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5 Nature-Friendly Blinds For A Green-Thumb’s Indoor Garden

5 Nature-Friendly Blinds For A Green-Thumb's Indoor Garden

Improve Your Indoor Garden with Eco-Friendly Blinds

There are many homeowners who consider gardening as an outdoor activity only, but actually, there are plenty of ways you can bring this natural freshness and elegance indoor. When you enter the world of indoor gardening, it can be overwhelming as there is an array of incredible houseplants available. These plants have a myriad of benefits, from reducing stress to filtering indoor air condition, to aesthetics. Plants can completely thrive indoors, no matter what type of decor you have. Those endowed with a green thumb can grow plants under any conditions and an indoor garden can completely  transform the beauty and feel of your overall arena. Building an indoor garden doesn’t mean selecting the right plants, how to fertilize the plants regularly, or how much water you need to put in them. There is one more important factor that you should know i.e. how much light your plants require for proper growth.

Sunlight plays an important role when it comes to indoor gardens as different houseplants have different daylight needs. There are some plants that require 6 hours of direct light per day while some require moderate sunlight, minimum 4 hours per day. Even a few plants need indirect sunlight which means the plant should be kept away from a window. Doors and windows play a significant role in letting light in and every apartment has a different indoor lighting environment. Sometimes the excess amount of light or insufficient light can cause huge problems for your plants. And that’s why it’s essential to control your indoor lighting to make sure that your plants stay healthy and fresh all day long. Southern and western facing windows confront more light while eastern and northern facing windows allow a decent amount of light to enter your space.

No matter how many windows you have and where you want the plants to grow up, the lighting factor can be managed by installing blinds and shades. Choosing the right fabricated window solutions will diffuse the harsh daylight, letting the soft and elegant rays to enter. They can prevent the harmful UV rays too that can cause damage to your plants, and slowly lead them towards death. If you are thinking about which blinds to choose from as there are a number of designs available in the market, then this article will surely help you out. Though there are many choices with an assortment of hues, textures, and pattern choices but when it comes to creating an indoor garden space, why not choose some nature-friendly blinds and shades? This type of window coverings is uniquely manufactured to balance the incoming sunlight, ensuring your plants are getting the required amount, no more and no less. Also, they are made of natural materials which make them worthy and incredibly valuable. The natural hues and texture designs will complement your interior and indoor garden both in a dramatic way. So, if you are planning to install window dressings to adjust the indoor lighting while creating a comfy atmosphere, then try out some of the latest nature-friendly window solutions.

Top 5 Nature-friendly Window Treatments

  • Natural Cordless Woven Wood Blinds Crown:

If you are looking for an exact way to control the incoming light and excess heat streaming through the windows, then these cordless woven wood shades are an amazing choice. Besides, maintaining the insulation level of your space, they keep the indoors at an ideal temperature. So if you want natural growth for your plants, then these blinds are your go-to option. The blinds add a polished and finishing appeal to the windows and their unique textures uplift the look of your entire decor. These natural blinds bring exotic beauty to your garden while integrating warmth and elegance.

Horizon Natural Woven Wood Shades

  • Tradewinds Graber Sheer Natural Shades:

If you have snake plants, ZZ plants, philodendron Brasil plants, or pothos plants, then they will require low to moderate indoor light. And in this case, these sheer natural shades by Graber are the perfect selection. The use of bamboo and other materials like jute, bamboo silt, bamboo reed, and grasscloth make them truly nature-friendly, making them the perfect companion for your indoor garden adjacent windows. These shades are extremely authentic and invite natural sophistication to your place.

Graber Sheer Natural Shades

  • 2 Inch Elite Graber Wood Blinds:

One of the best environment-friendly blinds that will help you to create a perfect green-thumb’s indoor garden you desire for. Made of real wood, lightweight, attractive designs, functional aspects, light/heat controlling capabilities, structural stability and durability are the main reasons for getting these window shades. Customize them accurately to get the maximum output.

  • Tradewinds Graber Light Filtering Natural Shades:

If your indoor plants require a generous amount of light, then try out these light filtering natural shades by Graber. If you wish to create the perfect earthy-tone along with the sense and fragrance of your indoor garden, then you can choose these window designs without giving a second thought. Light filtering fabric will gently filter the harsh light while permitting smooth glowing rays that will make your plants lively. The designer look of these coverings will empower the beauty of your place amazingly, adding a statement to the home arena.

  • 1 Inch Traditions Graber Wood Blinds:

These blinds are made of North American real hardwood and add the true essence of eco-friendly ambiance throughout your place. The unique stains and finishes make them a stylish choice to integrate. They come in 1-inch slats and adjusting them will control light and heat. Tilt them as per the requirements and when you think the outside light is too much, you can shut the blinds too to maintain the right ambiance.

These are the top nature-friendly blinds that will brilliantly cooperate with yourindoor garden while creating a soothing environment. There are more, you can explore them all to bring uniqueness, creativity, and obviously natural refreshment. Check with the designers for some vibrant ideas and inspirations!

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