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5 Reasons To Get Blinds For Your Pergola


 When the winter season gives way to spring, everyone is eager to step out of the house and explore and interact with nature. Modern-day architecture facilitates this need by creating exquisitely crafted spaces outside the regular structure of the house. A porch, veranda, patio, deck, and pergola are some of the solutions provided by contemporary architects. Out of all these, pergolas have stood out as popular constructions for gardens and are a popular spot to hang out during the spring and coming summer.

What Is A Pergola?

The word pergola originates from the Latin word pergula, which stands for a flat projecting eve or roof which extends over an area. It is an apt description as historically speaking, pergolas were constructed on one side of the house and spread over a deck. In modern households, pergolas have been shifted to the gardens and are very popular amongst people who want to spend time in the lap of nature. If appropriately designed, they become the focal point of the house and offer a nice cozy outdoor seating arrangement that adds a lot of visual appeal to the house’s exterior. However, such an outdoor space can feel exposed to the elements and prying eyes. Blinds for pergolas provide the ultimate solution to this problem.

Five Reasons To Get Blinds For Pergolas

  1. Maximum Utilization of the Space: If the owner has a constructed a pergola in a compact place, then using the blinds can help utilize the space to its maximum.  Further, these blinds can also help the owner transform the pergola as per the need.  They can opt for motorized roller blinds and can use them as per their requirements. Thus, the roller blind helps the owner utilize the entire space at disposal and create a personal space.
  2. Protection from the Natural Elements: If the owner of the house uses the best quality blind in a pergola, they can shield the interior from the harsh elements of nature like excessive heat, dust, sunlight, rain, and insects. Blinds make pergolas a handy and sought-after space where one can be in touch with nature without worrying about the harsher elements. Blinds also protect the furnishings in the pergola from getting faded by exposure to excessive sunlight.
  3. Enhanced Privacy: Blinds in a pergola provide enhanced privacy to the owner. They are available in a wide variety of materials and colour combinations to suit individual needs. In addition, blinds offer the owner the flexibility to have privacy in the pergola when required. It is because of the blinds in a pergola that one can have relaxed and comfortable moments in the pergola without thinking about the neighbours and the prying eyes.
  4. Augment the Aesthetic Appeal: Blinds are available in a lot of styles. One can choose the look which goes with the overall theme of the garden. In the absence of blinds, the only viable option is to use plants on the side of the pergola. With the blinds in a pergola, the owner can not only bring the “interiors outside” but also amalgamate the “exterior inside.” It helps the owner to relax in the lap of nature without moving out to an open space.
  5. Versatility and Ease of Use: Outdoor blinds for pergolas offer a lot of versatility and flexibility as they come in different sizes and can also be custom adjusted. These blinds can also be adjusted to suit the owner’s budget and requirements. Much more importantly, these blinds can blend with any theme and background and create a comfortable place to spend time with one’s family and friends.  Besides, these blinds come with the option of motorized or manual operation, thereby ensuring ease of use.

Points To Consider While Selecting Blind For A Pergola

Selecting the right blinds for the pergola is very crucial. The following points are to be kept in mind:

  1. Colour: One should select the colour of the blind, keeping in mind the garden’s theme and the overall ambiance.
  2. Durability: The owner should opt for blinds that are durable rather than fancy ones. It is so because the pergola blinds have to remain outdoors and have to endure excessive wear and tear due to the elements of nature.
  3. Selection of Blinds and Materials: Designing the pergola is not simply about the size and shape. The choice of blind for the pergola will be determined by the kind of furniture the owner wants to have. In addition, the owner has to think about whether they wants the pergola to be heated during winters. One also has to decide the material from which the pergola will be built. Last but not least, the selection of the blind is also determined by the direction from which the sunlight will enter the pergola. Blinds especially come in handy if the sun tends to dip below the level of roof protection during the day. Motorized blinds can be opted for to ensure that the desired a mount of sunlight is allowed inside of the pergola throughout the day.

Types Of Blinds Available For A Pergola

Blinds come in a wide variety of shades, and fabrics but broadly speaking, they can be sorted into two main types keeping in mind the outdoor requirements of a pergola.

  1. Black-Out BlindsBlack-out blinds are suitable for pergolas where the sunlight is very bright. Pergolas with black-out blinds can provide respite from the heat and light. By using these blinds, one can create a sort of an oasis between a hot and humid day.
  2. See Through shades: See-through shades are so designed that they allow air to circulate freely in the pergola while at the same time providing shade to the owners. The additional advantage of the see-through blinds is that they offer a splendid view of the garden. These are suitable for pergolas in the garden, which are shady, and the primary purpose is to create a place for relaxation which is safe from bugs and insects.
  3. Manual or Automated Operation:  Besides the style and type of blinds, an essential thing for the house owner to decide is whether he wants to opt for manual or automated blinds for the pergola. A remote-controlled and motorized blind adds sophistication and ease of use, while the manual ones with a crankshaft tend to be more durable. Depending on the requirement and who has to operate the blind, the decision should be taken so that a pergola should become an independent room outside in the garden.

Thus, blinds are a must for a pergola situated in the garden. A modern and stylish blind and a well-structured pergola add to the house’s aesthetic appeal. In addition, it helps in taking the indoor-outside and provides the resident a private space to relax and socialize with family and friends. Suitable blinds in a pergola provide privacy from the intruding gaze of people and safety from the elements of nature. The added benefit of having good quality blinds in a pergola is that they help in better insulation control and reduce electricity consumption. No wonder the majority of homeowners want a pergola in their house.

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