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5 Remote Control Venetian Blinds That Use A Motorized Tilt

5 Remote Control Venetian Blinds That Use A Motorized Tilt

It’s always a good idea to dress up windows with some simple and versatile solutions, not only for aesthetic purposes but in order to achieve functional and practical values. When you look at the window fashion industry, there are plenty of designs available that are manufactured to create a designer-worthy look for your windows. But if you are someone who wants to create a classy look for the decor while adding a minimalistic touch, then Venetian blinds are a great choice. These blinds combine uniqueness, ease of use, and simplicity, all in one. There are more than hundreds of eye-catching colors, trendy textures, special features, and finishes make them a top pick of 2020.

But in this modern century, simplicity is not the last thing you should consider. Technological advancements have changed the way of our daily living in a dramatic way. Starting from Smartphones to smart cameras, lighting systems, everything has made our life so easier. Just like the other household items, your windows also need to be special, and integrating motorization with the Venetian blinds will do more than you expect. Forget about those clumsy and tangled window cords that used to be a deathly risk for your little ones. Having remote control venetian blinds means just flipping a switch or pressing a remote button in order to open and close them as per the needs and convenience.

Whether you are planning to renovate your home interior or want to upgrade the look of your windows, these remote-controlled Venetian blinds will change the look and feel of your entire home decor. They become one of the most popular and reliable options for business owners and homeowners because of their endless benefits. In this article, we will show you the top-recommended Venetian blinds that use a motorized tilt and the impact of getting them installed, so that you can buy them without any hassle!

● 2 Inch Aluminum Grandeur Graber Motorized Blinds

If you want to give your windows a smart durable look, then these 2-inch Venetian blinds are a great choice. Using a remote you can easily tilt the blind slats as per your requirements. Additionally, use Mylink Wi-Fi bridge to control the motor from your Smartphone or connect your Venetian blinds with a smart home automation system using a ZRTSCI II Z-Wave to RTS Bridge. Efficiently manages heat gain and heat loss by adjusting the slats. Keeping the blinds closed will offer the maximum level of protection. They are powered with battery, Solar Power Kit, Plug-in Transformer, or Multi-motor Power Supply. Customizing the shades will increase the value of your space.
Motorized Aluminum Blinds

● 2 Inch Wood Graber Motorized Blinds

Besides smart features, if you are looking for something long-lasting, then these blinds are perfect. These  motorized wood blinds work well in high traffic and high humidity areas. They are made of 2-inch wood slats that balance the incoming natural light and heat and helps to maintain the privacy level. These blinds are available in a wide variety of colors and design options that give your windows a seamless look and add sophistication to your decor.
Motorized Wood Blinds

● 2 Inch Composite Graber Blinds

If you are looking to give your small windows a dramatic look while adding the touch of technology, then these composite blinds are a perfect choice. Their sleek and smooth look gives your windows an amazing touch. Blocking out the direct daylight to offering privacy, these blinds are incredible. Raise or lower them using a remote button and keep them as per your desired location. The blinds are resistant to dust, scratch, and stain which make them distinct from other solutions. Customize the blinds with decorative valances and color-coordinated components to get the perfect synchronized appearance.

● 2 Inch Vinyl Graber Motorized Blinds

If you are looking for a cost-effective smart window solution, then these blinds might be the answer. The 2-inch vinyl slats are resistant to scratch, mold, and mildew. Keep the blinds open to allow natural daylight and keep them close to get maximum privacy. The motorized function lets the slats move as per the requirements. Even the programmable timer will maintain a consistent temperature all year around. Different motor options are available to control the window blinds effectively.
Vinyl Window Blinds
These are the top recommended Venetian blinds that use motorized tilt for smooth functionality. These blinds not only give you the ultimate pleasure but their cordless mechanism ensures safety and security for your space. If you are looking for something lightweight yet durable and smart tech featured practical window solutions, go for these remote-controlled Venetian Blinds!

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