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5 Popular Home Decor Styles For The Modern Home


Interior decor and design come in a variety of formulas and formats. While they might be utterly distinct at times, sometimes they might just have the finest differences. However, each of them offers its own unique finish, flavor, and experience that furnishes a space in exceptional ways. So, being aware of what makes various interior decor styles stand out from the rest can be handier than you might think, making sure you choose the ideal one for your home and aiding you in achieving visual perfection with less hassle. From art-deco to coastal, it looks like there is an infinite number of home decor styles available which can make it puzzling to understand what each one actually means. The first step towards creating a collective decor scheme is going for the one that fits the bill perfectly. Here are some of the most popular home decor styles:

  1. Contemporary

Contemporary houses have intentional use of textures, clean lines, and a modern appearance that doesn’t seem trendy or going out of style any soon. Those who want their house to make an aesthetic statement commonly opt for contemporary interiors, as they often contain an element of suspense.​ Elements of contemporary design include unusual layouts, open space plans, use of neutral colors, natural light, metal accent pieces, textured and natural fabric, very dark or very light wood tones, and lighting design used as an artistic statement.

  1. Traditional

The traditional home decor style is a blend of ageless, attractive, and well-defined components. Stark and never messy, this interior style is mainly about comfort and warmth. Visualize calm shades, an emphasis on symmetry, and understated furnishings with classic lines. The traditional interior style offers well-ordered decors, solace, and predictable space. If you are looking to create a place that feels homely and inviting, then consider a traditional decor style with crown moldings, wood furniture, and other accessories.

  1. Boho

The bohemian decor style focuses on natural components like wicker and bamboo and also in introducing the outdoors inside with plenty of plants. It is a very casual style that creates an incredibly relaxed space. Bohemian features earthy colors like natural woods, hunter greens, and creams, with some pops of color throughout the room. It is an exceptional decor for those who want a relaxed space highlighting maximalist beauty.

  1. Mid-century Modern

Mid-century modern, a design period from the mid-1930s through the late 1960s, is a decor style leaning heavily towards a period and an elegant look. Over the past few years, mid-century modern style has made a great comeback in the decor world. The typical definition of mid-century includes pieces that look futuristic in functionality with their aesthetic acting as prime drivers in design options. Consider including clean lines and slim, tapered legs with few accessories in retro colors like orange, red, or green throughout the room.

  1. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian decor style incorporates functionality, simplicity, and efficiency. It also introduces affordability to the palette. This decor style creates a perfect balance between cozy, personal welcome and minimalist efficiency. The Scandinavian decor features bare ornamentation, natural materials, and fine detailing. Contours and silhouettes in Scandinavian decors are more rounded and curling, which offers a much warmer vibe with natural textures in the barest arrangements and layouts.

Selecting Window Treatments For Your Modern Home

The windows of a home are not just built-in structures. Rather, they are fundamental, a functional requirement, and an elegant addition having a direct effect on our happiness. As imperative as windows are, how they are covered is also very crucial as a bare window appears pretty much like a clear canvas. From drapes, curtains, valances, shades, blinds, the choices are endless. A correctly dressed window can make the difference between a bright decor and one that is not quite there yet.

While looking for contemporary window coverings, you should select natural colors, grey, and white, and light-colored wood finishes. These design options contribute to the signature appearance of modern windows. Some considerations for contemporary modern window coverings are as follows:

  • Wood Blinds: These blinds are the best option for contemporary decor. The organic finish goes well with a contemporary house and couples with neutral as well as bright colors alike. You can easily pick a style that suits you and is well within your budget as wood blinds come in organic materials and neutral colors.
  • Panel Track Blinds: These blinds fit in perfectly for a contemporary house because of their sleek lines while possessing the ability to cover modern, large windows. Panel track blinds are an excellent window covering choice if your ideal contemporary house features big, floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Grommet Drapery: These draperies have strong characteristics, a symmetrical aesthetic, and tidy lines offering a modern, distinct, and elegant appearance to your house. Grommet drapery provides an inviting upgrade to authentic drapery which can be an ideal window covering for your contemporary decor.
  • Ripple Fold Drapery: This is another good choice for drapery that accents a contemporary interior. Ripple fold drapery possesses neat, uniform lines and comes in neutral and simple colors.
  • Woven Wood Shades: These shades present tidy lines and are made of organic materials in a neutral color scheme. Most woven wood shades are made of eco-friendly wood and materials like bamboo.
  • Roller Shades: These shades offer privacy and simplicity with the ability to pick heavy dramatic prints or sheer light fabrics. Roller shades are one of the minimally invasive window covering styles due to which they are often preferred for contemporary interiors.

Bottom Line An elementary understanding of design concepts and styles can be of good help in strengthening your personal design inspiration. The ability to choose various interior decor styles helps you to bring up artistic visualization of your future house and offer a framework to create your personal aesthetic. With a wide range of materials and styles available, window coverings are a perfect way of adding color and elevating a space. While choosing window coverings, think of the ambiance you are planning to introduce in the space. Window coverings vary from traditional, classic pleated drapes to contemporary blinds which makes them an easy way of transforming a space while adding personality.

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