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5 Things to Consider Before You Use Roman Shades for Outdoor Use

5 Things to Consider Before You Use Roman Shades for Outdoor Use

A Brief History of Roman Shades

Roman shades have been around for ages and date back to the time of the great Roman civilization. The dust generated from the construction of the great Colosseum prompted the resident workers and nearby dwellers to cover their windows with soft cloth pieces. This is how the Roman shades and blinds came into existence. Though it was a humble beginning, over the ages, Roman shades evolved into one of the most elegant, efficient, and extremely popular window treatment options ever.

Why Roman Shades are Ideal for Your Home & Office Space

Roman shades are made from a continuous layer of fabric, unlike the blinds that have gaps between the individual slats. Thus the Roman shades also provide effective protection against the dust as there are no gaps from where the dust can enter inside the house. This also helps the Roman shades provide excellent light control, thermal insulation, and privacy protection.

Roman shades are pretty lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space. This makes them an ideal choice for all kinds of window shapes and sizes; even smaller windows. Being lightweight allows the Roman shades to provide coverage to even hard-to-reach windows such as the skylights and other roof-top windows.

The elegant minimalism and the timeless sophistication of Roman shades make them an ideal choice for any kind of indoor or outdoor setting. You can install these shades in your home or you can get them to accentuate your office space. Irrespective of the setting, Roman shades never look out of place. They impart an understated sophistication to the home décor that has a profound and lingering charisma.

A high degree of customizability is another reason why Roman shades are a preferred choice of the multitude. From the choice of fabric to the operational mechanism, everything is customizable. This allows you to make specific changes as per your preference and requirements and ensures higher productivity for your investment.

Are Roman Shades Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Roman shades are versatile and durable enough to be used in any section of the house and the outdoor sections are no exception. However, the requirements for outdoor window treatments are a bit different from indoor window coverings. Hence, you will have to make certain modifications to account for the same. If you do that, Roman shades will prove to be an excellent choice for outdoor use.

5 Things to Consider Before You Use Roman Shades for Outdoor Use

Since the requirements for outdoor blinds are somewhat different from indoor window treatments, You need to take them into account as it is important to ensure optimum productivity and efficiency of your Roman shades as external window coverings. Here are some of the crucial things you need to consider before you use Roman shades as outdoor window coverings:

Better Thermal Insulation and Surviving Outdoor Conditions

If you use your Roman shades for outdoor usage, they will be exposed to Sun’s scorching directly and for longer durations. Hence you will need to opt for fabrics or materials that offer superior thermal insulation. Blackout fabrics or heat reflective materials will be an ideal choice for such cases. Also the material you choose must be able to survive harsh weather conditions like glaring sun, rains and chilly cold winters.

Regular Cleaning

Since the Roman shades will be exposed to the elements of nature including the Sun’s heat, dust, rain, etc. It will, therefore, becomes much easier for these shades to get dirty or stained. Hence you will need to clean your Roman shades regularly to ensure they always look elegant and give a mesmerizing appeal to the look of the house.

Avoid Dark Colours

As the Roman shades will be exposed to direct sunlight for longer durations, it may cause the shades to fade or get discolored. You will have to replace the fabric more frequently in comparison to indoor shades. It can sometimes become a costly affair. Hence, you will be better off if you opt for lighter hues such as white, pale yellow, light pink, etc. As these are already very light colors, any fading or discoloration will not be that prominent and noticeable. On top of that, light colors tend to reflect heat better so the fabric won’t absorb and radiate as much heat from the sun.

Secure Installation

When externally mounted, you need to ensure that the Roman shades are installed properly and are firmly secured. You don’t want your shades to flutter in the wind when it is breezy outside as this can damage the shades. Moreover, it does not look very tidy either.

Go Cordless

If you are using Roman shades as outdoor window coverings, it will be better if you avoid opting for variants that are operated using pull cords. The loose pull cord may flutter in the wind and may damage the shades and the operational mechanism. Moreover, the loose pull cord will adversely impact the aesthetics of the house.

You can opt for cordless or smart motorized options as these variants not only provide ease of operability but also make for a tidy and secure appeal. Smart Roman shades can be controlled via a remote, your smartphone, or even your voice command. This not only enhances the ease of usage but also makes the window safer and more secure.

These are some of the simple pointers that you need to take into account if you want your Roman shades to excel as external window treatments. Doing so is pretty simple and straightforward and the outcome is totally worth the effort.