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5 Popular Upholstered Cornice Shapes

5 Popular Upholstered Cornice Shapes

Stylish Upholstered Cornice Shapes for an Elegant Appeal

Cornices are considered as one of the top decorative moldings of your windows. They are designed to hide the unwanted window hardware and have been streamlined to complement the look of your home decor. Their unique shapes add grace throughout the surroundings especially when they are properly customized and installed. Though cornices are divided into three categories – Wood, Upholstered, and Lambrequins, but if you want to add a soft feel to the windows, then Upholstered Cornices are the right choice to go for. They are padded and covered with fabrics and can easily match your existing window solutions or in addition, you can add some color or pattern to make them look subtle and precise. They are a stylish way of adding flair to the living space. Wrapping the fabrics around the wooden box adds architectural interest and their incredible functionality and versatility make them the number one choice. The unique design solutions of upholstered cornices have been a feature of classical architecture for centuries and were used to prevent the light and heat from the top of the windows. They are available in different shapes and styles to transform the window appearance, making them look unique. In this article, we have discussed the top upholstered cornice shapes which can do wonders for your home. Check them out to find out your preferred style!

Upholstered Cornices

Different Types of Upholstered Cornice Styles

  • Straight Cornice:

As it sounds, this cornice looks like a rectangular box without any bottom or back. It is designed using a solid wooden material or a straight piece of plywood and fabric is wrapped around the frame. You can choose the fabric as per your design taste in order to build a designer-worthy appeal. The simple clean lines and compact look make them a classic choice that will look proportional in any window. The further variations of this popular cornice shape include step straight and curve step straight.

  • Diamond Cornice:

If you want to give your windows a traditional look, then this fashionable cornice shape is your go-to option. This cornice looks similar to the straight upholstered cornice style but with added frills to the front. The front edge of this design solution comes with two complementary fabrics cut in triangular shapes and separated by a welt. These designer cornices are available in a variety of colors and pattern choices that will give windows a finishing touch. Measure windows properly and determine the exact length to mount your cornice accurately

  • Scalloped Cornice:

This cornice looks like a scalloped shell and the front edge of these coverings is finished with radial curves. There are different types of scalloped cornices available which are defined by the number of points and the depth through which the curves are styled. The beauty of this design will truly transform your windows with style and nostalgia. The soft curves will add a touch of elegance and dimension. They can accommodate any size window and offer various functional values to your space. Whether hung alone or paired with other window shades, they will enrich the look of the decor to the next level.

  • Arched Cornice:

If you want to complete the look of your windows, giving it a more traditional appeal, then these upholstered arched cornices are the answer. The elegant fabric helps in adding visual interest to the decor while concealing the unattractive window hardware. The unique arch shape softens the look of the windows. These cornices are made of wood frame, wrapped with upholstery fabric with matching dust cap cover. While choosing the fabric, make sure to select solid color fabrics, or add some pattern to it with some subtle or classic stripe in order to create sober aesthetics.

  • Cutout Cornice:

While the above cornice shapes are standalone, cutout cornice features two different shapes in one – arches/curves and steps. Combining these two can easily coordinate with both the traditional and modern home decor. With these upholstered cornice shapes, you have to be very specific with the steps and curves. The popular cutout cornices include step straight, curve step straight, step arched, and curve step arched. But you can always customize or mix and match these steps and curves according to your needs.


These are the top upholstered cornice shapes which are popular in every home decor. But there are many shapes available in the window fashion markets which are covered with soft elegant fabric material, check them out and get the suitable one for your doors or windows.  Consult with the professionals to get more ideas and inspirations on various upholstered cornice shapes!