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5 Tips For Using Decor Above Sliding Glass Doors

Decor Above Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors have over the years become a much-sought-after trendy feature in home décor. It is basically because they have huge benefits to offer such as maximizing natural light and fresh air inside. Simultaneously, due to multiple exciting ideas of décor above sliding glass doors, they have gained increasing customer attention in terms of interior decoration. Generally, the space above sliding glass doors easily gets ignored while doing interiors of the entire room, and we often concentrate more on other walls or assets. But you just need a little thought and imagination to transform your sliding door into a stunning display. The proper utilization of the top of the sliding doors brings a nice balance to the overall space around the room. While décor above sliding glass doors helps in adding flair to the doors by giving them a cheerful appearance, it further adds glamour to the entire interior space, and can even add a useful area like a decorative shelf above your doors. A sense of aesthetics always plays a crucial role in the formation of a pleasing environment in your room, it makes you think twice before you make up your mind for choosing the items to decorate the space above sliding glass doors.  Many a time, it can be puzzling when you are exploring various décor ideas.  Here are some useful tips for decorating this space to give your home an entirely new, innovative, structurally sound and adorned makeover that may also help you organize and declutter your living space and provides a fine, furnished look to the wall space:

Curtain, Blinds, and Shades

Curtain panels can be hanged above sliding glass doors to dress the area in a creatively decorative way but you need to also use tiebacks to clinch curtains aside to facilitate the ease to access the doors. You should keep it in mind that the usefulness of the sliding glass door inside the room should not be hindered by the curtain. Curtains hung should be open with ease to keep the door usable. Choose the opaque curtain or a pair of sheer panels so that they filter the light coming in as well as provide privacy to the living area.

Curtain for Sliding Glass Door

Sliding doors commonly take over the entire wall space, as a result of which we have a limited area available for artwork and color. The selection of color and pattern is tricky but simplicity is often the best choice. One should opt for bold and stripe light color curtains as these reclaim the lost beauty with relaxing vibes.

As for blinds, you can go for vertical window blinds, which are lightweight, sturdy, and provide smooth stacking while opening or closing the door. Vertical blinds are perfect for light filtering and easy passage through the door. To impart a desirable ambiance to your living area, you can choose from a wide range such as vinyl, wood, and fabric including diverse colored palette.

Vertical Blinds

If you prefer shades, vertical cellular shades are the best as they have good insulating properties. In addition to this, they are easy to operate and give a greater degree of privacy. With vertical shades, you can adjust your light penetration by choosing the fabric material and color. Sheer fabrics are good for retaining the outdoor view and partial light filtering capability to feel the warmth inside your dwellings. These are easy to adjust to having them stack anywhere along the track.

Sliding Panel Tracks and Plantation Shutters

Panel tracks are considered as another way out to give the sliding glass doors a sleek and minimal look. These tracks comprise of flat fabric panels which open or cover the door according to your requirement. They are a wonderful alternative to provide different styles and décor to your room. One can decide the best way of personalization like in which direction you want panels to open or close from right to left, left to right or center splitting.

Graber plantation shutters make your sliding doors more beautiful by providing style and amazing customization. These shutters dress your sliding doors in a classy way with a hinged open swing and shutter. They are popular because of the limiting light effect coming inside your living space.

Plantation Shutters

Antiques and Sculptures

Besides beautifying the space above sliding glass doors, the antiques hung above the doors add additional height to the window or doorway.

While zeroing on any particular idea for décor above sliding glass doors, elegant pieces of sculpture impart a unique touch of magnificence to your room.  Such monuments of timeless beauty above sliding glass doors also help artfully define your home interiors.

A Gallery of Mirrors

Multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes in the arrangement of a gallery serve as a wonderful feature above sliding glass doors as they help the room look a bit brighter and larger.

Decorative Shelves and Paintings

Many types of decorative shelves can be used to make decorative vignette as part of utilizing the space above sliding glass doors. These decorative shelves can be used to display books, photos or other decor items. A good painting above sliding glass doors brings distinctive charm to your home interiors.

Summing Up

Apart from the above-mentioned ideas about décor above sliding glass doors, it further depends on your imagination, creativity, and inclination to decide many more innovative ways to decorate the space above sliding glass doors. You can come out with a wide variety of decor ideas making use of different types of easily available objects like books, photographs, or any other item to decorate the space above sliding glass doors with the aim to give this easily ignored area a much-needed makeover.

But while you explore the best way to make your house look stunning and noticeable in every aspect, any irregularity on the functionality side can make you experience discomfort in operating the doors. So, you should pay attention to little things like the direction of the sliding glass doors and the symmetrical functional arrangement of blinds, shutters, etc.

As the door is an integral feature of any living space capable of providing the desired degree of light control and privacy in an efficient manner, make sure whatever you choose –blinds, curtains, shutters, or shades — it should be durable, easy to operate and install. Besides all this, provide your windows with the best-suited color and texture in coordinate with the existing sliding door so that your living space appear more spacious and neat after the makeover.

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