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5 Reasons Why You Should Link Your Smart Shades To Amazon Alexa

5 Reasons Why You Should Link Your Smart Shades To Amazon Alexa

Our world has seen massive technological advancement in the last decade. Since then, the number of people using technology has increased significantly. From simple electronic devices and tools to smart appliances – the change has been phenomenal.

Following this trend, some home decorators and manufacturers have come up with automatic drapes and smart shades. Shades and drapes have been there for more than a century, but they have remained to operate manually. New shades are changing the scenario drastically.

The new technology allows you to link smart shades. Let’s dive into the features.

What are smart shades?

Smart shades are basically window shades that you can control with a smart device. Your smartphone will connect to the shade with a dedicated app. Other devices are great, too; the most common of them is Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa is a wonderful device when it comes to remotely controlling household things, such as TVs, Fridge, fans, AC, washing machines, sound systems, and of course, window shades.

The shades let you pair them directly to the Z wave smart hub of your house, which brings all the controls in one place. From that, you will be able to control the shades to your liking through your voice or Smartphone. You can adjust them all at once; or change them individually, all with simple commands.

How to activate Alexa controls?

Enabling Alexa controls for your smart shades is pretty easy. Follow the instructions and connect the shades to the hub. After that, go to My Devices and click on the name of the shade. After editing the settings and rediscovering from the Alexa app, you’ll be able to fully control your shades.

Some basic commands include turning on, turning off or closing, and setting the shades to a certain percentage. For that, you have to ask Alexa to set the shade to your desired percentage.

You can also open or close all the windows using your Amazon Alexa application. All you need to do is to open the Alexa application and create a group in it. Once you have your group ready, you need to assign all the windows and blinds of your room to the group. You need to use the proper name of the group and apply the appropriate commands.

Why should you link your smart shades to Alexa?

It is completely up to you whether you want a smart shade or not. However, if you settle for a smart shade, there are several reasons for linking them with Amazon Alexa. Moreover, you can enjoy some benefits of that. Below are the five reasons for linking your shades to Alexa.

  • Smarter is better – Smart devices are the future, so why not connect them to Alexa and enjoy the benefits that smart devices offer? Connecting the shades to Alexa takes just a few moments and that enables a 24-hour control of them.
  • Superior control – Gone are the days where you had to adjust the shades by hand. Alexa allows you to adjust them from anywhere, at any time. You can adjust them all at once or choose individual shades. The voice control operates the shades smoothly and perfectly every time.
  • Weather specific sensitivity – Some shades come with you feature that allow you to set your shades in different settings in different weathers. You can also configure it according to the time of the day. For example, Alexa will automatically open the shades in the morning to let more sunlight in and close when the house is warmed up. The sensors will sense humidity and rain and set the shades to the right percentage to keep the rain out.
  • Security – Pair Alexa with your home security system and connect the smart shades to increase the safety of your house. Whenever you need to go out, you may remotely adjust the shades. In terms of safety, they surely give you an upper hand.
  • Maintenance – The smart shades require minimal maintenance to operate smoothly. Moreover, you don’t need to touch them. Hence they will get less dirty.

Do you need smart blinds?

The need can be considered as a strong word. The modern world looks for convenience in every aspect of life. When it comes to controlling your shades and blinds, you find it one of the passive tasks. To help you with the task, the smart blinds open and close independently without you having to lift your finger or sway it. You have to input some commands, and voila! It would do your work.

Apart from that, you can also set an automated schedule for your smart blinds. This feature helps to create an illusion that you are at your home. You can open and close your smart blinds each day without you being at home. This functionality is very convenient as you do not have to remember to adjust your blinds every morning or night. It efficiently blocks away from the outer light that helps the user to experience a night of better sleep. Invariably in the morning, the blind adjust itself to let in the sunshine that can help you to wake up early in the morning.

Moreover, the electronic smart window treatments are ideal for nights where you require maximum privacy. Sometimes we do want to relax on our couch, especially on the weekend morning. In those cases, you can offer commands to your Alexa to open or close the smart shades. It can help you to get your job done without any difficulties or work.

Is it worth it to link smart shades with Alexa?

Smart motorized blinds tend to have a greater cost than any other retrofit option. It can cost several hundred dollars for one window. However, the cost of the shades is largely dependent on the size of the window. If you have smaller Windows, then you need to pay less amount for your smart shades. It is worth noting that professional installation always offers you the best result.

However, you may be able to install the retrofit treatment all by yourself. But you should keep in mind that you have to have a hub for various smart window treatments. And not to mention, these treatments come with extra costs. But, the benefits that you get with smart shades and Alexa are incomparable. Therefore it is worth linking your shades with Alexa.

In summary

Controlling your shades and blinds with Alexa’s voice-activated technology can somewhat make you feel upgraded. This futuristic technology is becoming popular day by day. Several smart window treatment and smart home design companies provide the customers with automated smart blinds that you can integrate with the home automation systems.

If you don’t want to miss all the benefits, don’t hesitate to link your smart shades to Alexa.

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