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5 Purple Honeycomb Shades to Bring Grandeur and Elegance to Your Dining Room

5 Purple Honeycomb Shades to Bring Grandeur and Elegance to Your Dining Room

This is the season to bring some glitz and glamour into your interiors. Splash out those colors and usher in the New Year in style. The thought of purple can be a bit daunting, especially if you think of the deep purple. However, soft purple has a great potential of turning a drab living area into something grand and elegant.

The best way to incorporate a daring color scheme into your interiors is through the window covering. Windows dominate the visual circuit in a big way. Covering up a large swathe of the walls, window coverings can take the central stage in the decorations of any room.

For this reason, window coverings are the best way of introducing a daring color. Window covering also plays a huge role in keeping your rooms comfortable and cozy, which is probably why you should first decide on the type of window dressing you wish for your room, before focussing on the aesthetic aspects.

If you are looking for a multi-functional window covering, which is great to look at, and affordable at the same time, go for honeycomb shades. Their unique style would go with any décor of your choice, be it traditional or modern.

Blackout Cellular Shades

Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

Insulation: The most important benefit of honeycomb shade lies in its superior insulating properties. Honeycomb shades come with a unique design. They consist of honeycomb-like empty air pockets, which trap the air in and turn the whole fabric into a formidable insulating layer. For this reason, honeycomb shades can prevent heat-gain and protect your interiors from losing hot or cold air. This ultimately leads to great savings on your energy bills.

Light Control

The fabric of honeycomb shades allows you complete control over the light flowing into the room. With a light filtering fabric, you will a diffused glow, minus the heat and the glare. With thicker, room darkening fabric, you will be able to cut off light almost completely to get the perfect atmosphere for grabbing a peaceful nap or just relaxing in front of the TV.


The pleated look of honeycomb shades adds a new charm and grace to your windows. It keeps your windows looking neat and fresh. Without the heavy grandeur that usually comes with curtains and drapes or the cluttered look of Venetian blinds, the soft and light look of the honeycomb shades would add a whole new look to your room.


With honeycomb shades, you get to keep your privacy intact, while enjoying the full benefit of natural light. Honeycomb shades can be fitted into a lot of design variations that cater to different privacy requirements.

5 Purple Honeycomb Shades for a Grand and Elegant Room

Try out these lovely ideas for an eye-catching purple look.

White and Lilac

For a muted and ultra-modern look, combine stark white walls with lilac honeycomb shades. To maintain the purple theme, add purple in geometric shapes like chairs and wall art. Natural wood flooring and natural wood furniture would further heighten the contrast between white and lilac.

If you wish to relieve the monotony, add stark black lines through flower vases and floor lamps. The honeycomb shades will keep the room comfortable and bright, irrespective of the weather outside. Now, enjoy a perfect, relaxing day in complete isolation from the world outside.

Brown and Purple

Harness the soothing richness of purple with a hearty blend of soft brown and pastels. Brown and purple are an unlikely combination, but when they come together, the effect is dramatic. Soft browns are easy to get, through flooring and furniture. But if you wish to blend it seamlessly with the purple theme, pair them with blue-based purple honeycomb shades. For greater impact, layer your honeycomb shades with purple and brown curtains. To stop the two colors from dominating the whole décor, use loads of neutral accents like straw and ivory in furniture, rugs, cushions, and lampshades.

Mauve and Grey

A clever blend of mauve and grey has the potential of weaving a serene atmosphere over your room. Add a splash of glamour with deliberate use of marble top center-tables and side tables. Use deep blue to add some element of interest, probably on the walls or mirrors.

Soft honeycomb shades would add a new dimension to the room. Their pleated pattern would balance out the solid lines of the furniture and marble top tables. Add loads of flowers for some new textures.

Purple and Blue

Although purple and blue belong to the same family, they can be combined to achieve a dramatic effect. As both the colors have a powerful presence, you need to create a buffer with grey and white. Light purple honeycomb blinds can be the perfect backdrop for a dark blue sofa, while grey and white can be used in rugs and cushions, along with clear-glass tables, to create a chic, futuristic décor.

Wine and Purple

If you are looking for a spectacular effect, combine wine furniture with deep purple honeycomb shades. Balance them out with light purple walls and high-pile white rugs. Make clever use of light and make the room more vibrant with big mirrors. This style might not be suitable for every palate, but if you pull it off, your room will be the talk of the season.

Make the most of purple this festive season with the gorgeous honeycomb shades and create the perfect blend of elegance and grandeur for your comfortable interiors.