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5 Summer Curtains Perfect for Your Living Room

Conquer the Summer with Window Curtains

Scorching summer is going to knock at your door very soon, and numerous heatwaves are going to make your space intolerable and uneasy to stay. But before it hits your place, taking precautions is the best way to get rid of the extremely hot summer months. We spend most of our quality time in our living room with our dear ones doing various fun activities. But excess heat becomes a barrier between all those enjoyments. So, start with the living room windows so that you can stay relax and cool throughout the month. Window treatments are the quickest way to cover those large windows, giving your space a comfy and relaxing environment. There are endless window dressings available including shades, blinds, shutters, and many more. Living room decoration should be unique and distinct from the other rooms in your home. And to bring warmth and elegance to this arena, curtains play a major role and a right design selection can make the windows focal point of the room.

Window curtains are not only stylish and sophisticated, but their functional value will definitely amaze you. They are available in different fabric options along with vibrant colors and pattern choices. Whether you own traditional home décor or a modern one, customizing the curtains will bring an authentic look that you can’t draw your eyes from them. The ability to reduce heat gain depends on the fabric material you select. Light filtering, room darkening, and blackout are popular fabric materials that prevent the harsh light and heat, keeping indoor cool and pleasing. Colors also play a significant role in reducing the temperature, like – medium colored window curtains can lower the heat up to 33% while dark-colored curtains are generally more effective. From offering privacy to blocking UV rays, these curtains do an excellent job for your living room. Featuring them with thermal liner will bring an additional advantage for your space. But picking up the right curtain can be precarious for many people. That’s why we have listed up the top five summer curtains that you can opt for your living room windows to make the place lively and vigorous in hot weather also!
Curtains for Living Room

5 Summer Curtains for Living Room

• Rod Pocket Crown Drapes

These two-way draw panel designs add architectural interest to your living room windows. Closing the panels will keep the unwanted heat out of your place and opening them from both the side will give you a clear image of the outside beautiful world. The energy-saver feature will help to lower your home’s energy bills. To create a distinct look for your arena, these curtains are an amazing choice, and nothing can beat the attractive colors and designs these solutions come with. These drapes help to hide the hardware of the windows while giving a clean and clutter-free look. Customize the drapes according to your taste and enjoy their fine look and mechanism lifelong.

• Sheers Rod Pocket Crown Custom Drapery Panels

Sun protection and style both are important for your living room and these Sheers Rod Pocket Crown Custom Drapery Panels are a great choice to install. Sheer fabric controls the excess light while offering privacy your arena needs. For a graceful and dignified aesthetics, these curtains are awesome. Different colors and texture options give your windows a refined look and highlight the other decorative elements in your home. Rings, clips, and rods used in these curtains enhance the feel of the space. But one disadvantage is there with these designs that they do not provide privacy at night time when the indoor lights are on, outsiders can easily see inside the home. But their effectiveness in sunlight blocking and astounding aura make them a popular choice to install.
Drapery Panels for Living Room

• Pleated Crown Custom Drapes

Looking to make your living room happy and relaxing in sunny seasons, go for Pleated Crown Custom Drapes. These curtains not only provide a sophisticated beauty but protect your home from all the sun hazardous. When light comes in between your enjoyment, close the panels and keep them open to enjoy the outside nature. Parisian pleat at the top of the fabric lets the windows look unique and distinct. The crisp pleats help you to gain the look you desire while hiding all the window hardware. By providing significant insulation, they keep your cold, so that you can chill without any tension. Avoid direct sun exposure with these curtains and enjoy your summer freely.
Custom Pleated Drapes

• Grommet Top Crown Drapes

During the summertime, we all want to protect our health and furniture from sun damage, but aesthetics is equally important for the living room. Grommet Top Crown Drapes bring both beauty and functionality together. These curtains are ideal for living room wide windows and door and also work well on sliding glass doors. Hang them from the top to create a clean and clutter-free appearance. Besides, blocking the outside light, these curtains are efficient in insulation and providing privacy. Eye-catchy colors and pattern options bring a luxurious feel to the windows. Add clips, rods rings to enhance the beauty of the windows.

• Sheers Pinch Pleat Crown Drapes

Get both light control and design in one window solution – Sheers Pinch Pleat Crown Drapes. Customizing will help to fit every type of window (Including patio and sliding glass doors). Pinch pleat looks and sheer fabric makes an astounding combination for your décor. The curtains allow diffused light to enter your space and help you to get a sustainable amount of privacy during the daytime. By being insulative, these curtains keep the indoor temperature consistent and lower the energy costs. Sheer fabrics may fail to obstruct the view from the outside at night time, but their smoothness in controlling the excess sunlight is the main reason to get them. You can layer the curtains with other window dressings to maximize the versatility and work functionality. Customize from a massive collection of hue tones and texture selections to bring out the best of your windows.
Sheer Drapes for Living Room
All these curtains are reasonably priced and give your living room an unconditional beauty without compromising the quality. Curtains are popular for their voguish look, but adding liners help to control the harsh sunlight. Consider these summer curtains to stay healthy inside your home while cherishing the beautiful outside nature view through the two panels drapes. For more inspirations and ideas, get in touch with the designers!

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