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5 Must-Do’s For Your Home’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

A lady preparing for spring cleaning.

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and life is growing all around you. But the house is still gloomy from the winter. Spring cleaning is a tradition for freshening up our homes and getting a head start on the often hectic spring and summer seasons.

It can appear to be a difficult task, but it does not have to be. A spring cleaning checklist is something that almost every household does. You may be leaving no stone unturned in cleaning every nook and cranny of your home. 

Winter forces you to close the windows and turn on the heaters, creating the ideal environment for the dust to settle in the folds of your curtains, the strands of your carpet, and almost anywhere else it can find a home. Spring allows you to open the windows and invite the fresh air back in, but you still will want to clean out all that dust accumulation from winter.

Clean Room by Room

The most pleasant and effective way to deep clean your house is approaching it room by room. Make cleaning checklists for each room to help you stay organised and to remind you of areas that need special attention. A full house cleaning is needed and that can be a daunting task, so tackle it one room at a time.

Put your vacuum cleaner to good use. Vacuum not only the top of your furniture but also the space beneath it for a thorough clean. Enlist the assistance of others to move the heavier pieces of furniture and clean all of the dust and stains that have accumulated beneath them.

Clear the Clutter and Organize

Getting rid of clutter is frequently one of the most time-consuming aspects of spring cleaning. A four-step method can be useful in this case. Identify problem areas, investigate the causes of the clutter, develop solutions, and put them into action. 

Make spring cleaning a family project. Assign age-appropriate chores to everyone so that everyone feels included and even small children can be great helpers if steered in the right direction. Put on some music while you clean, or set up a household reward as an incentive to get the job done.

Deep Cleaning of the Windows

Your windows too, require a quick wash; wash them not only on the inside but also on the outside to remove scratches and dust particles. You can use a window washer in conjunction with a newspaper to get as-good-as-new windows to enjoy the sunlight more as summer approaches.

Cleaning the Furniture, Bedding, and Curtains

A deep cleaning of all of your upholstery, bedding, and curtains should be high on your priority list. As you agitate and beat the folds of your curtains and bedding, don’t be surprised to see massive mounds of dust. This is another location where your vacuum cleaner could come in handy.

Clean or Change your Window Coverings 

We frequently overlook some of the most dust covered areas of our home: the window coverings. Windowing coverings are very important for every home, they help reduce glare, they help to keep your home private, and they can assist in your home’s energy efficiency. So when cleaning your home, remember the window dressings, and here are a few that will make a wonderful addition to your house.

Plantation Shutters

The primary concern with wooden and metallic blinds, solar roller shades, and other horizontal treatments is dust control. Plantation shutters make for easy cleaning, allowing for a dry clean. They simply require a duster or a cloth for wiping them with.

Shutters are installed directly over into your window frames. They are composed of slats that you can open and close with a rod. Shutters allow you to easily control the light and the privacy, as per your needs. With all of that, on top of the extreme ease of cleaning, they are a no brainer addition for your home.

Solar Roller Shades

In terms of easy materials for maintenance, solar roller shades are as easy as it gets. They can be cleaned using a dry method and a wet one. Their materials are able to withstand water, so you can even use them in rooms like the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

Solar shades are made to let sunlight in during the day while maintaining privacy. They are weaved in a special way that allows for one way see-through to the side where there is more light. So at night, it may be prudent to combine them with another window covering to maintain your privacy. 

Solar shades also have an exterior option. This is intended for outdoor use and can be used on your patio, deck, or the exterior of your windows. Like regular solar shades, exterior solar shades are easy to clean. So even though they can add to your spring cleaning to-do list, you don’t have to fret as the task is simple and not too time consuming.

Faux Wood Blinds

If you need something that is simple and efficient at covering your windows, providing light filtering, and as easy to clean as shutters and solar shades, then let us introduce you to faux wood blinds. They are made to imitate wood blinds, but without the downsides. Faux wood blinds are more durable and are more resistant to water, allowing for easier cleaning methods.

As a replacement for wood blinds, faux wood is ideal in all sorts of rooms, including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. They can add the beautiful look of craftsmanship that wood blinds bring without any of the weaknesses that wood would have to heat and moisture.

Last Pointers for Spring Cleaning

Make a plan

Make a strategy for your cleaning assault. Plan out where you want to begin. It could be to organize, declutter, deep clean, get rid of, or combine all of these things. However you do it, make sure it is attainable and stick to it.

Examine the space

Take a look around the room: closets, dressers, desks, under beds, and so on. Make a list of what needs to be cleaned, decluttered, or organized. It is an excellent time to clean the windows, inspect the screens for holes, remove any window treatments and wash them, drop off bedding, bedspreads, bed skirts, throws, and decorative shams at the dry cleaners or wash them.

Seek assistance

Enlist some new recruits to assist you. Your family members and friends are all people who can lend a hand, especially if it comes to moving large items like furniture. 

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