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5 Shades that Provide 100% Blackout through Their Material

5 Shades that Provide 100% Blackout through Their Material

Why You Need Blackout Shades

Among several qualities of blinds and shades, the one that is most beneficial and advantageous is the blackout feature. As the word ‘blackout’ suggests, these blinds and shades are made of materials that help to create complete darkness in the rooms by blocking out light comprehensively. Natural light and sunshine acts as mood enhancer and helps to create positive vibes in the house. They spread cheer and joy but excess of anything can get sour. Too much sunlight can be very disturbing and annoying. They cause glare and interior temperature to rise. Sunlight contains harmful UV rays and prolonged exposure to these rays can damage your furniture, furnishings as also your health. To diffuse this harsh light we use light filtering window shades. But sometimes there is need for complete light blockage.

Media rooms, bedrooms and nurseries need absolute darkness. Too much light in media rooms or photography rooms can spoil the experience and your workflow. Similarly there are many people particularly in emergency services who sleep during the daytime after a night shift. It is impossible to get a restful and quality sleep with sunlight streaming through the windows relentlessly. The same holds true for nurseries where babies sleep during the morning and afternoon hours as well. Blackout blinds and shades are the only way to help create night-like ambiance in the room. They keep the sunlight away from the room and with the right measures they can ensure a perfect environment to sleep or make the most of media experience.

Cordless Blackout Roman Shades

Shades Offering Complete Light Blockage for Your Homes

There are a number of shades that offer brilliant blackout features for users. Let’s take a moment to look through them.

Cordless TDBU Mirage Blackout Cellular Shades Crown

These are a fantastic pair of shades from Crown. The Top-down-bottom-up feature lends versatility to the window shade. Unlike most shades that are pulled down, these shades can be pulled up as well. This allows user to maximise light control, privacy and outside view. The cellular material of the shade ensures maximum insulation for the room. Cellular shades help to prevent energy loss by keeping warm trapped inside during the cold winter months. The blackout fabric of the shade ensure complete light blockage when they are closed. The cordless control of the shades ensures ease of operation and is also child and pet friendly.

Crown Blackout Roller Shades

Roller shades are among the most functional window treatments in the market. It consists of a single sheet of fabric that blends gorgeously with a minimalist or contemporary room decor. They are sleek, smart and elegant. When pulled up they stack neatly at the headrail. You can choose from different colors, textures and designs for your Roller shades. You can choose from different light filtering, room darkening and blackout fabrics. The blackout material helps to cut out light completely and reduces risk of UV exposure. The cordless mechanism of the blinds makes them a kid and pet friendly option for your homes.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Crown Mirage Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades

If you are looking for an elegant yet versatile window treatment for your homes, these pair of shades from Crown is truly worth the money. They are extremely functional energy efficient window treatments. They are a fantastic choice for the winter months when you are trying to enhance the insulation of your windows and looking to cut down on the energy costs. The cellular structure of the shades helps to keep warm air trapped inside. The blackout fabric adds to the insulation. They are perfect for protecting privacy of your homes and cutting down noise as well. The crisp sharp pleats of the blackout cellular shades add to the aesthetic appeal of the room and they are available in a number of beautiful colors.

Crown Blackout Cellular Shades

Horizon’s Blackout Spring Roller Shades

Horizon brings to you a beautiful pair of blackout spring roller shades offering total privacy, complete light blockage and 100% UV protection. The rollers with blackout fabric make a great choice of window treatment for your bedrooms, media rooms and nurseries. They help to create a soothing noiseless ambiance which works superbly to ensure a restful sleep for you and your family members. There is a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from to give you rooms an elegant touch. These shades are also great for the summer months as they prevent heat gain.

1% – 5% LightWeaves® Graber® Dual Solar Shades

These stunning shades from Graber have many features loaded into them making them a versatile choice for your homes. As the name suggests, these shades look to incorporate two separate blinds in one single head rail. This allows you to enjoy benefits of two shades in a single one. There is a solar shade which allows you to reduce radiant heat and block out the glares of the sun, while retaining your view. The blackout shade at the rear side helps to block light out completely. For both the solar and blackout fabric you have a wide range of color options to choose from. They can complement any room decor. Light filtration, privacy, light blockage and UV protection are all provided by a single window treatment and that is brilliant news for any homeowner.

Choose from any of the above window shades and enjoy a soothing, calm and restful ambiance for your homes.