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5 Roman Shades Ideas for the Bedroom

5 Roman Shades Ideas For The Bedroom

The placement and design of windows in a room can literally make or break space as these aspects play a major role in deciding the aesthetic and functional aspects of the indoor space in the room. The window is the access point to bring in natural light in the room. You need sufficient access to natural light if you want the interiors to be bright and lively. If access to natural light is not properly available, the interiors become dark and dull. This takes away much of the aesthetic value of the interiors. If the windows are the right size and are located in a place where they can receive enough natural light throughout the day, it makes the whole room look more lively and welcoming.

Importance of Window Treatments

However, the windows alone are not sufficient to give a homely appeal to the décor of the room. Dressing up your windows with appropriate window coverings is a crucial cog in the wheel but its importance is often overlooked. Some people perceive window coverings as a decorative addition to the home interiors but contrary to that belief, these window coverings can be highly functional too. More often than not they exhibit a perfect balance between productivity and aesthetic prudence to provide excellent value for your investment.

Depending on the setting, availability of space, your specific needs, and personal preferences, you can get your choice of window treatments that fulfill such pre-requisites. From fancy drapery to modern window treatments and from the good old curtains to elegant Roman shades, there is no dearth of options to choose from. From the type of window coverings to the choice of colors, from different material options to various designs and patterns, every aspect of getting window treatments for your place lends itself to innumerable possibilities and choices.

How to Select Window Treatments for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a very important section of the house. However, its requirements are very different from the rest of the house. You want the interiors to be less flashy and more oriented towards ensuring comfort. Privacy is another key factor for the bedroom as it is your private space and you surely don’t want anyone snooping on your, peeping inside your bedroom, and violating the sanctity of your personal space.

You also expect to get a sound sleep that is not interrupted by the bright light coming from the outside. Though many people follow a sleep routine that starts at night, there are other people who have awkward work shifts and sleep timings. So, there should be provisions for blocking out the outside light effectively at any time of the day. This is important to ensure that you are able to enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep in your bedroom whenever you want.

Window coverings that you decide to get for dressing up the windows in your bedroom need to capable of handling the requirements specific to the bedroom. Some of the most important factors are good heat insulation and excellent blackout performance. These specific needs are important to make sure that there is no heat gain inside the bedroom and outside light is blocked out to prevent interruptions to your sleep. If you can get window treatments that also provide some amount of sound-proofing, that will be awesome as such window coverings can reduce interruptions due to noise penetration.

Stylistic preferences can be another factor in finalizing the choice of window treatments that you opt for but that can not be at the expense of factors mentioned above. Window coverings have a decorative function but ensuring productivity is just as critical.
Motorized Roman Shades

What are Roman Shades?

Roman shades are one of the most popular window covering options. These have been in use since the age of the Roman empire. That makes these shades a truly classic variety of window coverings. Just like any other type of shades, the Roman shades have a continuous fabric layer that not only provides coverage to the windows but also protects against the outside dust. You can easily operate them using a pull cord or can opt for cordless or motorized versions of the Roman shades. When you retract them, they fold up into neat pleats but when they are lower they extend into a smooth and continuous fabric layer.

The Roman shades are ideal for heat insulation, light control, and blackout performance. This is what makes them an ideal candidate for dressing up bedroom windows. However, these shades are elegant, minimalistic, and versatile enough to be used in any setting, irrespective of whether it is your bedroom, living room, or even your office space.
Cordless Blackout Roman Shades

5 Roman Shades Ideas for the Bedroom

Roman shades provide good heat insulation, light control, blackout performance, and also safeguard your privacy very effectively. This makes them perfect for covering bedroom windows. Now, you can always experiment with the way you use your Roman shades to further accentuate the décor of your bedroom. Let us look at some of the most appealing Roman shades ideas for your bedroom:

Contrast the Roman Shades with the Background Wall
The background wall acts as the perfect backdrop for your window coverings. Hence, if you want your Roman shades to stand out, contrasting them with the background wall will be a good way of doing that. If the wall has a light shade, you can opt for darker hues for your Roman shades and vice versa. The beautiful contrast will help bring the window frame into focus, thereby enhancing its appeal.
Violet Roman Shades
Use Interesting Prints and Patterns
If the plain design seems too dull for your liking, you can opt for some interesting prints and patterns such as floral or tropical motifs to add more character to the look of your Roman shades. This will also help add more aesthetic value to the décor of your bedroom.
Blue White Printed Roman Shades
Use Valances with the Roman Shades
Valances are a great way of accentuating the window frame. These valances can be also be used to elegantly cover the ugly mounting mechanism of your window treatments. This gives a neat look to your window and also provides some depth and symmetry to the window dressings. You can use the valances to heighten the effect and visual appeal of your Roman shades. From wooden valances to fabric variants, you have a variety of options to work with.
Roman Shades with Valances for Bedroom

Use Blackout Material For Your Roman Shades
Effectively blocking out the outside light is important for the bedroom as you don’t want it to interrupt your sleep. You can use thicker blackout fabric in your Roman shades to get excellent blackout performance. The thicker fabric also provides some extent of sound-proofing to your bedroom. So you get a quieter bedroom where you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Use Curtains along with the Roman Shades
If you want to add more visual interest to the look of your Roman shades, you can use them in combination with curtains. From fancy sheer curtains to elegant and functional blackout curtains, you have a lot of variety when it comes to finding the ideal ones to pair with your Roman shades. This combination will surely add more symmetry and visual depth to the décor of your bedroom. The curtains will also help your Roman shades in providing effective heat insulation and blackout performance as the curtains can act as an added layer of coverage for your bedroom windows.
Integrating Roman Shade with Curtain
All these Roman shade ideas for your bedroom are easy to implement. The benefits in terms of aesthetic enhancement and improved functional efficiency make them totally worth the effort. The bedroom is your personal space and at the end of the day, you want it to be a place you love. The Roman shades enhance both the visual appeal of your bedroom and the privacy performance of your bedroom windows, giving you more reasons to admire the place.

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