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5 Light Purple Blinds for a Luxurious Look

5 Light Purple Blinds for a Luxurious Look
Purple can be a bold choice when it comes to interior decoration. But if you do it right, purple can be both sophisticated and glamorous.
Historically, purple has always been associated with wealth and prosperity. Purple’s long association with royalty perpetuates this concept. Purple also brings with it a unique feel of mystery and intrigue. Purple has also been related to spirituality and energy. Bringing together the mysticism of red and the peaceful vibes of blue, purple is considered to be the vortex of peace and energy.
Purple hues are very attractive, and can be used in all the rooms. Use warm, pale shades for nurseries and bedroom, while keeping the dark plums for your glorious living rooms. Let’s explore some of these ideas in more detail.

Use Mellow Brown Tones
The warm brown tones might seem like an unlikely combination with purple, but brown does look good with purple. Select a brown-based purple shade and combine it with lightest floral tones of brown and mauve. The effect will be a bright and shiny room, bursting with vitality.

Roman Shades
To create synergy between all the design elements of the room, dress you windows with a beautiful printed Roman shade. As Roman shades are available in a variety of prints, you can actually match the shades to your cushions or rugs. As the color purple demands an abundance of light to bring out the vibrant hues, you need a window treatment that lets in plenty of light, yet keep the room well protected against heat-loss and over-exposure to light.

Roman shade does just that and much more. The best thing about roman shades is that you get to choose from a seemingly limitless option of styles. The most popular styles available in Roman shades are the Hobbled fold, the Flat fold, and a Relaxed fold. You can adjust the height of the shade to control the flow of light into the room. At night, the long length of the fabric provides full cover, ensuring heighted privacy and insulation.
Violet Roman Shades

Cosy it up with Plum
Create the cozy cottage feel with grey and plum this winter. While your marble fireplace can take the center-stage, weave a comfort zone of plum cushions and wooden furniture around it. Use bright white in accessories and lamps, with light violet covering the floor and the windows.

Light Violet Solar Shades
You can use light violet solar shades to weave a delicate net of coziness and comfort all over the room. The solar shades will make the windows look like a canvas outlining the fresh scenery outside. The opaque fabric will let you enjoy the scenery while protecting the interiors from harmful UV rays. The rich decoration needs plenty of light to bloom to its full potential. Solar shades will provide plenty of light, while protecting the interiors from the heat and glare.

A Modern Take
If you want that sleek, modern look, you need to work with the bare minimum. Decorate one wall with a wallpaper in mauve abstract purple, with muted tones of mustard and brown. Make your light grey sofa the central attraction, and use a clever blend of glass artifacts and lights to blend plain with modern, for that ultimate sleek look. Use grey on the rugs and brown in the furniture, to create a harmonious blend of colors.

Light Purple Venetian Blinds
If you are going with a minimalistic design, then Venetian blinds are the perfect choice for the window cover. The horizontal slats of Venetian blinds give the room a clear, defined look, without creating any clutter. The smart design of Venetian blinds also provides great insulation, light-control, and noise-cancellation benefits. You can adjust the slats to control the flow of light into the room. The slats can also be adjusted to block the view from outside. These blinds are also very easy to maintain, saving you both time and effort. Use light purple Venetian blinds to create that smart, modern room that syncs perfectly with your busy lifestyle.

Create an Impact with Dusky Purple
Dusky purple lends itself to various themes. You can create a classic look by pairing it with gold and marble. You can also make it super-modern with copper accessories and plush cushions. Irrespective of what theme you select, dusky purple is simply irresistible. Use a clever play of pink velvet and deep blue to add some dramatic splashes of color across the room. Light Purple and Grey Vision Blinds
Vision blinds are the perfect choice for a unique look. The clever design of the blinds incorporates features from both roller and Venetian blinds. Vision blinds are made of two fabrics; the outer fabric is made of sheer material, while the second fabric is made of a translucent fabric, which can be adjusted to control the flow of light. The outer layer provides a lot of light when the slats are open, and the inner slats can be closed completely to block off a large portion of light and heat coming in from outside.

Leather and Purple
If it is hard to imagine a combination of purple and leather, but it is possible. With leather furniture a hot favorite with customers, you will find plenty of times wondering if there is a way purple can be paired with leather.
Use a light brown sofa with light purple walls. Throw in a bit of black and white stripes in the fabrics to create a dramatic contrast. Stick with sober, modern wall-art art and bulky table lights to balance the sleek, modern look of the sofa with the traditional grandeur of purple. Bring in a smart coffee table to complete the look.

Light Purple Painted Blinds
Light purple painted blinds can be a great choice for this room. The practical design of wooden blinds would accentuate the bold lines of the room. The heavy material of wood would also provide excellent insulation and noise cancellation properties.
Harness the full power of purple to create the perfect blend of style and comfort in your room.