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5 Natural Fiber Window Shades for Green and Economic Living

5 Natural Fiber Window Shades

If you are looking to lead a life that is green and economic, you have to consider using natural and biodegradable products in everything you use. The shades that you use on your window are not an exception. Today, the market is flooded with options you can choose if you wish to use natural blinds for your home. No matter what the product is, the products made from natural fibers will always have certain advantages over the products made from synthetic fibers.

Why Take the Green Route?

• Sustainable
A product is called sustainable when it is created from natural products and does not put the ecological systems around it in jeopardy. In case of the blinds, the materials can be produced from natural fiber or recycled fibers to call them sustainable.
• Non-toxic
Synthetic fibers are produced or treated form toxic chemicals like VOC emitting chemicals or formaldehyde. These can be emitted back into the environment when exposed to heat, sun, cleansers or other chemicals. This becomes dangerous not just for the environment but also for the members of your family. Kids and the elderly in your house are especially susceptible to the diseases and disorders caused by such chemical fumes.
• Economic
The best thing about natural fiber window shades is that they are very budget-friendly. If you are on a budget and need to get window dressings for your home, these shades are the way to go.
• Stylish
Just because it is natural and it is less expensive doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style when it comes to natural fiber window shades. You have some very stylish options to choose from. You can choose from a variety of shades, colors, textures and natural materials.
• Ease of maintenance
While shades made from natural fibers need a little more tender care and love, it is still very manageable. The maintenance is more or less easy and most natural fibers can be washed if it gets dirty.

Types of Natural Window Shades

• Cotton shades
Cotton is a fabric that is comfortable and keeps you cool even during the sweltering days of summer. It is a durable fabric that is reliable and has been in use since times immemorial. It can hold any dye and this makes it possible to be used in shades with a lot of variety in hues and colors. If the cotton shades that you have installed are removable, you can easily wash them. Cotton is one of the most popular natural fibers used for window shades.
Cotton Window Shades
• Bamboo shades
Bamboo makes for a very elegant and stylish choice for creating natural fiber shades. Bamboo is antibacterial in nature so the shades made with it are naturally mold resistant. It is sturdy and lasts pretty long with minimal amounts of cleaning and maintenance.
Natural Bamboo Shades
• Silk shades
Silk is by far the most expensive natural fiber used to make shades. Silk will lend your room an air of luxury and class. It is extremely soft and smooth to touch and has a shimmery shiny factor to it. It needs a lot of maintenance and it usually has to be dry cleaned.
Satin Roman Shades
• Linen
Linen or flax are very durable and have a very pleasant tone of color. It can easily be dyed. So, it is available in a variety of colors and shades. It is extremely important that linen does not come into contact with toxic materials like synthetic cleaners to make sure that it lasts long.
Linen Fabric Shades
• Hemp
Hemp is not a very common fiber that is used for making shades. But it is durable and is mold and stain-resistant. It also has a UV protection factor that can make it a viable natural window shade fiber.

How to Maintain and Clean Natural Fiber Window Shades

• Check the kind of fiber used
If your shades are made out of fabric, you can easily machine wash them. Fabrics like silk will need to be dry cleaned if it gets excessively dirty. If it is woven shades, machine wash may not be possible. But in such cases, all you may need to do is wipe the shades down with a clean, damp cloth.

• The motion to be used for wiping the shades
The best way to wipe your shades is to wipe it in a downward motion with a damp piece of clean cloth. If the cloth is already messy, you might end up making the shades more untidy than it already was. If there is grease or stains on the shades, you might have to scrub the area with a little bit of water mixed with mild and safe soap.

• Cleaning products
Since your shades are made out of natural fibers, it is best to use natural cleaning products or natural homemade cleaner made using ingredients that are easily available at home. Chemicals in the synthetic cleaners may damage your fabric window shades and the damage can sometimes be irreparable.

• Soft brush of the vacuum cleaner
If you use a vacuum cleaner to dust your window shades it might not be prudent to use the usual tip of the vacuum cleaner. Natural fibers tend to be fragile and easily damageable. To prevent any untoward damages, you can choose to use a soft brush vacuum cleaner and gentle pressure to clean the shades.

With some effort and gentle, loving care, the natural window shades can last you a lifetime. The better care you invest into the maintenance and cleaning of the shades, the more life the shades will have.