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5 Slim Blinds Perfect for a French Door

5 Slim Blinds Perfect for a French door

Are French Doors Still Relevant Today?

French doors and windows are some of the most unique window styles in the market. They have existed for a long time and have managed to stay relevant because of their elegant and timeless nature, which is also why they are sought after all the time. They are really good alternatives to patio doors and the windows that come along with them.

Since French doors have been around for so long, there might be a notion that they even though they are elegant and timeless, they lack versatility and a standout ‘X’ factor that makes them unique. But the multiple shapes, designs and patterns of their window panes is one of the main reasons why they have managed to adapt and thrive successfully in the modern day and age. French doors have also adapted design wise to look more like sliding patio doors to give a contemporary twist on their classic look.

As for whether you are considering French doors and windows, or if you are having thoughts about your existing French doors, you can put your mind at ease. The traditional vibe that they give off is often instrumental in enhancing the aesthetics of any home they occupy. They allow a lot of sunlight to enter homes because the most dominating part of French doors are made out of glass. They can literally brighten up your day and set the mood in your home.

If French doors are still in fashion, how do I update the look of my home without changing them?

The answer is quite simple, you can always change things with newer window treatments that you like, which can also help you block sunlight, regulate temperature and also give you some privacy. You have many options to choose from, which include curtains, shades and blinds. French doors and windows go perfectly with any type of window treatment and you really will not go wrong if you pick any one. All you have to do is make sure the window treatment complements the rest of your room, particularly the walls, furniture and the overall look of your home. Once you’ve got that figured out, finding the right window treatment should be easy for you.

Are slim blinds a good option for French Windows?

To be clear slim blinds are not a specific type of blind but a feature that you can find in different types of blinds. Blinds that have this ‘slim’ feature have a sleek, smooth and flat finish. What this means for the overall look of your room is that these blinds will occupy less space, will look pleasing to eye and give off a clean and homely, yet organized vibe.

What kinds of slim blinds work perfectly with French Doors?

You can find many types of blinds that work well with French Doors. The fact that they are slim blinds makes for a better look and feel. Given below are five slim blinds that are perfect for slim doors. It is worth noting that these options also work well for single French doors as well –

  1. Slim vertical blinds – If you are looking for a classic look, which will not take too much of your time to choose and install, slim vertical blinds can be one of your go-to options. They work really well with French doors, because, much like the doors and windows, slim vertical blinds are also traditional, classic and elegant. Vertical blinds work really well for larger doors and windows, which can be quite handy with the dimensions of French doors and windows. Most slim vertical blinds are made out of PVC, which make them sturdy and lightweight. Vinyl vertical blinds also come at an affordable price. When mounting on French doors, usually you wouldn’t mount on the door itself, but above the opening since these are designed for larger spaces.

What also works for these vertical blinds is that they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but make a lot of sense from a functional perspective. For instance, they can be energy efficient with their insulation capabilities, block out harmful sunlight like UV rays and can give you some privacy as well. There are multiple designs and colours to choose from, making them extremely versatile options. On the downside, they can occupy more space and might have complicated internal mechanisms.

French Door Blinds

  1. Slim Roller blinds – Roller blinds are quite adept at fitting in seamlessly with your windows, so much so, that they are one of the best candidates for French Doors. When the blinds need to be opened, they are rolled up to the top into a cassette. A major benefit in the favor of slim roller blinds is that they have a flat design, which means that it can be opened or closed relatively easily. You can get certain types of slim roller blinds depending on how much control you want over the sunlight. They are a great option to mount to the door itself as the material is slim and lightweight.

Solar Shades for French Doors

  1. Slim Roman Blinds – The unique part about Roman blinds is the amount of versatility they bring to the market. These blinds are known for their sophisticated look and for the different types of design and textures they come in. You can choose to go for a bright and vibrant look or subtle and somewhat calming look depending on what you want those rooms in your home to represent. The neatly folded pleats of these blinds offer a sense of style that will go well with the French Doors. Roman blinds, much like French Doors are traditional window coverings that have survived and thrived in the modern age of home décor and are here to stay.

Roman Shades for French Door

  1. Slim Pleated Shades – If you want the ‘slim’ aspect of your window coverings highlighted, slim pleated shades are the way to go. They work well with patio doors and can also work well with French doors. They are sleek and do a good job with blocking sunlight and giving you privacy.
  1. Blackout Blinds – French Doors allow a lot of sunlight into homes. But, when you want to completely darken your room, blackout blinds can be your best friend. You might want to sleep in on the weekend or you might have burned the midnight oil during the week. Using blackout blinds in these situations will make a conducive environment for rest during the daytime. When you don’t need them, you can always draw them back up.

French Doors are a classic option to choose window coverings for. Make sure that you exercise all your options and figure out what works best for you. It is usually a question of personal preference. With French Doors, you have the luxury of thinking outside the box. It can work wonders for you if you capitalize on this.