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5 Things You Should Think About Before You Change Your Blinds

5 Things You Should Think About Before You Change Your Blinds

Changing Window Blinds

Blinds like most other things in the house may need replacement after a span of time. They are subject to continuous wear and tear. They are exposed to various elements of nature like heat, frost as well as moisture. No matter how well they are maintained and cleaned, all blinds have a shelf life and after a while they will start to show signs of decay. They may lose their shine and beauty, they may start malfunctioning and their repair and maintenance could become burdensome. It also happens that you may have given your home a decor makeover and the old blinds are a misfit and fail to blend with the new style. You may also opt for an upgrade. Blinds nowadays boast of a plethora of functionalities that your old blinds may lack. Modern blinds come with several insulating and light filtering features as well as motorized control for easy and hassle-free operation. If a toddler or a pet is a new addition to your house then you may consider changing the blinds for enhanced safety and security.

Things to Consider Before Changing Your Blinds

It is preferable under these circumstances to give your windows a makeover and a fresh new pair of blinds. We however recommend that you do a thorough study of the options available and take note of a number of considerations that can impact your choice.

Do You Have A Desired Level of Light?
How well do your existing blinds control the amount of light entering your space and what is your desired level of light in the room? Do you desire more light in the room, do you want soft diffused toned downlight, mild light blockage or complete blackout? If you are looking to change blinds in your bedroom you may want to opt for better light blockage and hence opt for blackout shades. If you want a blind replacement in the living space you may want to simply cut out the harmful UV rays and the harsh glares of the sun and allow soft gentle natural light to fill your space. The level of light you want will have a major bearing on the type of blind you will want to choose.
Motorized Blackout Window Blinds
Are Your Energy Bills Sky Rocketing?
Are your energy bills hitting the roof? Are you spending a considerable amount of money on electricity bills every month? This could be due to the overuse of your cooling or heating systems. This generally happens if your home is not well insulated or sun protected. During winter when the outside temperature falls below a freezing point you want your home to warm and cozy. Your heaters are working non-stop but there can be heat loss through the windows if they are not well insulated. Similarly, during the summer months, your air conditioners try to keep your interiors cool and pleasant. If your windows are not sun-protected, the radiant heat of the sun will cause heat inflow into the house allowing energy bills to soar. So depending upon your need for insulation or sun protection, opt for the best blind in the market. Cellular honeycomb blinds are the most energy-efficient blinds in the market while Solar Blinds help to transform your home into sun-protected sanctuaries while preserving your view.
Crown Ultimate Light Filtering Cellular Shades
What Type of Blind Material Are You Using?
Your bathroom and kitchen blinds have been wearing off prematurely for quite some time and you need to get the changed once again. Every room has different demands which require different types of materials for window treatment solution. Bathrooms and kitchens for example are high on humidity and experience excessive moisture and heat throughout the day. Materials like fabric and wood are ill-suited for these humid areas as they share a poor relation with water. Fabric and wood warp and peel easily when exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. Aluminum, faux wood and PVC on the other hand are known for their moisture-resistant qualities and make a great choice of blinds for bathrooms and kitchens. So if you are getting the blinds of your bathroom and kitchen changed, opt for any of these long-lasting and durable materials.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen Windows
What is your Decor Style?
You may have given your rooms a complete makeover the changed the decor style. The old traditional style of decor may have been replaced by a minimalist one. Different window treatments are suited to different decor styles. For example, the gorgeous, folded or ballooned or scalloped shaped Roman shades may have been a seamless fit for your traditional decor but are a complete misfit for the contemporary and minimalist decor which likes every understated and muted. Roller blinds are a fantastic choice of window treatment for minimalist decor as they are sleek, elegant and streamlined. Choosing the right blind for your chosen decor style can have a considerable impact on the aesthetics of the house.
Roman Shades for Square Bay Windows
What is the Operational Mechanism?
Corded blinds have so long ruled the market and have been existent for as long as one can remember. The biggest disadvantage of corded blinds is the cords that dangerously dangle along the side of the windows. If you have a toddler or pet in the house, this can pose a threat as there have been innumerable cases of strangulation, often with fatal consequences. So when changing the blinds you can consider cordless control, or better still, motorized control. Motorized blinds can be operated from any part of the house with the help of a remote and by integrating them into the Smart Home system you can even operate them from your Smart Phones. These shades can be pre-programmed to raise and lower by themselves at different times of the day.

So if you are considering changing your blinds, do not be lured by attractive deals or beauty alone. Your house demands special attention and only you can address them by choosing blinds judiciously and wisely.

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