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5 Things You Should Avoid In Hard To Reach Window Blinds

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Considerations for Hard To Reach Window Blinds

Maybe you are dealing with some hard to reach windows and you might be dropping the plan of installing coverings for those windows as they are difficult to mount, operate, or maintain. There are many homeowners who pull down their shades during the summer months and only open them during the winter months, while some are tired of stepping into the ladder in order to operate or clean them on a regular basis. And in the end, they start looking for some other alternatives to protect the interior from outside hazards. Hard to reach windows create a decorating dilemma. But we believe that there is no better way to treat these windows rather than blinds and shades. They not only add excellent functionality, but their elegant look transforms the overall aesthetics in a sophisticated way. From blocking sunlight to offering privacy, they play a crucial role in your place. Proper customization and installation will enrich the look of your windows in a magnificent way.

Though these architectural frameworks make it difficult to treat them, once you get the right one, you will definitely adore them. There are plenty of choices available in the market to choose from. And picking up the one can do wonders for your space. The type of window treatment that you select for your high-end windows can instantly change the look and atmosphere of a space. Selecting one solution may sound simple and interesting but you need to be very careful while getting them. And there are few things you need to avoid so that you can use them with complete ease and joy.

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Top 5 Things to Avoid When Getting Hard To Reach Blinds

  • Don’t Opt for Low-Quality Materials:

We all know that you get what you pay for and the same applies to the window fashion industry as well. Window designs do a wonderful job to transform the overall appearance and feel of your home. So, don’t compromise with the product style or quality. Make sure the one you choose is made of superior quality and material and sturdy enough to withstand heat, sunlight, and everyday wear. Hard to reach window coverings are a one-time investment, so invest in the best one that will last for long without any damage.

  • Easily Cleanable:

Cleaning window blinds on a daily basis will keep them looking new and shiny while enhancing the functional aspects. But many people avoid maintaining blinds on hard to reach windows because of their high position. So choose a blind that requires minimal care and maintenance such as solar blinds, vertical blinds, or horizontal blinds. Don’t opt for those treatments that have more crisps or folds as accumulating more dust or dirt will make them look unattractive and ruin their functionality.

  • Avoid Heavy Weight Blinds:

It’s always suggested to choose lightweight yet durable window blinds for high windows as it becomes easy to operate them regularly without any tension of falling down. And lightweight blinds also make the windows look clean and aesthetically pleasing too.

  • Say No To Corded Window Blinds:

Usually, window blinds come in standard cord control or pull chains to raise and lower them. But these cords are not only dangerous for your family members but pulling them up/down is an overwhelming task for hard to reach windows. So avoid choosing corded blinds when it comes to hard to reach blinds. Opt for a motorized window covering that lets you raise or lower it with remote control, Smartphone, tablet, or a wall-mounted switch. The integration of modern technology permits you to access them using voice commands as well. Depending on your needs or outside climate conditions, you can efficiently open or close the blinds without too much effort.

  • Don’t Just Pick Anything:

While choosing blinds for your hard to reach windows, make sure they match your interior type. Avoid choosing any blind or shade that will ruin the indoor aesthetics completely. Decorating these windows with the right designs can turn these windows into the focal point of your space. There are a variety of options, but not all of them are going to be the right choice for this type of window. For example, if your home’s style is contemporary and you mount some traditional window coverings, then at the end you may end up with a boring and oddly looking window. So, know your requirements and then customize the shades from vibrant colors and pattern choices. No matter what you select, it should fit the windows properly, match the surroundings, and highlight the windows amazingly.


When it comes to hard to reach window blinds, the right one always works efficiently and avoids the frustration of using ladders to access them. Considering the above key factors will help you to choose a permanent solution. Consult a window covering specialist if you are not sure what will work best for you!