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5 Things You Can’t-Miss When Childproofing Your Home

A mother and her child.

As a parent, you know that your infant or toddler is curious by nature and is often prone to getting themselves into troublesome situations. Try as you might, you simply cannot watch them every single minute of the day, it’s just not humanly possible. So the best thing to do is to child-proof your home and keep your child out of dangerous situations.

Keep your House Decluttered

Toys, clothes, books, all of these various items pose a hazard not only to your child but to you and other adults as well. They become especially dangerous if they are left unattended on the floor, they become a slipping or tripping hazard to anyone who may not see them right away. Furthermore, if you have unattended items like food or candy wraps on the floor, they become a serious choking hazard for young infants who like to put all sorts of things in their mouths.

Have cabinets and drawers designated for all of your children’s belongings. That way you have a place for all of these items. Eventually, you can begin teaching your child to help put away these items as they get older. By having these things in place, you can prevent falls and slips for the occupants of the house, making it safer for everyone.

Keep Dangerous Rooms Secure

The bathroom, the kitchen and the stairs are all no-nos for young children. The hazards here are too many and a child alone in these places can lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, it is best to just keep your baby or toddler safe away from them at all times.

You can have locks on the doors to these places or if there are no doors, you can get a pet or baby gate. That way, even if they manage to slip from your sight, you can rest assured that they cannot get themselves into trouble by wandering into these hazardous rooms.

Use Smart Technology to Monitor 

Smart homes allow you to control and monitor many aspects of your home. You can have cameras set up to help keep an eye on your child. For example, you can have a camera set up in the nursery and keep an eye on your child as they sleep. This will allow you to be able to handle other things like cooking and cleaning, or even taking some time for yourself.

Smart technology also extends to other items like lights, thermostats and smart blinds. By allowing you to control so many aspects of your home with your phone or smart speakers, you free up a lot of time to do so many things you normally would not be able to do while keeping an eye on your child. Furthermore, they allow you to take some leisure time, which as a parent is extremely important for your own mental and physical health.

Cordless cellular shades.

Use Child Proof Blinds

Child safe blinds are a group of window treatments that do away with loose dangling lift cords that pose a hazard to your wandering infant or toddler. As you know, children are very curious by nature and as they come across a window blind that has a low hanging lift cord, they become inclined to to pull, hang, and even climb it. Not only does this risk the window treatment falling on them if not secured properly, but is also a choking hazard as the cords can get wrapped around their neck.

Blinds and shades are also integratable with smart technology. By having a motor and a smartphone operate them, you not only have the worry of the cords removed from you, but you also gain the convenience of operating them without having to do so in person. For example, if you have these in place in the nursery, you can have them set to close during nighttime, darkening the room and giving your child an optimal place to sleep.

Team Effort

Child safety is not a one-man or one-woman job. It is the responsibility of all the adults and older kids to help keep an eye on the budding adventurers. By sharing the responsibility with everyone, it will not fall to only you to make sure that your infant or toddler is out of harm’s way. That way, you won’t have to stress over your child for 24 hours of the day every day. You can take turns and give relief to each other.

Parenting is a wonderful experience and your children will only be young for a short period of time. It is important to cherish the moments you have with your infant and toddler because very soon they will be school-aged and won’t always be around. But keeping them safe is as important as enjoying your time with them. So keep these 5 steps in mind as you childproof your home and keep your child and everyone else safe.

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