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5 Things You Should Know About Plantation Shutters Before Buying

5 Things You Should Know About Plantation Shutters Before Buying

Plantation Shutters: A Journey Through Time

Before diving into the things you need to know before buying such shutters, let’s make a pitstop at the history of these shutters. In 3000 B.C, the Greeks did not use glass to keep bugs at bay as the glass was not invented then. They used interior shutters made out of marble instead. These shutters worked like magic to control the amount of sunlight, gain protection for their homes and privacy for their intimate spaces.
They were similar in design to the plantation blinds of modern times, which were durable and dependable. But the catch was that unlike regular shutters of today, ancient Greek shutters had unmovable louvers. Currently designed shutters have louvers that move, and it is this beautiful function that enables homeowners to decide how much light can enter their homes.
Moving along, during the 18th and 19th century, architects in America adopted the Greek design to design their window coverings. As a result, this ancient type of window shutter found its journey into public domains like banks, commercial spaces, and government areas and plantation buildings. Like the Greeks, owners of plantations used shutters for ventilation, privacy, light control, and home security.

What You Need to Know Before Buying These Shutters

Easy Customization– Shutters are the easiest of the lot to customize so that they can work well with your interiors. No matter the style and color of shutters, they can match any home.
Permanent fixtures– These shutters are permanent fixtures in your home. Choose carefully before buying.
Limited options– Draperies and shades have more fabric and color options to choose, unlike these shutters. So, one has to think long and hard before selecting.
Expensive – These shutters, as compared to other window coverings, are reliable and durable. As a result, they are high in costs but are worth it.
Maintenance process– Even though they are durable, they need regular upkeep. However, when compared to draperies, they are the better choice in maintenance — especially those with fabric allergies. For example, individual synthetic fibers present inside polyester-based fabrics can cause a polyester allergy. So, it is advisable to install wooden shutters.
Plantation Shutters

Why Should You Choose These Window Shutters?

Easy to operate and classic to look at, plantation window shadings are a versatile type of window covering. They function very well in moist, humid environments like your kitchen areas and bathrooms. Unlike their traditional counterparts, these kinds of shutters have bigger louvers that help in incoming light to enter your interiors. There are quite a few kinds of window shadings that offer this kind of light control flexibility. Sure, you might have harbored the thought that these shutters could look outdated. But one thing is sure you cannot ignore how useful and beneficial they are.

Benefits of Plantation Blinds

• They last longer than other window treatments
• They help in improving ventilation
• The help with controlling light
• They can be cleaned easily
• They provide insulating features

Strong, bold, and elegant, they are a perfect addition to any home. Due to their ability to insulate your entire home, they help reduce your energy bills. In southern and western parts of the country, where the climate is warmer, these window dressings are very popular.

There used to be a time when most plantation homes had shutters, and they were a big thing. However, nowadays, you will find them in any house in the country. The challenge lies in matching your whole home décor with these types of window dressings. They come in three different materials, namely wood, vinyl, and composite.
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Types of Window Shutters

Wooden shutters: These types of shutters have an excellent reputation for being durable that is if stained well. When painted, they can be easily customized to match your exterior décor. For interior shutters, basswood is a right choice whereas for exterior spaces; it is wise to go for pine, cedar and mahogany shutters.
Vinyl shutters: Due to their inherent construction, these shutters have the benefit of being inexpensive and light. Because of their thin design, they do not offer as much protection or insulation.
Composite shutters: The great thing about using these shutters is that they function better than traditional wood. They may look like real wood, but they are not entirely wooden, which is why they are resistant towards rot and mold and do not take in moisture. Composite shutters have a long shelf life, need less upkeep, and are inexpensive. They can also be painted to suit your home decor. However, they are not immune to termites.
Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors

Advantages of Using Plantation Window Coverings

Privacy: The beauty of these shutters is not just in their functionalities but in the way they can either improve on the existing décor but also give you the privacy that you want. They can be used as room dividers or as storage solutions for your interiors. By separating the intimate spaces from the main passage-ways, they can provide privacy and add glamour to your interiors. Another way these shutters can be utilized is to build over niches and half walls, which can act as cabinets and attractively declutter your areas. At the same time, they also give you the power to control the incoming sun rays.
Energy-efficient: These shutters provide extra insulation during the biting cold winters; as a result, they help to reduce the levels of energy consumption in your home. By trapping the heat inside, your interiors are warm and cozy. Inversely during the harsh summer months, they help to keep your interiors cool by blocking the intense sunlight. That way, your home has well-regulated temperatures throughout the year. These shutters help to decrease energy costs and electricity bills.
Pet and kid-friendly: The very fact that these shutters do not have cords dangling at the ends or strings at the edges makes it an excellent choice to use in your home. As compared to blinds and drapes, these shutters are a safer option. Now you do not have to worry about your children or pets getting entangled or injured.
Durable shutters: Due to their nature of remaining unaffected during harsh climatic conditions, these shutters are well known for their durability and being long-lasting as compared to its counterparts in window treatments. The only thing you have to remember is that you have to maintain them regularly.
Prevents fading of furnishings: Extend the life of your interior furnishings by adopting these shutters. The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause significant damage to your furniture and floor decorations. By changing the position of the louvers, you divert the incoming light passing through. Thereby you can safeguard them and prevent them from fading away.
Increases the value of your property: Whenever you do get these shutters installed in your home, they become an attractive commodity to people who may be interested in your property. Once your house is sold off the shutters will be with the new homeowners, unlike temporary window treatments.
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How Expensive are Plantation Shutters?

Generally speaking, plantation window shadings are more premium, in comparison to its other cousins like batten, board or flat panel coverings. It has been estimated that every American homeowner would have to shell out at least $2,000 on an average on such shutters. You would also take into account the texture of materials, size, and frame of windows. HomeAdvisor has calculated these market estimates.

Go ahead and give a touch of luxury to your interiors with these shutters; you will not regret it. These shutters exude such permanence that they even stay behind in the house long after the buyers have vacated the building. If you add on some gorgeous drapes to your shutters, you can beautify your home and at the same time, attain a look that is both grand and timeless. Happy decorating!

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