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5 Things To Consider Before Buying Window Treatments For A Window Behind A Couch


Windows are the lifelines of every home. Since antiquity, people have strived to find innovative ideas to decorate and properly utilize them to enhance the house’s aesthetic appeal. Society today thrives in cities, and one of the significant issues is the scarcity of space. Contemporary homes aim for intelligent utilization of space, and placement of couches in front of windows is a common practice. It not only utilizes the area but also brightens the entire room. Besides, the couch and the furniture around will be immersed in natural light throughout the day, making it a favourite spot for the family to sit and relax. It is understood that such an important window would require a suitable window treatment solution.

What are window treatment solutions?

A window treatment solution refers to a covering or a modification done to the window to protect the room from excessive sunlight and upgrade the home’s aesthetic appeal. Window treatment solutions are of two types, namely hard treatment and soft treatment. The former refers to the built materials like wood, aluminium or vinyl, while the latter refers to the built material like different types of fabrics. Hard window treatments include shutters, shades and blinds, while soft window treatments include curtains and drapes.

5 things to consider before buying window treatments for a window behind a couch

There are many things to be kept in mind while selecting a window treatment solution for a window behind a couch. The top five pointers are:

  1. Identification of the Focal Point of the Room:

A focal point is something fascinating to look at when one enters a room. It can be a colourful painting or even a TV set. The choice of window treatment should be adjusted as per the focal point. If it is in a living room where your focal point is your TV, then you will require thick shades or blinds which can completely block out sunlight at will. When partially open, they can let the daylight in, but when family members get together and watch television or sit and relax, these blinds will enhance the artificial lighting. The ambience thus created will make the family enjoy the moments spent together.

2. Distance from the Window:

Privacy is of utmost importance in a situation wherein a couch is placed before a window. The couch will be the most comfortable place in the room, and the window treatment solution should be such which can offer complete privacy at will. After all, one does not want the world to peep into one’s private life through a window! For such windows, aluminium blackout blinds or drape made out of heavy fabric can give complete privacy. If one decides to opt for the former, then motorized blinds, which anyone can operate efficiently, can be a viable option. But if one chooses the latter, then the distance between the window and the couch should be sufficient to operate the curtain easily. 

3. Colour of the Couch:

A roll-up curtain, a drape or a Blind goes a long way in contributing to the room’s aesthetic appeal. One should keep in mind that the selection of window treatment solution should be in consonance with the colour of the couch and other furniture in the room. These days blinds are available in various colours and materials, but curtains give the maximum variety. As a general rule, if the couch has a patterned print, then the window treatment, be it a curtain or a blind, should be of a solid colour and vice versa.

4. Need for Day Light Control:

 Any living room will have different requirements for daylight control. If the window faces the sun directly, then the window treatment should be such which can completely block it out. But if it is not the case, then the window treatment can allow partial sunlight to enter. If it is the former case, then a complete blackout window treatment is required, but if it is not so, one can opt for translucent window treatment. A blind or a curtain will also preserve any paintings, décor, and other furniture from fading.

5. Height of the Couch:

If the couch placed in front of the window is big and has a high back, it can obstruct a large portion of the window. Widow treatment solutions these days contribute as much to the aesthetic of the room as any other furniture. In such a situation, the user should hang the curtain as high as possible. It contributes to the creation of a more open and spacious feeling in the room. It also adds a grandeur to the room, which can’t be achieved with a window treatment hung only around the window.

Some of the major window treatment solutions for windows behind a couch

Out of all the window treatment solutions available in the market, some of the most suitable for windows behind a couch is Honeycomb or Cellular shades, Motorized Blinds, Louvered Blinds Shutters and Roman Shades. All these treatments are marked by convenience, as the window behind a couch is ordinarily tough to access. Make sure to go for window treatments that are operated by a cord or remote control, as traditional cordless blinds require you to reach down to the bottom of the window which may be difficult if the couch is in the way.

Some more general tips to select the window treatment solution for a window behind a couch

A general tip for selecting a window treatment solution for a window behind a couch is to opt for Top-Down or Bottom-Up Shades. They create the possibility of opening from either top to bottom or the other way around, making it easier to operate it from in front of the couch. In addition to it, it enables one to block the sunlight but still preserve the view. Next, the buyer should always opt for a good quality product. It is natural that in such room chances of wear and tear of curtains or blinds will be greater than other windows. It is precisely because of this fact that people should opt for high-quality window treatment solution. It will add to the room’s beauty and make the home more elegant, reliable, and durable. One does not want to change the room’s graceful ambience often, so sticking with a good quality curtain, drape, shade, or blind for a window behind a couch should be the aim. The other important thing to be kept in mind is that in selecting the treatment, one should not go overboard and choose multiple treatments at once. These can work but if done aesthetically as per the requirements. Too many frills and curtains and a shade might block more sunlight than is required and clutter the space, which is of high value in modern households. Another helpful tip is to go for motorized blinds, which the homeowner can program as per their schedule. With smart blinds’ availability, the sunlight entering into the room can be controlled at set times. It also reduces the effort to go behind the couch to adjust the window treatment solution manually. It also gives the added advantage of security as blinds are shut closed as per the preprogrammed schedule, and the homeowner need not bother about closing them manually. In addition to it, the user should take care of the fact that the window treatment should be as per the measurement. Window treatment with a wrong fit makes the room look untidy and out of sorts as the alignment is not in place. Further, the colour of the window treatment should complement the other features of the room.

A window behind a couch, if treated properly, can add a lot of aesthetic appeal to the room and, at the same time, help in utilizing the space properly.

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