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5 Striking Headers and Valances for Your Attic Blind

5 Striking Headers And Valances For Your Attic Blind

Attic Blinds Headers and Valances for a Stylish Appeal

The attic is one of the most overlooked spaces in our entire home decor and is mostly used as a storage unit or kids’ playroom. But this place needs special attention and design style too in order to match with your overall aesthetics if you are planning to use it in a more substantial way. If the attic is big enough you could use it as an additional room for guests or for kids. It’s always better to start with the windows to elevate the beauty of the space in a dramatic way. Decorate in such a manner so that it offers comfort, relaxation, and adds dimension to your space. Window blinds are a versatile way to beautify this arena that can match with the other furnishings in the room. There are plenty of attic blinds available to incorporate with your attic windows and they can create an impressive look.

But these windows often create difficulty when it comes to dressing them as they require special support and additional elements to improve the appeal of the windows. Though there are countless blind designs and styles available, using headers and valances offer great support to your mounted blinds and add a mesmerizing look to the interior. Besides giving support, these extra decorative items are made of superior quality materials and can hide the window faults in an efficient way. Even if the windows are too big then blind headers in the attic will help in visually dividing the window. Customizing and installing these highly functional and reliable headers and valances will enhance the aura and grace of the space. So whatever window blinds you are planning to install, these attic headers and valances will definitely complement your windows!

Top 5 Breathtaking Attic Blind Headers and Valances

Scalloped Valances:

Give your attic blinds a sophisticated touch with these alluring and stylish scalloped valances which come with shaped bottom hem. Pairing them with blinds will boost up the functionality to the next level, from blocking out light to preventing heat, they will work efficiently. They make a beautiful addition to your attic area as they are astonishing when matching with the existing blind style and interior type. These valances are made of superior quality material and fabric that makes it look elegant and grand. They come in a range of hues and texture options that make these valances superb and awe-inspiring.
Scalloped Valances
Floating Headers:

Headers are a strong metal construction that is designed to provide optimal horizontal support to the windows. They are the perfect alternative to side mounting and can be used to divide big or wide windows. From diffusing direct sunlight to offering insulation and privacy, they play a vital role. Besides being functional and practical, they look phenomenal too when properly mounted and add a layer of warmth to the decor. The richness of design and detailed craftsmanship are the main features of getting them. If you are looking for heavy fabricated window blinds, then these sturdy and durable floating headers are ideal to give additional support.
Installing Floating Header
Balloon Valances:

These valances create a fluffy appeal on the attic windows and integrating them with astonishing blinds will make the decor look chic and stylish. Made of lightweight material and come in an assortment of textures and style choices will provide windows enchanting appearance. These balloon valances can create a tailored look for your space when properly customized and installed.
Balloon Valances
Ascot Valances:

If you are looking to give your attic arena a formal look, then consider these valances over the blinds that will bring out the aesthetics in a mesmerizing way. They add a touch of sophistication and classiness to the overall decor. They are made of premium quality silk and velvet materials and the triangular edges that face downwards, making them look unique and distinct. Choose the color and texture option carefully and provide an invigorating feel to the interiors.
Ascot Valances
Tailored Valances:

If you are looking for a simple yet formal look for your attic windows, then these tailored valances are a great choice. A variety of colors and style options will enrich the beauty of the windows to the next level. Match the valances design with the attic blinds and get a synchronized and a well-coordinated look for the décor of your home.

These are top outstanding and dazzling headers and valances that complete the look of your attic window blinds. Make sure to customize them with the right style and texture options to add dimension and refresh look to your arena.