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5 Porch Shades Ideal for Outdoor Protection

Porch Shades

Porch Shade Ideas: Install for Your Outdoor Area

If having an outdoor oasis is your dream, then embellish that space by decorating it with the proper elements. When it comes to transforming the look of your exterior area, there are so many things to consider – You can get some small plants, artworks or add funky cushions to improve the aesthetics. These are the most comfortable and least expensive ways to decorate the place, but when it comes to functional elements, they are not what you should be looking for. While relaxing or spending quality time outdoors, no one wants to expose themselves to the sun’s harmful rays. So, when planning for outdoor decoration, consider putting a shade in your design that will allow fresh air to enter the space while protecting you from outdoor conditions.

Protecting outdoors not only makes the extreme climate bearable for us but also safeguards us against harmful sunlight. A report by the Environmental Working Group tested more than 1700 SPF products and proved that 80% provide inferior sun protection. When you are enjoying your outdoor living area, applying an SPF product does not offer the ultimate protection from the harmful rays. That’s why consider installing shades so that you can cherish this summer comfortably and peacefully.

If you are looking for the best looking yet feasible and fully functional solutions, then this article may help you. We have covered the top five designer shades that will look best from the outside also.

Outdoor Protection with Permanent Solutions

Install shades and blinds to provide your friends and family members with outdoor sun protection while providing them a comfortable ambiance. If your current outdoor area does not have any shade option, then here are the top five options that are stylish and affordable too.

• Hang Curtains or Draperies – Window curtains are a cost-effective and versatile way to protect your patio area. No matter whether you have a small area or large, they will provide complete protection. Curtains gently filter the natural daylight and offer privacy, keeping the space comfy and soothing. They act as insulators as well and balance an ideal temperature throughout the day. Customizing them with variant colors and fabric choices will give your arena an astounding appearance while adding architectural interest. Attach valances or cornices for added elegance. These curtains can be paired with any window shadings for enhanced mechanism and flexibility. Curtains can get dirty easily, so make sure you choose hearty fabrics that can be put in the wash.
So if you want to make your outdoor a paradise for your dear ones, then curtains are the right window solution structure for you.
Draperies for Porch
• Exterior Solar Shades – If you are looking for a permanent shade option that will protect your exterior area from the harshness of direct sunlight, excess heat, UV beams, and glare, then opt for outdoor solar shades. From different design and style choices, you can customize the best one that will suit your yard or patio perfectly.
Featuring these shades with the latest technology makes your backyard a perfect retreat to sit back and relax for the whole day. These shades will allow you to see outside but will maintain an ultimate level of privacy, so that outsiders cannot peep inside the space. Explore the latest fabric options and get your favorite one.
Exterior Solar Shades for Porch
• Outdoor Roll Shades – Hang these shades in your patio area and protect your health and furnishings from the direct daylight and UV rays. They are a popular choice when it comes to backyard protection as they can block out the excess sunlight effectively. But make sure to select the fabric (light filtering, room darkening, and blackout) options properly as per your needs. Their endless availability in color and texture options makes you customize your favorite design that will match your décor space.
Add motorization to enjoy the ultimate luxury of operation and access them using a smartphone or your voice. Sensors will maintain a consistent climate by keeping the warmness out of the home. Outdoor roller shades can be an easy way to add an instant ambiance while nurturing your exterior spirit.
• Energy-efficient Cellular Shades – After outdoor roller and solar shades, cellular shades take a considerable place when it comes to outdoor protection. Their unique design traps the excess heat inside their air pockets for insulation and energy-efficiency. By obstructing the light, glare, harmful rays, and outside noise, the shades add a dashing elegance to this area. Insulation depends on the cell size and cell range, so it’s recommended to go for double cell shades, which have more effectiveness than the single cell shades. The shades come up with many specifications and customization options to fulfill the needs of the homeowners.
Besides, you can go for day night cellular shades, which have two fabrics in one headrail. During day time, the shades protect you from any outside hazard and night time, the shades prevent the unnecessary light and sound and create a peaceful moment. Add motorization to these window dressings for high-end convenience and luxury. Before going for these shades, consider your outdoor conditions as the fabrics are not waterproof and can be difficult to clean.
• Custom Natural Shades – Outdoors is the perfect way to connect with the outside world, bringing the natural beauty and freshness inside the space. To enhance this natural fragrance, put natural window shades and blinds for the porch area. These shades not only provide a safeguard against sunlight or heat, but they keep the harmful bugs and insects out of the area. Made of natural elements, these shades are a real solution for exterior protection.
Natural Shades for Porch

Note – While customizing the shades, you can go for blackout material that for complete blockage from the sunlight and heat.

Select One and Go for It!! We hope that these designer shade ideas will help you to get the one you are looking for. Now it’s up to you which one you will go for. Before hanging these shades, make sure to check if they are treated for outdoor use or consider which ones are appropriate for your climate. Make the right decision that will last forever!!