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5 Light Brown Window Blinds for A Rustic Interior

5 Light Brown Window Blinds for A Rustic Interior

There are numerous ways in which you could add the rustic touch to your interiors. Sometimes it can be a center-piece, a rug, window dressings, or even lights.

As modern life becomes more hectic, our homes become a refuge. It is heavenly just to put up your feet and lay back into the cosy comfort of your sofa. And there is nothing more welcoming, and relaxing, than a rustic living room. The elegance of the country, earthen look can be achieved through any décor style of your choice, be it modern, chic, or traditional. All you need it a heady concoction of earthen hues, natural textures, and a little splash of the brown.

When it comes to acquiring that rustic look, brown is indispensable. The play of colors and textures is crucial in creating the authentic, rustic look. Light brown is the most common one, as it comes with most natural textures, be it wood or woven rugs or natural fibre window dressing. Light brown has the power to soothe and tone down any rough accents that might be vital for bringing out the earthen vibes in any décor style. Light brown adds a natural tinge to everything, making them come alive with vitality. So, it is not a surprise, that brown is dominating both the world of fashion and furnishings.

5 Light Brown Window Blinds for A Rustic Interior

Your window décor can be a powerful tool that can be harnessed to infuse some earthen textures into your interior. There are numerous options out there that can be easily fitted into some gorgeous rustic décor styles. Let’s look at a few of them.

Light Brown Natural Wood Vertical Blinds

Natural wood vertical blinds look good with almost any décor, especially ones that are striving for that solid and tough rustic look. These blinds so go perfectly well with solid wood doors, which are a craze these days.

This will be a perfect look for a room with wooden beams and bare brick walls. Tan sofas and white arm chairs, and a few colorful rugs is all you need to recreate the country look. Have a hearty fireplace to ward off the chills, while trendy lighting will keep gloom away.

Natural wood vertical blinds would not only accentuate the look, they will also work round-the-clock to keep the interiors comfortable. In the dark, winter days, the thick material of the wood will keep the chill at bay, while keeping the warm air inside. As the sun shines out, you will be able to open the slats to let in the rays, while the thick structure will still keep your room insulated. The same applies for summer. When the breeze sets in, keep the slats open to allow maximum ventilation. However, as the sun starts to warm everything up, keep the slats closed to trap in cool air in. This way you will be able to save a lot on your electricity bills, not to mention, enjoy great privacy and superior light control.

Graber Wooden Vertical Blinds

Light Brown Natural Wood Venetian Blinds

For a lighter, and consequently, more affordable window covering, go for light brown natural wood Venetian blinds. These blinds are perfect for that chic, rustic design, aiming for a linear and minimalistic look.

A minimalistic design, however, does not mean a boring one. Just keep one of the walls covered in stone or natural wood design, while the rest are white. Stark white walls, and light brown wooden Venetian blinds would create the perfect setting for brewing up a soft, glowing living area. Grey sofa, stripped cushions, and some sleek metallic center table is all you would need for that relaxing look.

Natural wood Venetian blinds would give you a lot of flexibility over light-filtration, while the thick material would provide great insulation and privacy. Adjust the slats to let in as much light as you want, and close it to cut off the light for complete privacy and noise cancellation.

Real Wood Blinds for Arch Windows

Light Brown Bamboo Roller Blinds

For a breezy, summer look, opt for bamboo roller blinds. These blinds are made from natural fibres that can cut off heat and glare to a large extent, while creating attractive patterns all over the floor. The lovely textures of these blinds would go with any décor, but are most suited for a bright, sunny look.

If you plan to use woven rugs, and soft brown sofas, use light brown bamboo roller blinds on your windows. Throw in a bit of color in the form of wall art and natural plants. A few, well chosen lights and pottery, is all you need to add some visual interest.

Bamboo Roll-Up Shades

Light Brown Cellular Shades

For an ultra-modern, sleek look with some rustic hints, go for light brown cellular shades. These shades are a style statement in themselves, providing a light, yet formidable insulation layer on your windows. The cellular structure of the blinds traps air and provides excellent insulating benefits.

Complete the look with sleek wooden furniture and ivory leather sofa. Select rugs and cushions according to your taste and light the whole atmosphere with some colorfulmodern art. A big wall clock would be the ultimate wow factor.

Crown Ultimate Light Filtering Cellular Shades

Light Brown Day and Night Blinds

If you want some more flexibility in your window coverings, go for light and brown day and night blinds. These blinds are an excellent choice for rooms that need a well-balanced window treatment solution that address both privacy and light-control issues. Day and night blinds come in two fabrics, that stack upon each other. The first fabric faces out and comes in a transparent solar shade material, while the second one is a thick, room darkening material. Keep the room darkening one down to let in plenty of light, while the room darkening material can be used to achieve near darkness.

Spice up the look with checked throws and monochromatic décor. Green plants and wrought iron furniture will finish the muted, rustic look.

Turn your refuge into a bastion of comfort and style with these gorgeous ideas and lovely light brown window blinds.

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