can easily fit into your budget. They are easy to install and maintain and are perfect for porches.

Control the sunlight filtering through your porch with our heat-blocking window shades.

Keeping you and your family’s health in mind, we provide the best heat-blocking window shades that come in various styles and patterns.

Faux Wood Blinds lends the same aesthetic and warm appeal of real wood and are infinitely durable, resistant to dust and moisture.

Natural Blinds collection in natural materials, textures, and colors that strike a balance between your indoors and nature make you want to go completely green this summer.

Cellular honeycomb shades protect you from sun, heat, exterior sound, cold, dust, and UV rays.

You want your shades to work 24/7? Our Day-Night honeycomb cellular shades do just that. They block out more light coming inside your room and during the day provide you the protection from nature’s elements making them the perfect heat-blocking window shades.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Modern porch solutions that add elegance to your porch.

A tropical view in the background demands a treatment that will do its job controlling glare but that will not obscure the view of swaying palms. While sheer shades or drapery may not be the best selection when privacy is needed, they are great at blocking out light and preserving the view from your living room. Along with hassle-free handling and maintenance, sheers come in trendy and vibrant colors. Customizing sheers to suit your porch is as easy as listening to your favorite song.

Convert your porch into a sanctuary with our outdoor blinds treatments.

Brands offer a variety of treatment ideas for outdoor porch coverings. Graber and Crown are premium brands that offer the widest range of outdoor blinds for your porch that not only are heat blocking shades but are the best in all aspects. So before you make a choice, visit our nearest dealer and let our experts take over and guide you with the right outdoor blinds treatments.

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