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5 Things To Consider When Dressing A Mini Bay Kitchen Window


Windows are the only space that connects us to the outside world from inside the house. The windows, which are important for the kitchen, can also help circulate air in the home. Additionally, the look of the window has to be a part of the kitchen as an imperative element of the exterior and interior of the house. Often, the kitchen window gets lost amongst other decor elements present in the kitchen and can be looked over when it comes to decor. But they are as important as the windows in other rooms, if not more important. A dark gloomy kitchen is quite unthinkable. Hence kitchen windows should be treated well and appreciated.

Some kitchens come with bay windows. Bay windows project outwards from the main exterior wall creating a bay-like space inside the room. This space can be used to serve as breakfast nook or a storage space with a seating arrangement for your coffee or drink breaks.

If your kitchen has a bay window, then you are most likely staying in a traditional-style Victorian house and want to accent the rustic appearance of your house. Made-to-measure roller blinds, shutters, and Roman blinds, which are popular coverings for kitchen bay windows, offer a neat and clean finish. However, if the bay window is present far away from appliances or open flames, then curtains are suitable to maintain the warmth in your kitchen area during the colder months and offer a luxurious look to your kitchen space. Sparing some time for dressing the kitchen window is a little effort that will alter the look and feel of the kitchen completely. Whether cafe curtains, valances, shades, decorative window curtains are an easy way of adding color, pattern, and texture to a room instantly. The type of window treatments you can choose for the kitchen bay windows will depend upon the position of the bay window.

If you have a bay window that is located far from the sink area you can choose any material because it will not be exposed to moisture. However if the bay window is located near the sink, like most of them are, you need to choose materials that are moisture and stain resistant and that are also easy to clean.

What To Consider While Dressing A Mini Bay Kitchen Window

Here are five factors to pay attention to while selecting window treatments for kitchen bay windows to offer your cooking area a classic and personalized appearance:

  • Decorative Elements

Window coverings serve as attractive accents in the kitchen space. Think of installing sill-length curtain panels, in areas like breakfast nooks, because they provide significant doses of patterns and colors when they flank a mini bay window. Alternatively, a colorful swag draped over a single window can also prove to be a bright statement. While roller and Roman shades display pattern and texture when they are closed, cornices and stationary valances highlight windows that you want to attract attention to. Select fabrics with eye-catching designs and colors to achieve the most decorative effect. Consider using tassels, trims, bold banding, or fringe that offer kitchen window treatments a finished touch.

  • Addition of Privacy

Window treatments for the kitchen may not seem important until you realize that your neighbors can view straight into your dining area. For temporary privacy problems like while you are reading the newspaper wearing your bathrobe, consider using blinds, shutters, or curtains that can be drawn quickly which can be closed at the tilt of a wand. For constant privacy requirements, consider using screening materials that allow you to get a view of the outside and lets some sunlight enter while obstructing the view from outside. Install cellular and roller shades made of woven or translucent materials, or else fix sheer fabric curtain panels. Ensure to make a quick check before you select window treatments for your kitchen: switch on the kitchen lights at night and then go outside to view what can be seen through the window with the lowered window coverings.

  • Light Control

UV rays can prove to be harmful to human bodies as well as our house. Direct and severe sunlight causes wood floors to fade, increases temperatures inside, dries out leather, dims cabinet finishes, and washes out fabric materials. Consider window treatments that promote their protecting capabilities to protect your kitchen from excessive sunlight.

To control light completely, pick an opaque window covering like blackout curtains or shades that are lined with a light-preventing layer. When lowered, the wooden, metal or vinyl slats of blinds and shutters can also obstruct the sunlight. Try considering the addition of natural light-filtering abilities to the windows themselves for additional protection. Line old windowpanes using a static-cling film/adhesive or place new windows with a low-E coating.

  • Easy To Clean

Kitchen window coverings must be kept clean. Anything placed near a kitchen sink or gas stove may get soaked up with cooking oils, splatters from foods, dishwater, and so on. When it comes to deciding on how easy maintaining mini bay window treatments in your kitchen can be, the material of window treatment makes all the difference. For instance, most curtains, valances, vinyl blinds, solar shades can just be washed and hung again. And, shutters can be cleaned by wiping with soap water. However, it gets more difficult when you have to wash real wood blinds, as it has to be cleaned with wood cleaner. While detailed fabric coverings like Roman shades require dry cleaning, delicate cellular shades must only be vacuum cleaned to keep them dust-free. Therefore, install those window treatments in places farther from spills or splatters.

  • Avoid Splash Zones

Before you decide on a dressing style for your mini bay kitchen window, you have to check yourself if the windows are in the splash zone. The splash zone is any window space that can possibly come in contact with food splash, oil splutter, or steam very often. Consider mini bay windows present above the kitchen sink or near the gas stove where splattering grease can possibly build up. If the windows are present in the splash zone, then go for a PVC-based window dressing that is water-resistant and can be cleaned easily. Faux wood blinds, vinyl roller shades, and faux wood shutters are some of the best choices that don’t warp with humidity and heat changes and can also be clean wiped with soapy water.

Bottom Line

For a functional space like a kitchen, window coverings offer one of the many components of softness and decor compared to rough surfaces and kitchen appliances. Shades and curtains deliver a pop of pattern, color, or texture that the kitchen area requires while enhancing privacy and controlling sunlight. Since the kitchen is a hardworking area that is used daily, it is imperative to adopt window treatment ideas for mini bay kitchen windows that match your requirement and style for routine use.