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5 Light Filtering Mini Blinds Perfect for Your Home

5 Light Filtering Mini Blinds Perfect For Your Home

Need for Light Filtering Blinds

Are you getting blinded by excess light in the house? Is too much light interfering with your sleep and nap schedule and causing irritation to your eyes while you work? It may be time to rev up your window coverings to help diffuse natural light in the house. Get your windows dressed with light filtering blinds and shades. Made of semi-opaque fabrics or other similar materials, these blinds let in small amounts of lights and help to cut outglares and the harshness of the sunlight. While light is allowed to stream through it does not happen at the cost of privacy and security. They help to fill your homes with a soft warm glow that creates a pleasant and comfortable ambiance indoors. Mini blinds do an admirable job of filtering light into your homes.

What are Mini Blinds?

Mini Blinds are horizontal blinds with slat sizes less than half the width of regular and standard Venetian Blinds. The slat sizes range between ½” to 1” and they can be opened by rotating a rod or by pulling strings. Adjusting the slat position helps to maximize light control inside the house.

Aluminum Mini Blinds from Graber

Aluminum is a popular material used in mini blinds. The ones from Graber are among the best in the market and they are available in different slat sizes depending upon your need. ½”, 1” and even 2” slat sizes are available in these blinds and they make a snug fit by overlapping over each other. Closing the slats will help block out light while rotating the louvers will perfect light control. They are great for living, study and bedrooms as well. The diffused light gives access to the much needed natural light sans the glare and harshness. Opening the slats completely will give you an unobstructed view of the outside. These aluminum mini blinds are also available in cordless variants which make them a great choice of window treatment for homes that have small kids and pets. Some of the popular products from Graber are Aluminium Supreme Graber Blinds, Aluminium Classic Graber Blinds, Aluminium Insignia Graber Blinds, Aluminium Micro Supreme Graber Blinds etc.
Gray Mini Aluminum Blinds

5 Best Mini Blinds for Light Filtration

1 Inch Aluminum Supreme Graber Blinds

These 1” mini blinds are the best choice for light control with its light-blocking headrails that are efficient and beautiful. These blinds also have tighter ladder spacing, hidden headrail brackets, and hidden holes for additional privacy and light blocking. These blinds are available in a large range of colors that will match any interior. The paint that is used on Graber Aluminum Blinds increases the blinds resistance to dust, stains, and scratches. The hidden headrail brackets help to reduce light gaps. Easy to clean and maintain, these blinds are a perfect choice for your homes.
Mini Aluminum Blinds

1 Inch Aluminum Classics Graber Blinds

Cost-effective and smart, these 1” blinds from Graber are another great choice for light control in the house and they make a snug fit which helps to block out light and offer absolute privacy when closed.
1-inch Aluminum Mini Blinds

1/2 Inch Aluminum Micro Supreme Graber Blinds

½ inches Aluminum Micro Supreme Blinds from Graber® are perfect for exterior French doors and small windows. When you put these blinds on your windows, they provide a sleek finished look. These blinds come with a crash-proof cord lock to prevent them from sill damage. The ½ inch slats give you the optimum light control along with the desired level of privacy for your indoor. The slats overlap with each other in such way that you get the diffused outdoor light without hampering your privacy. This product has Suretight® headrail with a premium quality light-blocking lip. These have Hidden Holes option for additional light and privacy control as per your convenience. They come in a range of colors to suit your decor.

Skylight Graber 1 Inch Aluminum Blinds

If you have a skylight in your home you would know how much sunlight they allow to flow through inside the house. While they are great for lighting up dark spaces in the house, too much of sunlight and cause irritation to the eyes, affect sleep and work and also cause energy loss. Skylight Graber 1 Inch Aluminum Blinds are perfect for these skylight windows. These blinds let you control the light coming in through your windows and allow you to block out the sun while enjoying more privacy — even if your skylights are hard to reach. The 45° angle fitting and no tracks ensure the blinds stay in place, even at an angle. Quality aluminum construction resists rust, lasts a long time, looks great and keeps out UV rays. These blinds are available in a wide assortment of gorgeous colors that can spice up your room instantly.

1 Inch Aluminum Cordless Mini Blinds

These 1” aluminum cordless mini blinds are a luxurious solution for your window treatment woes. These are ideal window coverings to give you the optimum level of natural light along with maximum privacy. The aluminum slats are perfect to block the maximum light seepage for your indoor. They called as privacy blinds as your indoor activity is completely safe to maintain privacy and hardly visible from the outside. These blinds don’t have any route holes on the aluminum slats; that’s why they don’t have any open space for light leakage. Hence, these blinds ensure the utmost level of privacy for you. This unique feature makes this product ideal for your living rooms, washrooms and bedrooms. The 1-inch polyester coated slats also ensure you have the ultimate safety for your indoor since they are fire retardant. The cordless control mechanism of the blinds makes them a safe choice for homes with small kids and pets.

These 5 fantastic mini blinds make a great addition to your homes and windows. They are stylish, sleek, elegant and functional. They let in diffused light without compromising your privacy. They help to block out the harmful UV rays and keeps your homes pleasant and safe for a comfortable living.

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