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5 Perfect Blinds for Your Outdoor Veranda

5 Blinds Perfect For Your Outdoor Veranda

A veranda can become a valuable living space if you deck it up in style. With many houses lacking a garden or any other open space, a veranda can be your mini-slice of the outdoors. If you have adequate protection against the elements, your veranda can become a functional area for the whole year, where you can entertain or just somewhere you can have a cup of coffee watching the sun go down.

There is practically no limit to the ways you can enjoy a veranda. But the weather can be a spoilsport. Selecting proper blinds for your veranda is key to enhancing its utility.

Key Elements of Outdoor Blinds

It is important to know what you want in your motorized outdoor shades before you embark on the task of finding one. The market is full of a wide range of outdoor blinds that would fit any budget size and artistic palate. Let’s look at some of the features that are a must-have in an outdoor blind.

Purpose While you might have a number of reasons why you want to install blinds in your veranda, try and isolate two primary reasons guiding your choice. It can be privacy, light control, insulation, and so on. Make your primary reason the main feature and add the rest as added functionality. This will narrow down your choice.

Light Control
Light can have a profound effect on your comfort. While warm sunshine can have a soothing effect, the glare and scorching heat of the sun can make it impossible to spend quality time in the veranda. Select blinds with enhanced light filtering options if you wish to have a good balance of light and shade in your veranda.

Temperature Control
If you wish to use your veranda in the winter, you need to have a good think about insulation. You need to stop the heat from escaping, so that the space remains warm and toasty, even when the weather is wreaking havoc outside.

In case you wish to use your outdoor veranda as an extension of your living room, you need to select a blind that offers you adequate privacy. Enhanced privacy will instantly make the veranda your private domain.

Sound Insulation
You might want blinds that block out outdoor noise, especially if your veranda faces a busy street or a noisy playground. With noise-cancellation blinds, enjoy your private space without the intrusion of the busy world outside.

Irrespective of which blind you select, you definitely want them to be durable, given the amount of exposure they will have to the elements. So, keep durability at the top of your feature-list when you are shopping for outdoor blinds.

5 Perfect Blinds for Your Outdoor Veranda

Let’s look at the five most common and multi-functional blinds that are perfect for your outdoor veranda.

Fabric Roof Awning

Getting a fabric roof awning can be the first step of weather-proofing your veranda. It will protect the area from wind and rain while providing shade from the midday sun. If you go for the fixed frame structure, it will provide added strength and bulk to withstand strong gusts of winds. The fabric will still be retractable so that at night you can enjoy the starry sky.

If your veranda has a glass roof, you can select to install an under-mounted awning. They provide shade while maintaining circulation inside the room. This is a perfect solution for those hot, sunny days when the glass traps heat and turns your veranda into a furnace.
Outdoor Awnings

External Roller Blinds

External roller blinds are the most common option for verandas. Their simplistic design and the sheer variety of material and patterns make them a favorite with customers. They also come with a wide range of functionalities, so that you can select to add privacy, insulation, temperature, and light control benefits to the same blind. These are waterproof blinds and are made from material that is heat resistant, which cuts off harmful UV rays, and at times provides insulation from external heat and noise. If you are expecting your blind to be multi-functional, external roller blinds are the ones for you.
Exterior Roller Shades

Retractable Side Blinds

Retractable side blinds are excellent for protection against wind and the low sunbeams when the sun shines directly into your eyes. It is also great for privacy, as the view from the side is blocked, keeping the front open for you to enjoy.

These blinds are mounted on one steel post. When you need to use it, just pull it to the other side and fix it to the opposite post. When it is closed, it is usually cased in an aluminum cassette, which gives it a very neat appearance. These side blinds come in different colors and patterns, giving you a lot of options while selecting one.
Outdoor Retractable Blinds

Bamboo Stick Blinds

Bamboo stick blinds can be a great option if you are looking for that natural look, that lets in plenty of light and ventilation, but also keeps the space cool and comfortable. They are the most environmentally friendly option out there, being completely biodegradable and a sustainable option for outdoor use.

You can select from bamboo stick Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, roll-up blinds or vertical blinds. You can get them in any color and the material can withstand long exposure to the sun and other natural elements. Sustainability and durability are the two primary factors driving the rising demand for bamboo stick blinds.
Outdoor Bamboo Shades

Bistro Blinds

Bistro blinds are a great option if you want insulation, without compromising on the view. Bistro blinds allow you to choose from a wide selection of fabric, providing varying degrees of light filtration and insulation. You can also select to have retractable or foldable bistro blinds which give you the flexibility to open up you space with ease. If ease of operation is important, go for motorized bistro blinds, which are a rage nowadays.
Let your requirements guide your choice, and in no time, you will have transformed your outdoor veranda into a private haven.