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5 Outdoor Window Blinds for A Comfortable Summer

5 Outdoor Window Blinds For A Comfortable Summer

Fascinating Outdoor Window Blinds to Welcome Summer

Summer is all about soaking in the sunshine, having good food, and enjoying the relaxing breeze seating in the outdoor areas. Decorating your exterior area is very popular nowadays as it represents your overall home architecture. Putting some cushions, artificial flowers, or keeping a drinking bar aren’t the only ways to make your home look stunning and elegant. To beat the extreme summer heat, covering the place with right window treatments is the best way you can do to keep the space comfy and pleasing. Window decorations can add a whole new dimension in creating a relaxing retreat as they let the maximum amount of sunlight and warm air to enter your home. Outdoor blinds are uniquely built to protect your home from the harshness of harmful sunbeams while keeping you protected from the prying eyes of the outsiders. If you are looking for such options then this article is for you. Know the various amazing blinds that can transform the overall aesthetics of the space while being functional and reliable. Learn more about their unique features and benefits before you consider purchasing them that will make your shopping experience easier and hassle-free!

Let the Seasons Shine Through with Top Outdoor Blinds

Looking for some great motorized outdoor shades to summer-up your exterior? We’ve got some stylish, budget-friendly options you can install on the windows to get your place cool throughout the day. Consider the below shades and blinds to fulfill all your needs while giving yourself and your guests a special feeling.

• Roll Up Window Shades

Outdoor roller shades are one of the most popular choices to hang on outdoor windows, known for their excellence in preventing the excess daylight while offering privacy. The shades significantly cut down on glare and UV rays entering your house and protect your valuable belongings and furniture from its damaging effects. These shades are ideal for dressing your outdoor large windows perfectly.
However, these amazing window coverings are available in different light controlling features which include sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout, customize the shades to fit the window style and shape. Get them tailored from a variety of colors, texture, and design choices to match the existing décor style. Though these shades are available in cordless mechanism, Z-wave motorization is also available to help you to manage the shades using a remote or a smartphone. Raise or lower the shades according to your requirements and convenience.
Outdoor Porch Roll Up Shades

• Exterior Solar Shades

If you are living in North America, then high temperatures can be the biggest issue for your home. According to the World Meteorological Organization, the highest temperature recorded is 56.7 degrees Celsius. And still, if you wish to enjoy the summer in your outdoor area, then install exterior solar shades that are designed to obstruct the sunlight completely and the insulating feature will keep the interior cool and comfortable. The shades are made of polyester fabric that makes the shades extremely durable and sturdy to stand against the harsh climate situation. Their unique design that includes different openness percentages between 1% to 14% will bring the perfect balance between natural light and your view to the outside. Integrate motorization to access them effortlessly while ensuring the safety for your family members. Customize the shades as per your preferred style that you will cherish while relaxing.
Exerior Roller Shades

• Vertical Blinds

If you are looking for something unique and distinct for your outdoor area, then opt for vertical window blinds which are a beautiful set of blinds that can be mounted on the windows. Their stylish and incredible look along with different color and texture choices will give a stunning and phenomenal look for your outdoor space. These customizable and design-centric blinds can be made of PVC, vinyl, or fabric materials. Operate the blinds with their flexible control mechanisms and get the perfect look you desire. From controlling sunlight to providing privacy these shades are excellent. Whether you are looking for a contemporary design or a modern look, vertical blinds will never disappoint you.
Outdoor Vertical Blinds

• Cellular Shades

These amazing insulating window shades can create a comfy and pleasing ambiance by preventing the excess sunlight and trapping the hot air inside the cell pockets. Through heat gain and heat loss processes, the shades maintain a consistent temperature throughout the space while saving energy bills. From an array of colors and design choices, you can personalize the shades to match your décor style.
Cellular Shades for Patio

• Curtains

Many people say that curtains are not a great option to beat the summer weather, but that’s not true at all as blackout curtains can solve all your problems. From blocking the sunlight completely to providing insulation, curtains are great when it comes to outdoor window treatments. These economical window dressings are available in a massive number of colors and design choices to create a subtle and smooth look. Customize them properly so that it can be pleasing and eye-soothing for your friends and family members. Layering them with other blinds and shades will enhance both beauty and functionality.


Consider these window designs to get rid of high temperatures. Keep the ambiance simple and soothing with these practical and versatile window solutions!

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