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5 Kid Safe Roller Blinds

5 Kids Safe Roller Blinds

Kid Safe Roller Blinds

Kid safety remains to be one of the most vital issues we can address today. Keeping your child inside your home doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe. And being a parent, keeping your eyes on your little one all the time is simply not possible. Most kids confront hazards while playing or moving around the house. Keeping the little ones safe can be a challenge when danger may not be easily visible.

The U.S. consumer product safety commission says that corded window shades are one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes. From 2012 to 2017, there have been 50 deaths reported to CPSC that were related to window cord strangulation. CPSC recommends replacing the corded shades with cordless window solutions that prevent deadly hazards. After December 15, 2018, pre-made corded window coverings were completely banned. Child proof blinds and smart shades are the best way to keep your kids far from the dangers.

For your convenience, we will discuss the top five roller shades, which are not only safe for kids but also offer various additional benefits!

Top 5 Custom Roller Shades to Ensure Kids Safety

To ensure 100% safety of your kids, cordless or motorized roller shades are the best way to go. Both these lift options eliminate the strangulation of cords while providing ease of operating. Motorized roller shades and blinds can be accessed using a remote button or smartphone. Besides providing protection, these shades give some additional benefits like controlling light, glare, and UV-rays. Below are the top five roller shadings which are incredibly safe and secure for every family member.

• Crown Blackout Roller Shades
If you are planning to decorate the kids’ room windows, then crown blackout roller shades are an amazing selection. Not only do these shades provide protection against dangling window cords, but they are also ideal for a soundless good night’s sleep. Blackout fabric material obstructs all the sunlight and creates a dark ambiance. Their fire and water-resistant properties are another reason to install them. The shades are easy to clean because of the vinyl material.
Kids Safe Blackout Roller Shades
• Crown Light Filtering Roller Shades
Want to beautify your windows while maintaining their functionality? Then you can get the best result in Crown Light Filtering Roller Shades. The shades provide adequate light control while maintaining privacy, creating a cozy atmosphere inside the home. By stopping the unwanted sunbeams, the shades protect your furniture and the décor design. These roller shades are available in one single panel, and motorization offers a smooth operation. Their ultra-modern look creates the finest appearance that you will adore.
Light Filtering Roller Shades
• LightWeaves Graber Blackout Roller Shades
Just like the other rooms in your home, the kitchen and bathroom need to be safe as well. These durable and lightweight solutions are perfect for high humid areas. Blackout material provides complete light blockage while enhancing privacy, making a perfect choice to install in the baby nursery room. These shades are made of over 3-ply fabrics, which means outsiders won’t be able to see inside your home. The shades are also Oeko-Tex Certified, which means they don’t release any toxic element. The option of cordless and motorized lift systems ensures that these shades are super smooth to be operated. A perfect eco-friendly window solution for your children.
Motorized Blackout Roller Shades
• LightWeaves Graber Roller Shades
These shades are a perfect balance for your home and the outside world. By diffusing the natural daylight, the shades create a soft vibe throughout the space but maintain privacy as well. No cord mechanism not only assures safety for your kids but also offers a convenient mechanism. Allow you to operate from anywhere in the room. Customize the shades from a massive collection of hues and texture choices to get the desired look.
Light Filtering Roller Blinds
• Blackout Ultimate Graber Roller Shades
When you want to provide your kids the best, then go for Blackout Ultimate Graber Roller Shades, which are the perfect integration of beauty with functionality. Because of the blackout feature, there is no chance of light penetration, giving you maximum privacy. Keep the shade closed to give your little ones a perfect sleep. Give windows a classy and finishing touch by customizing the shades with vibrant colors and patterns. Cordless and motorized roller shades offer easy accessibility.
Kids Safe Roller Shades

Childproof Your Home with Custom Roller Blinds!!

Child safety always begins in the home, and parents should concentrate on every hidden danger. Children and window cords together is not a perfect option. Avoiding the accessible cords is the best way to hold the perfect smile on your kid’s face. Enjoy the amazing and exciting benefits by top five hand-picked roller blinds which are available at an unbeatable price. Choose the product that will match your requirements. If you need any help choosing the right shade, feel free to contact a professional!

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