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5 Things You Need to Do to Get Ready for Spring!

A woman prepping for spring.

Spring has arrived, which means longer days and the ability to enjoy the outdoors. It’s time to clean the house and get rid of the things that aren’t necessary. As the weather warms up and you return to outdoor living, you’ll find that there’s more to do around the house other than just spring cleaning.

We’ve compiled a list of things that are absolutely essential to refreshing your home after a long, dark, and cold winter.

  1. Repair any Cracks and Holes

Cracks in your foundation, walkways, and patio that may have formed during the winter months, and they are a place for water to enter and cause damage. Fill these as soon as possible to prevent any further growth to them, especially with spring rain on the way. Also, ensure that your patio and walkways slope away from your house so that water does not pool near your foundation. The cold and snow sometimes cause your patio to shift if the foundation isn’t set very deep.

  1. Window Caulking and Repairs

Gaps between your windows, like cracks, can let water in. Remove any old and damaged caulking and replace it. Inspect any wood trim or sills for signs of decay and repair or replace as necessary. As an added bonus, this will help your energy bills lower as you have helped to re-insulate your house.

  1. Examine your Air Conditioner, Outdoor Faucets, and Lighting

Have the air conditioning unit inspected by a professional before turning it on for the season. This is not only a good safety precaution, but it may also help the unit last longer. It’s a good idea to inspect your outdoor faucets, receptacles, and lighting for damage. If you have a gas grill that you haven’t used in the cold months, you should have it inspected as well.

  1. Cleaning Windows

The cold and snow can really do a number on your windows. Cleaning windows will help keep them fresh, allowing you to maximize your views and the amount of sunlight that can enter your home. Cleaning also allows you to inspect the glass and the window installation. Any cracks and damage will need to be repaired, or will necessitate a full replacement.

  1. Replacement of Window Treatments

Along with cleaning, spring gives you an opportunity to refresh your home decor. After removing all the dust and grime brought by winter, you can clearly see the look of your house with its current window decor. If your current treatments just don’t “pop” for you, this time of year is really the best time to bring a new look, and we would like to suggest some for you.

Why Do Window Treatments Matter More Than You Think?

Windows are the portal between the great outdoors and the inside of your home. You want to give yourself the ability to see outside, but you also prioritize your privacy and your ability to filter out unwanted light. Also, you want to find decor that will be visually appealing, and here are some options that we believe to stand out the most.

Natural Shades

Nothing brings the feeling of fresh flowers and new life like spring. With that in mind, you can closely imitate that feeling of life and nature by bringing home a set of natural shades. As their name suggests, they are made from earth-bound materials like wood, jute, and bamboo reed.

Natural shades avoid using synthetic materials, and their manufacturing methods adheres to an environmentally friendly process. They come in woven woods, and they are styled in roman shades, meaning that they fold in large pleats, creating a unique look unlike cellular or roller shades.

Woven wood shades come in light filtering fabrics, allowing you to receive plenty of natural light during the day. They also come with blackout and privacy liners if those become a concern for you. But in the meantime, natural shades really allow you to bask in the extra sunlight and warmth that spring brings.

Woven wood shades in a living room.

Wooden Blinds

Like natural shades, wood blinds are made from natural hardwood. Unlike natural shades, wooden blinds come in slats that can be raised, lowered, and tilted, which gives you different levels of light control. Like natural shades, wooden blinds help to bring the feeling of nature into the home, giving you that feeling of spring inside.

Interior designers rave about how wooden blinds look in a modern home. You may think that they are old fashioned, and in a sense they are, but old fashions have a great ability to bounce back. Bringing an old school look into your home will help to balance out all the modern features of today’s houses and create a wonderful new design for you.

Faux Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds are a wonderful way to bring a natural look to your home. However, they can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. Faux wood blinds are a great solution to this. They are made from PVC, but are created to look like wood blinds. 

Faux wood blinds also come with some other advantages. They are easier to clean, as they don’t need a full deep cleaning, and they are heat and moisture resistant, so you can use them in places like the bathroom and kitchen. So if budget is a concern and you want to bring that natural look to your home this spring, faux wood blinds make for a great alternative.

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