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5 Living Room Ideas with Sliding Glass Doors

5 Living Room Ideas With Sliding Glass Doors

The living room is the perfect place where we spend most of our time relaxing or enjoying with our dear ones, entertaining and socializing with friends. This room is often considered to be the heart of your modern home decor. This place is not only used for family gatherings or entertainment, this area also connects the other rooms in your house. That’s why decorating this area is essential. If you are someone who believes that the ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’, then start decorating now. Gone are those days when we used to change the furniture, pillow covers, and cushions to transform the overall aesthetics of our living space. A simple change in window treatment can transform the entire look and feel of a room. You will, of course, have to ensure that the window dressing blends with the decor and make some changes here and there. Sometimes, your living room needs only one key element to pull the space together.

According to the interior designers, getting your doors and windows ready is easier than redesigning every single detail of the living space. Apart from windows there are homes with sliding glass door or French doors opening onto a patio or a porch. These glass doors need adequate treatment that will render them more functional and of course more stunning and appealing. Proper door decoration can make the doors the focal point of your space. There are different types of doors available including French doors, hinged doors, Dutch doors, pocket doors, roller doors, bifold doors, and many more. And all these doors are extremely easy to decorate. Customizing the doors with proper texture and hue tone can bring timeless beauty to your living zone. But what happens when you owe a sliding glass door?

Glass moving doors look gorgeous, their powerful capacity of allowing natural sunlight and fresh air make them incredibly amazing and distinct from other door types. These doors offer an unblocked view of the yard or garden, making them the perfect addition to your living space. You can easily change the look in a dramatic way but when it comes to protection, these doors need extra care. Sliding glass doors allow outside people to peep inside your home and that is where you lose your home’s privacy level.
In this article we will show you some beautiful living room ideas with sliding glass doors which not only make your space look stylish but somewhere they will offer some functional and practical benefits, creating a comfortable and pleasing living room stay.
Enclosed Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Top 5 Living Room Decorating Ideas with Sliding Glass Doors

Whether you are planning to install a new sliding glass door or looking to redesign your existing one, the below ideas will definitely work for your home.

• Put Sticker or Wallpaper
Design your sliding glass doors with some colorful and exciting stickers and wallpapers that can make your living room look playful and attractive. There are different designs available in the market, starting from natural to romantic, and you can choose the one that will go with your living room decor.

• Window Treatments
As we have already discussed that, sliding glass doors let maximum amount of natural sunlight to enter your home while keeping you connected with the outside world. If your living zone has a glass door, facing a garden or busy street side, then privacy may be a major concern for your space. And that’s where you need coverage to keep your space protected from the harsh daylight and peeping outsiders. There are multiple blinds and shades available, uniquely designed to cover your sliding glass doors such as vertical blinds, cellular shades, solar shades, pleated shades, vertical cellular blinds, drapery, and many more. Each of them has unique specifications and come with an assortment of colors, textures, and pattern options. Besides providing an astounding look, these window dressings prevent excess sunlight coming through the doors while enhancing indoor privacy. These window coverings are made with special fabric materials that block glare and UV rays that can cause fading to your living room furniture and other valuable belongings.

Customize your favorite product from a range of blind choices and install them properly on sliding glass doors to enjoy maximum efficiency and benefits. Make sure whatever you choose, it should be durable, long-lasting, and easy to install.
Curtain for Sliding Glass Door
• Sliding Glass Door as Room Divider
There are various room dividers available that divide a large space into small spaces for multi-purpose use. If you have a spacious living room, then you can use this sliding glass door as room divider that will separate the overall space into different segments for various use. This will make your space look smart and voguish.
Sliding Glass Door as Room Divider
• Put Photo Frames
Sliding glass doors can be used to cherish your forever moments. You can hang your favorite photos on the glass door, creating the perfect photo gallery or a good painting above the door to bring a charming look to your interiors. Just imagine, sitting on your favorite living room couch and reliving those good days by seeing at those pictures. This decorative idea will definitely create a remarkable living room beauty.

• Hanging Decorative Elements
You can hang some elegant pieces of sculpture or hand-made decorative elements above the door to revamp the beauty of your living room. These unique things will add create a magnificent look. Even if you want to add some natural touch to these glass doors, then hang some flower pots or plants from the adjacent wall of the door.

These are the best living room ideas you make using sliding glass door. If you have any other creativity in your mind, don’t hesitate to explore them. You can create a bookshelf, or use anything to decorate this door. It’s completely up to you and your imagination. For more inspirations, you can consult with the professional interior designers. They will guide you to transform these glass doors in a unique and elegant way.

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