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5 Sliding Door Blinds Fit For the Winter

Sliding Door Blinds

Patio Doors

It is always desirable to have some open spaces in your homes. Whatever the season, it allows you to spend some quality time outdoors in the fresh air. It is a place where you catch up with your buddies on the weekends or have a barbeque under the clear blue skies. It is a place where you get to spend some quite time with yourself with a cup of coffee and good book. The patio is one such open space adjoining to the house which can be accessed from inside through a door. This door is referred to as the patio door. These doors can be sliding or hinged ones like French doors that swing open.

The Need to Dress your Patio Doors

Sliding or hinged, when it comes to patio doors there is always a challenge of selecting the right pair of shades and blinds for them. Though they look beautiful, you cannot afford to leave them bare. You need window treatments for your patio doors to address the following concerns.
• While it is always lovely to have natural light flowing into the house, too much light is not desirable. The glaring light will interfere with work and sleep. During summer it is important to block out the harmful UV rays as they can damage your furnishings and can be detrimental to your health.
• The need for privacy is also extremely important. These patio doors are often large and wide and can expose your homes to the prying and curious eyes of the neighbors. You need to have some private moments with your family and it isn’t nice to be exposed all the time.
• Window treatments are needed for the patio doors to combat the challenges of weather. During summer you need blinds that can keep the heat out to keep the interiors cool. Similarly, during winter you need to insulate the patio doors to prevent heat loss.
Sliding Door Blinds

Sliding Door Patio Shades for Winter

On those cold freezing nights, all you desire is some warmth inside your homes. If your windows and patio doors are not insulated or not equipped enough to deal with the chill outside they can cause the cold drafts to seep into the rooms. You may have your thermostats and heaters working full time to keep the air warm indoors but if cold air finds its way inside it will cause these heaters to overwork, causing your electricity bills to sky-rocket. This is not desirable since winter is prolonged and it could have a serious impact on your finances. To help you dress your patio doors adequately and efficiently for the winter months, we have come up with a list of insulating blinds and shades you could make use of.

5 Blinds Fit for Winter

Cellular Honeycomb Shades
The first name that comes to mind when you are looking for a pair of energy-efficient and insulated window blinds for your sliding patio doors is without doubt cellular honeycomb shades. They make the perfect modern blind for your door. Their appeal lies in their brilliant design. Their honeycomb fabricated pockets help to trap air thereby insulating your windows. They greatly reduce heat transfer through your windows or patio door. The most standard and normal windows have an R-value of 3.5 while cellular honeycomb shades help increase the window’s R-value to almost 7 (R-value is a measure indicative of insulation properties, higher being more effective). Most shades have a low R-value compared to cellular honeycomb shades. This is their USP and makes them an obvious choice for sliding door blinds for winter. They significantly help to lower energy costs.
Vertical Cellular Shades
Solar Shades
While the name says ‘solar’ shades, these shades can be useful during the winter as well. While during summer they help to block out the sun’s rays before they can enter the house, in winter they will act as a layer on your window to reduce the escaping heat, while allowing you to see through and preserve your view. They are a good choice for the patio door because they provide a degree of privacy and protection while letting you see into your back yard.
Sliding Panel Track Shades
Roller Shades
If you are looking for compact and versatile blinds, go for roller shades. They are available in many types of fabric, including two-sided blackout shades. Most blackout roller shade materials have two sides – one is reflective and the other is designed to absorb heat. The reflective side of the shade must always face the warmest side. So, during winter the reflective part must be turned inwards and the insulated part should be facing outside to absorb the heat of the sun.
Roman Blinds
Roman blinds make a great treatment for sliding doors for winter. They look beautiful and elegant. They help increase the aesthetic appeal of the rooms and also help to insulate your patio door. Roman shades are made of fabric and to combat the cold winter you can opt for a fabric that has insulating qualities. Thermal blind fabric makes a good choice for your Roman blinds. They help to keep heat trapped inside the house successfully.
Roman Shades for Sliding Door
Plantation Shutters
Plantation shutters can beautifully enhance sliding doors. They are extremely functional and the best part is interior plantation shutters can be highly energy efficient. When the shutters are closed they provide a layer of wood between the glass door and the air inside the house. This helps to keep warm air trapped inside during the cold winter months. In the morning hours, you can keep the slats open which will allow the warmth of the sun and light to filter inside without compromising your privacy.
Plantation Shutters for Sliding Patio Doors
Keep the inside of the house warm during the freezing wintry months is foremost in the minds of all. There is nothing like coming back to a warm house at the end of the day and relaxing. It is important to take the necessary steps before winter sets in to insulate your windows and doors. Try out any of these above-listed shades for your sliding doors and you will not be disappointed.

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